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~ Chapter 2 ~

There were three successors to the Duke of Silkisia, characterized by their high sword skills and their peculiar asset.

The eldest son, Yzhar Silkisia.

The second son, Lenox Silkisia.

The eldest daughter, Psychke Silkisia.

The eldest son, Yzahr Silkisia, was a genius in swordsmanship.

Ikaxia, one of the Imperial Knights, and he was the Vice Captain of them.

If 20 more years passed like this, he would be able to become a sword master.

The second son, Lenox Silkisia, was a smart person.

His swordsmanship was a bit low compared to Yzhar, and have yet to held his adult ceremony.

He was famous for surprising other aristocrats by showing off his outstanding words and deeds, at meetings of the nobility.

Lastly, the eldest daughter, Psychke Silkisia… terrible to remember.

Although it was known that she was adopted by Duke Silkisia, as he felt sorry seeing her wandering around the streets and lost her parents at a young age.

In fact, no one knew that she was actually a substitute for Lillian Silkisia, who disappeared more than a decade ago.

Still, if she had been competent like Yzhar and Lenox, she would had been in a firm position even if she was just adopted.

Psychke, said that, outside she resembles Silkisia’s veins, but on the outside, sadly was not.

She was not talented in swordsmanship, and her brain was not smart.

She had always done something troublesome, and every time, Yzhar or Lenox would take care of it.

The only thing which amazingly exists, is that she was adopted by a good family.

That was Psychke Silkisia.

And thoss, it was just for her public reputation.

“Nothing has changed.”

But who knows?

That in fact, Psychke, was Yzhar’s opponent in swordsmanship, which he unfortunately never won. And that, before Lenox enter meetings, Psychke was actually the one who gets the information first before him.

“As expected, I guess this wasn’t heaven.”

Psychke, who was looking through her bad rumors on the gossip paper, muttered casually.

There were still blood-stained wounds on her palm.

It was the trace, where she cut with a knife, distinguishing whether this was fantasy or reality.

“I don’t think this is a fantasy.”

If this was fantasy, the pain on her hand, couldn’t be more clear.

Then what’s left is…

“God makes mistakes, too.”

There was a legend in the empire that had been passed down since its founding.

If you receive the blessing of Vicente, the god of fortune, you will get one more chance when you die without living up to your name.

Legend is just a legend in the end.

Although, it has never happened in history.

Regardless of one’s rank, they would go to the temple, praying for blessings after having a child.

I think the legend has come true.

Psychke concluded that in a situation where she couldn’t get an answer even after thinking for a long time.

“Blessing to fake things.”

She was surprised by the words that inadvertently popped out of nowhere and soon smiled.

‘Silkisia is the only one who accepts something like you.’

On the day she received Silkisia’s surname, those were her foster father’s words.

As proof of his words, the world was not easy for her.

Everywhere she went, she was always regarded as a fake one. People pointed out that she should know her limits, judging over her. Even though her only sin, was being adopted.

I was afraid. I was also shunned by everyone, but more importantly, I was afraid even Silkisia would turn a blind eye to me.

She tried hard. She tried not to be abandoned, she tried to be recognized to be useful.

With her determination, she surprisingly surpassed the real Silkisia’s, Yzhar and Lenox.

‘You shouldn’t be superior to them no matter what.’

She thought her foster father would like it. For some reason, her foster father disapproved of her. It was also said that the name of the great Silkisia was scratched, due to her.

She hid her talent and acted foolishly as she was taught.

People misunderstood her, and cursed her without knowing the truth.

It was all right.

Then gradually, when it became difficult to hide my talent, I realized a fact.

If I hadn’t be superior to them, shouldn’t I make them my superiors?

So she became their stepping stone. She secretly filled their shortcomings, one by one.

‘I see you’re doing well.’

The first day I was praised by my father. I saw hope.

I thought I would be able to be recognized and loved by Silkisia if she keep doing that.

It was like that originally, but then…

‘The princess is back!’

Fakes… is still fake in the end.

Fake could not be real.

Lillian, who was loved no matter how much she don’t try, was receiving affection just by breathing.

However, I didn’t think of leaving Silkisia while witnessing it.

‘If hadn’t for Silkisia, do you think there would be any place who would accept anyone like you?’

There couldn’t have been.

Painful days went day by day, same thing happened every day. Still, I endured it, thinking that this was the only place I could live and be confident.

That’s how I lived for half a year.

And died in vain.

“I was stupid.”

I realized it only after I reached an irreversible point. That I was thoroughly used as a tool.

It was an expensive lesson, learned from solitary rooms and death, where no light came in.

However, she doesn’t know why her father abandoned her. Even though she kept going in circle, she couldn’t figure out an answer.

Just because the real thing is back doesn’t mean that my value of use is over.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’

Getting out of her thoughts, she caressed the date written on the gossip paper.

(TN: Gossip paper/column; A gossip column is a part of a newspaper or magazine where the activities and private lives of famous people are discussed.)

It was half a year ago before the day of her death.

‘Why does it have to be today?’

Today was an unforgettable day in Psychke’s life.




As it has been, Melissa opened the door without knocking and without asking for permission.

