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Fakes don’t want to be real


~ 18 ~


Psychke’s life the next evening was quiet until she left to go to the auction house to steal her necklace.


Since she made Lillian cry, neither Lenox or Melissa would come and get in her way. It was surprising.


“Ugh, I’m annoyed.”


Just once. She had met Lenox in the hallway when she was going to the hall.


Instead of throwing tantrum such as, picking up a vase and throwing it to her, he asked why she made his sister cry. He frowned and gulped all the swear words he could think of blurting out and slapped her shoulder hard.


It’s probably because of what her father said at Lillian’s arrival celebration.


But in a few days, Psychke thought he would be back to normal.


‘But really, why did he change?’


She could not comprehend the sudden change of the Duke.


She did everything she could, but he never said any soft word to her, not even a single word for 188 years.


However, why are you doing this so sudden and decided to put everything in the opposite direction?


‘… Well, I don’t care.’


Right, it doesn’t matter whether the duke changed or whatnot.


No matter what he said to her or what he did thus far, her determination to leave Silkisia would remain the same.


Psychke looked into the full-length mirror in front of her. Her long silver hair was tied together and she was dressed modestly; she could see herself clearly in front of the mirror.


She wore the bracelet which has a chant that could change her appearance and checked if the robes contains invisibility was inside, and left the room.


“Where are you going at such a late hour?”


And then, she met Yzhar in front of her door. He was leaning against the wall as if he has nothing to so and was watching her.


He looked like someone hit him. One of his cheeks was slightly swollen.


She curiously wondered in her mind who dared hit the Duke of Silkisia, but didn’t express it loudly and replied to his question.


“I want to go for a walk.”


“Take an escort.”


Psychke shook her head at his arrogant tone.


“I feel comfortable being alone.”


“What kind of princess in the world walks without an escort?”


“I understand that the punishment that brother has inflicted on me is not over yet. I am also not a princess.”


“No, father took it.”


As expected, this is incredibly weird.


Until now, the Head of Silkisia had never been involved at Yzhar’s punishment to her.


When she was a child, she accidentally dropped her food on the floor while eating.


Miserably, she was kicked out in the middle of cold winter while only wearing her pajamas, and her father didn’t bat an eye.


What is it that is changing his course?


I was curious, but this, too, was not revealed outwardly. Psychke hid herself with an expressionless expression.


“That’s right. But like as I said, I’m comfortable with being alone. Just because they are with me, doesn’t mean nothing will happen.”


She looked at the distance and implied these words with her eyes, ‘How can people with lower skills than me escort me?’, it was what she meant.


To put it bluntly, it was demeaning to the soldiers.


Even if it was the truth, she did not want to criticize those who recognized her skills.


“Don’t be conceited.”


Yzhar frowned.


“This, too, was directly ordered by father.”


“… Did father tell me to have escort?”


In an instant, Psyckhe realized.


This wasn’t about the escort or anything. No one, who knew my sword skills better than anyone else than him, would want to waste his manpower for me.


“That’s right.”


When he finished speaking, he nodded as if motioning someone. As soon as she paid attention to the surrounding, a familiar face caught her eyes.


‘…. Aiden?’


While embarrassed by the unexpected meeting, Aiden, who came closer, bowed in silence. He had a more serious face.


Yzhar slowly opened his mouth.


“That’s why I chose and designated a talented person for you, so I want you to thank father.”


“No, I-”

“Father said that you are restricted of crossing the main gate without an escort, as people who hold grudges against you might come running on you, takins Lillian’s return as an advantage. Therefore, if you will mention that you’re comfortable being alone, stop.”


Psychke bit her lower lip. Just how much she had wasted arguing with Yzhar now?


Soon it was time for the auction to start. She couldn’t delay any longer.


I don’t know why the security around me is being put on but getting out of this mansion right now is the priority.


“…. All right.”


It was already fortunate enough that her escort is someone she already knew. She then left the place with Aiden relentlessly.


And as soon as she reached a dark alleyway out of Yzhar’s gaze, she stopped her feet and she turned to him.


“Sir Aiden. I’m sorry, but I have a request.”


It was said that she and Verndia would meet personally.


Aiden is a private soldier of Silkisia, thus he followed what the duke ordered him to do first.


If it’s too late, I’ll have to pass. Thinking about how she could get his consent, she shook her head.


But before Psychke could do anything.


“Have a safe trip.”


Aiden said politely. His red eyes contained Psychke’s figure were calmly submerged.


“I will be waiting for you here.”


“… Do you know where I am going?”


