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~ Chapter 15 ~

Long ago, when the empire was found.

The fate of the first emperor blessed him.

However, the emperor, fearing that the power would be biased in one place, begged to divide the blessing and bestow it on his vassals, and Vicente accepted the request.

Therefore, four families were born who hot this ability through the power of Vicente.

The Northern Lestir.

East Evergreen.

Southern Silkisia.

West in the Stella.

However, each of the family can only have this powerful ability.

But, it may also not exist to all generations that.

The way to confirm this was to go to the temple of Vicente with the person concerned and receive a discriminant result from the high priest.

There were other ways, but this was the most common method.

That was the intention of Verndia’s order for Isolet to investigate.

Lillian Silkisia, have you ever went to the Temple to see if you have the ability?’

In history, the power of the family has been proportional to the power of the powerful.

Thus, Silkisia, who was blinded by power, visited the temple right after Lillian returned.

But she replied that she had never done so.

What this means is……..

‘There is no way that Princess Lillian had received a discriminant.’

By the time Lillian had undergone a paternity test, Vicente’s Minister was absent.

However, it did not make sense to say that she met with the Minister before she disappeared.

Why is that so, since Silkisia has already someone…

‘If not, I mean, I know someone who is already capable.‘

If that’s possible…

His heard throbbed from headache. Verndia closed his eyes, pressing his temples down.

Then Princess Psychke really has the—no, no way. This is uncertain. There is no evidence that the princess has that ability from that conversation alone.’

Devoting his time onto something unsure would be foolish.

Verndia tried to put out the scene he had witnessed at the Association repeatedly.

But it didn’t work out.

But, if Princess Psychke was not a woman with the ability, Lia wouldn’t be like that earlier.’

Lia has never done anything unnecessary.

She was the best ice wizard in the empire.

She was a proud and arrogant girl, considering what she had showed earlier, it seemed like she was picking a star in the sky to gain Psychke’s favor.

But today she –

‘I have something to talk about with this baby, so you go out for a while.‘

She had showed pure goodwill as a human-to-human conversation.

Moreover, when she strangely acted like that.

“Damn it, what is it?”

No matter how hard he focused on thinking about it, there was only one answer he could thought of.

‘I thought she was dead or not born. Was she actually alive?’

Also, she was this close to him?

He was not sure. He felt somewhat wary here.

Verndia touched his face roughly.


Verndia was supposed to give her a ride in the carriage.

But she refused.

He decided to take a break from practicing swordsmanship, which she almost had not missed since she was tired both mentally and physically, and Psychke walked slowly toward the mansion.

Her confused mind calmed down as she walked looking at the floor with an inorganic gaze.

‘It’s all right. Since it sounded like a mistake. Now that it has no meaning, it should be fine.’

She breathed and exhaled long enough to calm her pounding heart.

How long have she walked?

Before she knew it, she had been walking through the main gate of the Mansion and the road which leads to the gate.

She noticed a familiar carriage.

It was a carriage dedicated to the head of Silkisia family. Her foster father came back.

‘So it was today.’

In her last life, her foster father, who had returned from a tour at the southern territories, held a light dinner for them.

It was also an act to commemorate with Lillian’s return.

‘I wish I hadn’t called you.’

Even if how sick she was, he would drag her, ordering her to sit down.

She’d never attend. She was determined until she entered the lobby.

“Hey, put it in the garden!”

“Flowers are scarce. Is there any place left?”

This preparation is too much for a LIGHT dinner. The noise hut her ears.

It was as if he had called all the employees the Mansion had to ready a party.

She looked around, still curious was what going on inside. Unfortunately, her shoulders bumped with the employee, who was walking with the balloons in hands.


“This is really, mind where you’re going… Oh, my bad luck!”

The employee murmured something she couldn’t understand, but one word was clearly heard.

A banquet celebrating the return of Lillian.‘

Then, ‘It’s because I didn’t have enough time to invite the aristocrats.’

The conversations of employees, such as ‘We can congratulate each other’, were heard one after another.

‘Why are they doing it already?’

In the past, her father was busy, therefore the dinner was held after a few months.

She wondered, but she didn’t worry deeply. For it had nothing to do with her anyway.

‘I must not come out of my room at all.’

The voices of excited employees died down only after she went to the corner of the corridor connected to the stairs to the second floor.

Psychke sighed lightly. Then, in the middle of the hallway, the sound of breathing was suppressed by leak through the slightly opened door.

It was the office of her stepfather, Logan Silkisia.

“…. So the information could not be sent.”

