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Fakes Don’t Want To Be Real


~ 19.2 ~


It was absurd to see her wasting about five million gold in an instant.


She couldn’t understand that the household of Esland, who was actually struggling in their finances is this wealthy.


‘The rumors that they are using illegal debt may be true.’


She could only say while watching Hilvia waste her money like that. She was in the middle of killing her time, anxious about Verndia, who was eagerly wandering inside the auction house.


“You have been waiting a long time, everyone. Finally, today’s highlight!”


‘… I don’t think it was because he couldn’t find the necklace that caused his failure to steal.’


She hadn’t thought about it for a while.


I was starting to get worried about the tone of the MC suggesting it was the last product that’s to be auctioned.


Since necklaces have not been produced before, the highlight must have been a poison needle necklace.


“I’m sure all of you have heard about this one. Reas, the great evil girl, and the necklace of Keitan that she made.”


Before showing the necklace, the moderator briefly explained Reas’ evil deeds.


20 years ago from now.


A lady named Reas presented Keitan’s necklace, the poison sting necklace, to the current Empress and to the Crown Princess.


Fortunately, it was discovered that it had a poison sting before hanging it around her neck, hence the Crown Princess was unharmed.


This incident caused a great disaster.


The House of Reas was destroyed instantly when she dared to assassinate the Crown Princess.


The nobles associated with the family were demoted to their titles or worse, lost their lives.


Two years after that.


The Crown Prince, who eventually became the emperor, albeit guilty of his great crimes, issued a descent to revive her family name, as she was an important family in the history of the empire.


Some of the bewildered aristocrats raised their opinions, but they were buried.


The emperor inquired about their secretive ways of living in hiding. And among them, he chose a man who was quick-witted and excellent in worldly wisdom to succeed Reas’ family.


“His Majesty, the Emperor, is truly a great man. Isn’t he?”


The moderator trembled, saying that even if they were sentenced to erasure of records, they should appreciate reviving the family that was supposed not to be revived.


Seems like everyone was thinking the same thing, but here and there, there were words of agreement.


But Psychke felt her head throbbed from them.


‘It’s strange.’


The attempt to assassinate the royal family was a felony.


To the extent that there was nothing to say even if he destroyed his family and killed all of his collaterals.


But he decided to revive the family that caused such an incident?


‘What kind of family is that?’


Even though I am familiar with the history books of the empire, I thought it was the first time I had ever heard of it. What kind of family was that the emperor had to cover them up that should have been remained as a scandal?


It was around the time when she was lost in her thoughts, weighing the families of the empire one by one.


“Damn it. If he wants to die, she should die beautifully. Why is she dragging others around?”


“… !”


Her head turned white at the swearing towards Reas heard from the other side.


Hilvia was never this angry to her even when she was publicly insulting her. It was bizarre.


Tendons grew in her hands as they gripped the handle of her chair. Psychke glared at Hilvia with hatred and curiosity in her eyes.


“Why, why …..?”


Hilvia froze because she so surprised to the extent that even a knight could also not stand properly.


It was at that time when she was holding back what she wanted to take out a dagger from her arms and clenched her teeth.




A roar erupted from the entrance behind the presenter, from the inside where the auction items were to be located.


Psychke, who was awakened by the sound, turned to look.


“Wh- what is this?”


A few aristocrats got up and looked around after a series of noises. They looked worried that they might have been attacked by the imperial family.


Psyckhe quickly pinpointed Verndia’s location.


He was moving quickly, but not beyond a certain radius seemed to have found the location of the necklace.


The guards guarding the entrance where the auction items went in and out were nowhere to be seen.


Half of the guards guarding the guest entrance were also running towards the inside.


“Calm down, calm down, folks! It looks like the workers moving the box blew up the magic tool inside!”


The moderator, who raised his voice with magic, tried to calm the confused nobles.


Bang, bang!


However, the unstoppable roar intensified the commotion.


Taking advantage of the gap, Psyche ran past the nobles who were blocking the passage. He jumped down from the blind spot of the host.


When a customer broke in, the guards tried to stop her.


Avoiding it by lightly twitching, she entered the prohibited area except for the officials.


“Damn, what are these bastards doing?”


“Before you come this way, you need to pack your stuff- wait a minute, sir! This is a no-entry zone!”


In the midst of her uproar, as soon as the guards found her, they rushed to her without a hitch.


She didn’t have a sword, so they didn’t seem to think that she was a second intruder.


Psychke ran after them without difficulty and ran towards Verndia.


“Damn it, it’s endless.”


And in a small room, he encountered her fiancé, who was annoyingly dealing with guards, guard’ dogs, and beasts.


With a dagger, Psychke raided one of the guards behind her and took the sword from him.


Then she exchanged it for a dagger and skillfully began to slash her enemies.


In a surprise attack from his back, which he thought was safe, the guards collapsed.




Surprised by the help of a stranger, Verndia stopped moving.


Then, he remembered his fiancée, who had her silver hair, who strangely had the same hair color with the man in front of him, and no words came out.


No way.


Thinking so, he checked the location of his fiancée. And he put on a look of embarrassment afterwards.

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