“No, I don’t know, Princess.”


In a strange situation, Psychke narrowed her forehead.


“Then do you know when I will be back?”


“I don’t even know.”


“Then why?”


Her vigilance surged instantly when she got what she wanted in an oddly easy way.


He was a kind person from the private soldiers. However, no one know what would happen if he violated against the Duke order.


Gently lowering his gaze, Aiden asked a question out of the blue.


“Do you know my name, Princess?”




She was trying to blur his surname because she didn’t know it, so he answered instead.


“I am Aiden Hillace.”






Wasn’t his family one of those families who blindly followed Silkisia?


She then has seen Hillace previously! Baron Hillace have come to the duke’s house to meet her father.


She had a mean impression on him, unlike Aiden who was definitely opposite to him, therefore he couldn’t have been easily forgotten.


He couldn’t believe he was rich. Did he do any outsourcing? Or is he hiding a dark secret within?


No, before that.


‘He seems to be a man greedy for power. Did such a man let his son in Knightdale as an enlisted man?’


No matter how low the rank. For a noble to become a private member of another nobleman, it was a shameful thing in many ways.


And even to sweat allegiance Silkisia that much is… well.


There would be many other ways. Did he have to do it this way?


“I have been isolated from my father for some reason.”


Did he read the doubt in her eyes? Aiden raised a low-pitched voice.


“Nevertheless, I dared to reveal my last name because I wanted to tell you to trust me because I will tell you everything.”


“Trust… you…?”


What? Psychke asked herself with a bewildered feeling.


“That’s what I was going to ask for at the Hall.”


Oh, goodness. She was out of her mind that she had forgotten that. Pyschke raised her voice even sharper.




“I want you to go to the Temple of Destiny with me.”

(TN: Oho, and do what? Destiny, huh, so Verndia, what yah gonna do? Get rekt!)


She thought that he’d be saying more, and as she anticipated, he had closed his mouth and stayed still.


Finally, Psychke, who was tired of waiting, asked a question.




“That’s it.”




“To be honest… I would like to confirm something related to the Princess. It will not harm the princess in any way.”


Psychke stared silently into his red eyes, which were as calm as ocean.


Then, vaguely realizing what kind of misunderstanding he was making. She lifted her lips to correct him.


Maybe it’s because she has shiny silver hair that he don’t see often.


It was often said by people who took pity on her when she was bullied by her family.


“I want to tell you that asking for a paternity test is useless. Lillian, the real princess, had showed up… and when I was merely adopted by the family, I had already been tested. I am not her father’s daughter.”


“I am not going to check that out.”


Aiden flatly denied it.


“Princess, if I tell you it now, you will not believe me. Even I can’t believe I’m doing this now.”




“If only I had moved a little bit faster… I’m sorry. I have nothing to say but sorry.”


Psychke slowly closed her eyes and opened her eyes at the apology that was incomprehensible, filled with pity.


Even if she gave him enough time, he didn’t reveal what he was sorry about, so even if she asked, it was unlikely that he would answer.


So, she asked something else.


“Aren’t you loyal to Silkisia?”


“No. I am not in any contract with your family.”


Aiden answered immediately. His sincerity was reflected in his eyes that captured her.


“To be precise, I came to Silkisia to see you, Princess.”


“… !”


“If I tell you now, you won’t believe me, and the story will be long, so I’ll tell you the details later.”


She seemed to be busy, but he added that he was sorry for wasting her time. Then he said in a hasty tone that he remembered something.


“I will probably get kicked out sooner or later. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe even right now.”


“Pardon? What do you mean-”


“It will happen. So, this will be the last conversation you had with the princess of Silkisia.”


“… .”


“We’ll see each other again after a week’s time. If my schedule changes, I’ll inform you. Until then, shall you take care of yourself.”


She then pushed him away and Aiden, who also had finished talking, bid to say his goodbye.


Can I go on like this?


Can I trust that man? Unorganized thoughts pestered her.


But it’s not going to be resolved just by hesitating, because the auction house’s business was more urgent now.


After nodding her head in agreement, she moved her heavy feet.

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  1. Não sei pq o “irmão” dela deixou logo o cara que ele sabe que é parça dela… Agr tô desconfiando do Aiden…
    Thanks for the update 😊🇧🇷🐱

  2. To answer ABlossomsz, I believe he chose Aiden 1) because to the eyes of others they are close in skill, and 2) The logic being that since he is a knight he will be loyal to them and make it look like they care about her safty and because she’s close to him, she won’t put up as much of a fight with having someone with her.