She could hear the noise of them conversing. Since she belonged to useless people, she tried to get away as fast as possible.


Her father’s strange words caught me her guard.

“I still can’t believe what I saw. That Lillian, how could she have returned?”

Strangely enough, he sounded angry.

Yzhar, who was dealing with his father, also gave a puzzled voice, perhaps wondering if it was strange.

“The temple has completed all the examinations. He reacted to all of the hair and blood I have from you father—”

“No way!”

The Duke cried. Psychke had forgotten that she had to go, and focused her whole attention to listen on what they were talking about.

She thought he’d be happy. What’s gotten into him?

“Lillian, that girl in now way could have come back! With my own hands—”

The words inside the office were interrupted.

She could see that it wasn’t because she was caught eavesdropping.

Probably since he talked too much. It seemed as if he had prevented himself to continue.

She felt her blood cooling down. What did she just hear?

She unhurriedly breathed in and out, fearing that she’d get caught. Then she fixed her eyes to the scarlet light leaking through the crevice of the door.

I heard the sound wandering inside the room. A middle-aged man’s wheeze was accompanied by someone breathing.

After such a short silence –

“No, not like this.”

The duke uttered in a calmer voice.

“Let me look into this more. Don’t mind. It doesn’t matter what happens. That child is of no importance. What’s important is Psychke! She would never –”

Suddenly her name popped up.

Psychke gasped after hearing him.

Reflexively, she shut her mouth,

“… Is anyone out there?”

Unfortunately, it seemed to fall into the Duke’s ear.

She quickly looked around quickly. Three steps away from her, there was an armor displayed for decoration.

Psychke did not hesitate to go there. There was no sound of her footsteps as she had of being a swordsman.

The moment she just finished hiding herself behind the armor.

The scarlet light, which seemed only like a solid line, widened, and a man with silver hair and black eyes appeared.

“There’s no one here.”

He didn’t just look at around. He even sensed the movements around him with his sharpened senses.

However, Psychke, who was hiding nearby, could not be found by him.

However, her father couldn’t believe his son’s words that there was no one out.

“I heard something. Go out and look everywhere.”

Yzhar frowned, but came out and looked around.

Suddenly, Yzhar moved his foot to the armor where Psychke was hiding. It was because it was the only thing where people could hide.

‘What should I do?’

She unconsciously groped for things in her arms.

There was the contract with Berndia, and the dagger for self-defense.

That was it. Unfortunately, there was no tool to break the situation.

In the meantime, the distance from Yzhar to her, was getting closer.

Five, four, three steps…

Now that this happened, he grabbed the hem tightly, determining to go out with the frontal attack method*.

(TN: The military tactic of frontal assault is a direct, full-force attack on the front line of an enemy force, rather than to the flanks or rear of the enemy. It allows for a quick and decisive victory, but at the cost of subjecting the attackers to the maximum defensive power of the enemy; this can make frontal assaults costly even if successful, and often disastrously costly if unsuccessful.)

Her hands were damped with cold sweats. Her heart seemed to be beating right next to her ear.

Now two steps.

And then one step.

At the very crucial moment, he could see her if he had come closer and twisted her body –

“Brother!” (Lenox)

The voice of the Savior rang in the hall.

Yzhar, who was about to bend down, looked up.

“Brother!” (Lillian)

It was Lenox and Lillian. She got sick of seeing them, who were always in her dreams.

He bit his lips tightly as he felt the movements of the armor. Her heart skipped a beat.

“My father said he was back. I came to greet him before seeing him at the party.”

Lillian, with a lovely smile, was shy, twisting her hair.

Yzhar nodded his head and led them to the duke’s office.

“What about you, Yzhar? You’re here already?”

“No, I was out.“

“Crazy, really. Why are you wandering around being cheap these days? Are you going to make a lover in case you get kicked out?”

A derisive voice giggled.

The sound of her footsteps faded away, and Lillian’s charming voice went into the office.


It was clearly the voice of a daughter who had just visited her parent after more than a decade.

As if he had never been angry, the Duke of Silkisia hugged her tightly, shouting, “Lilian!”

The echoes of the heartwarming reunion of the father and daughter, melted into the air as the door slammed and closed.

She heard a few happy laughter, ringing outside.

Her heart ached hearing them. The coldness of the wall pressed against her back, which seemed to penetrate into her inside.

Psychke Silkisia, the only one who couldn’t be a part of the family’s happiness, stood in a daze for a while.

Then after some meaningful time, she regained her senses, escaped from the narrow gap where she was, and headed for the path she had been thinking to go to.

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