Author: Lioness

Fakes Don’t Want To Be Real

~ Chapter 111 ~


‘Was it because of his power? But age is of no relation to someone’s power.’


“Look at that, Princess.”


As she pondered why his appearance hadn’t changed at all, he had already pointed a place while she wasn’t looking. In the middle of the square, there was a magical signboard, and words were flowing out of it, conveying something to the people.


Upon closer inspection, it read, ‘Games taking place at the venue – name.’

Verndia explained to her.


“These are the people who won first place in that game. If they stay in first place until the end of the festival, they get their name engraved on a disk and stacked there for 100 years.”


He gestured to the tower of tablets stacked next to the display board.


“If you look hard enough, there are some families that don’t exist today anymore.”

“It’s like a history book.”

“It is. Exactly why many people wanted their name on it.”


Certainly, the prospect of having someone’s name etched in stone for 100 years where everyone could see it was appealing. But the competition was fierce, and she didn’t want to make a name for herself while she was still doing her mission, hence she didn’t enter to any of the games.


「Lying Game – Lillian Silkisia」



That was what she pledged, until she saw Lillian’s name on one of the games.


* *


「A game of lies. Each player gets three attacks from their opponent, and the winner is the one who heard the most ‘Lies’ from the other party. If a personal attack may occur, it’d be an instant defeat. No player may play more than once.’ 」


Entering the tent designated for the game, Psychke eyed the rules on the sign.


“So, the Duke of Silkisia has graciously agreed to marry the Princess to you.”



On the podium where the game was being played, Lillian smiled softly at the lies of a man who looked to be her father’s age. She had white fox ears and a fox tail on her eight-year-old body as if she’d been drinking the same juice as Psychke.


“But guess what, I’m actually a guy.”



Lillian’s opponent froze at her lie, then with a look of disbelief, the referee announced Lillian’s victory.


‘That was how it was done.’


Apparently, if you don’t tell a lie, you lose and Psychke understood the rules very quickly.


‘It’s the perfect sport for me.’


A life built on pretense and lies, this game should be as easy as breathing.


“Is there a next challenger?”


No one was willing to challenge Lillian for her seemingly endless victory and when the referee found a challenger, it was no one other than Psychke. Then her eyes locked with a boy at the foot of the podium, staring boldly into the distance. The boy with the puppy ears nodded politely. Psychke instantly recognized who it was – Eric. He must be dating Lillian or some sort since they had been together since then.

Psyche returned the gesture. He’s back to his expressionless self, but she saw it clearly just now; that he was bored to death.


‘It was just a mere guess, but you were hanging out with Lillain with a purpose.’


Now that she was certain, she felt unnecessarily sorry for Lillian.


“Am I going to do it?”


Verndia asked, offering to do the talking if it bothered her but Psychke shook her head.


“I’ll do it.”

“Okay, then.”


Verndia stepped away, saying he’d cheer for her from below. Psychke looked at the referee and raised her hand.


“I challenge you.”


Lillian’s face scrunched up as she recognized her on the podium, then straightened in the blink of an eye. She squealed with delight as if she’d just met someone she’d never seen before.




All the people who had lost interest in Lillian’s wins and were about to leave the game halted. Their eyes flashed like hyenas at the confrontation between the two highly regarded Silkisian. Psychke ascended on the stairs up to the podium and her tail swayed gently to each of her movements.

When they stood a certain distance apart, as the referee had instructed, Lillian, with a face of pure adoration, clasped her paws against her chest and spoke in a plaintive, biting voice.


“I didn’t know you were coming. If I had known you were coming, I would have come with you, but when I asked you, you said you were busy-”



Psychke interrupted expressionlessly, then she spoke each of her words as clearly all for her to hear.


“Though you never made a mistake, don’t lie.”


Lillian stiffened at the unexpected response since Psychke had never refuted her words. Thus, she assumed that she’d shrug it off again. Lillian then quickly composed herself and cried out,


“W-why did you say that?”


But the gossip had already begun and Psychke laughed. In the old days, everyone would have believed Lillian, and she would have been labeled a liar. She was happy that they have a different reputation now. She loved seeing Lillian’s expression crack more than people’s strong reactions.


“Shall we begin?”


She rhymed to the referee, who alternately looked at Lillian and Psychke with confusion.


“Y, yes, who wants to go first?”

“I’ll go first-”

“I yield to Lillian.”


The voices burst out at the same time. Lillian’s eyes widened in surprise for a moment before they returned back to normal.


“Thank you!”


Lillian beamed, grateful for the concession. But in contrast to her brightened face, her fox ears and tail stood erect as if wary of her opponent.


“Psychke, I hope you don’t hate me too much if I say something bad, it’s a game.”



Psychke shook her head.


“This is only a game.”

“You may begin.”


The referee signaled the start of the game then Lillian blinked rapidly. She didn’t know what to say, as her mouth twitched, and she uncertainly said.


“I was passing by and overheard the Duke Verndia talking, and he’s sick of you.”

“Why are you picking fault on me?”


Enraged, Verndia leaped to her feet and if Eric hadn’t quickly stopped heim, the game would have been over.


“I see.”


Psychke’s heart tingled, even though she knew it was a lie. She felt uncomfortable and offended, imagining what it would be like to be called ‘bored’ by the Duke.

But it was a game of lose-lose, so she shrugged it off.

Then she struck the first blow.


“The Emperor has promised to give me Silkisia.”



A soprano-toned voice rang through the tent. It was high and loud enough to turn everyone’s attention to one side.

The referee was stunned by the bombshell, and with a nod from Psychke, he announced Lillian’s defeat.


“The winner of the first match is Princess Glorielle.”


Lillian was still in shock. When her wide eyes refused to return to their normal size, Psychke calmly pointed out.


“Lilian, it’s your turn, it’s a game.”

“Uh, yeah, uh… It’s a game.”


Lillian smiled sheepishly as she regained her composure. The corners of her mouth twitched at the effort she’d put into it. Then she cleared her throat, put her hand to her heart, and whispered in a shy girl’s voice.


“I’ve been asked to marry the Duke Verndia, and he likes me.”

“Let go of me.”

“It’s a game, Duke!”

“Calm down!”

“F, fire!”


This time it wasn’t just Eric, but a bystander who clung to him, desperately trying to stop Verdia.

Psychke cleared her throat, trying to compose herself.

The Duke was angry with her, so she held it together. Then she struck a second blow.


“The one who framed my mother was the current Silkisia.”



Once more, a high, shrill voice tore through the air. Even those blocking Verndia’s path looked up at Lillian, stunned. It wasn’t that she hadn’t guessed her father’s plan.

But she hadn’t expected her to talk about it so openly.

Forgetting that she was playing a game, Lillian stared at Psychke like she had lost her soul.




The referee, equally surprised by the bombshell, widened his eyes. And after a moment of halt, he had finally decided to call off the game as it was the best among the played ones, and Psychke had already secured the first and second attack.


“Princess Glorielle has won consecutively, so-”

“T-That’s invalid!”


Lillian shouted, coming to her senses. She didn’t give a d*mn about her pride in not being able to take a single blow from Psychke.


“This is a personal attack on Silkisia!”

“You think differently.”


Psychke tilted her head to the side.


“You made a personal attack on the Duke.”


“I don’t see where that’s-”

“It was as offensive as insulting.”


Verndia, who was surrounded by a group of spectators blocking him, growled. He angrily warned, his voice cracking.


“Am I to take this as a declaration of war against Lestir?”


Lillian froze as his words prickled her skin and shuddered like an aspen tree, then pursed her paled lips.

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