As if she had been running hard, her original face was covered with sweat, her breathing was rough, and one ear was wrapped in a bandage.

I know what Melissa will say. Nevertheless, Psychke waited for her to open her mouth.

“Did you hear that?”

It would not be a misunderstanding to say that the answer to that question, was the end of Psychke in the past.

After catching her breath, Melissa raised one corner of her mouth at an angle.

“Miss Lilian is back!”


I’ve already experienced this once.

I don’t know what the hell to say again this time.

Psychke closed her eyes slowly and opened them with an expressionless face.


The lobby of the Mansion, which Melissa guided her to, became a sea of tears.

“Huhu, Older Sister, Older sister…”

Lenox was sobbing while hugging Lillian, who returned. The employees surrounding them were not much different.

“You’ve worked so hard.”

“The sky helped you!”

“No, Vicente helped me.”

Whenever the employees shouted with a loud voice, the official who came with Lillian corrected it. His coronal robe was embroidered with Freesia, the symbol of the God of Destiny.

Although it was known that he was long ago dead.

Duke Silkisia could not give up the hope that his daughter would return alive. So, after entrusting hair and blood to the temple, he asked for an examination if a woman claiming to be Lillian, appeared.

“They’re perfectly the same. This must be Princess Lillian Silkisia.“

When the new building made an unshakable voice, the cries around it grew even louder.

Psychke quietly stared at the scene from behind the pillar a little further away.

Melissa pouted her mouth as if laughing at her, and then joined them.

“Lady! Do you remember me? I am Melissa!”

Lillian was only three years old when she went missing. There’s nothing I can do but remember, so that’s probably a futile attempt to show how close she was to the real princess.

She couldn’t hear what Lillian answered from the side where she was.

Instead, she heard another employee next to Melissa making a loud noise.

“What about you, Psychke?”

“Excuse me.”

Along Melissa’s fingers, the eyes of the people standing inside the lobby landed to one place.

Only one person, the priest, looked sadly, but all had a cold light.

A presence like a unfamiliar object stuck in a place that should not be interrupted.

The cold heartbreaking gazes were nothing to her now.


Psychke took one step at a time.

Likewise, to the front of Lillian who was looking at her.

The employees surrounding Lillian made way, like a splitting sea.

They looked curious about how Psychke would come out.

Psychke stared at the woman who had become thin and dirty through various hardships.

Even the coveted silver hair that comes up to her waist. All the blue lake-like eyes remained the same in the past.

It was just quiet everywhere.


At that stillness, Psychke created a wave inside the lobby.

Lillian, who had a scared look on her face, flinched and grabbed her chest tightly. Tears were in her big eyes, as if she was about to cry.

“What else are you going to do?”

Lenox, who was next to Lillian, became fierce.

As it has always been the case, Psychke spoke softly before she poured abusive language and swear words.

“You came back safely. Welcome.”


The employees whispered as if the calm appearance was unexpected. Ignoring them, she continued to speak.

“It may be uncomfortable, but please wait a few days. I’ll vacate the princess’ room soon. It would be nice to think about how to decorate it in the meantime.“

Lillian’s eyes opened wide as if she was surprised to gently hand over the position of a princess to her.

Lenox, who was fiercely staring at Psychke until then, talked.

“What kind of nonsense is this?”

“It’s to re-develop Princess’s room.”

“Even if you act like this, you would never get my pity—”

“Do whatever you want.”

Lenox crumpled his face at the change of his sister, who was trembling with contemplation as if saying, ‘I’m kicked out.’


“If my father or brother were here, they would have attached an exclusive maid. Until the two of them return, I hope Melissa will be there for you at the meantime. You can do that, right?”

It was a fake princess’ order that she always ignored. Melissa could not easily reject it, perhaps because the real princess was woven.

Psychke turned her back on her last nod.

“Hey, hey!”

Angry at being ignored, Lenox shouted.

Psychke didn’t answer.

Didn’t you want to do something good to your sister you haven’t seen in a long time?

Even though she disappeared from everyone’s sight around the corner of the hallway, Lenox, who had to bring anything in his hand, remained quiet.

“ …Ha.”

I couldn’t breathe.

Only then did Psychke exhale, which she had hidden deep in her heart.



It was that night that her older brother, Yzhar, knocked on her door.

Psychke, who was organizing her luggage alone to empty the room, blinked indifferently. Then she opened her mouth so small that he couldn’t hear it only after the third knock.

“Come on in.”

Did you come as soon as you left the palace?

Yzhar in his outdoor clothes, came in.

Insensitive black eyes swept everywhere. Then, soon after, it turned into a surprising light.

“So it was true. Have you grown up?”

If he was her real brother, he would have worried about his younger sister who would have been heartbroken. It’s not as if she’s saying such disrespectful things.

Ordinary people would have been hurt a lot. Psychke answered back, packing things without agitation.

“I’m just giving it back to my master.”

“Use the room on the second floor. I’ll tell my father.”

The second floor room refers to a guest room.


Yzhar wriggled his eyebrows, perhaps because he felt strange about the emotionless answer, seemingly she was treating customers. However, Psychke, who was turning her back, did not see it.

No matter where she moved to, nothing had changed. I won’t make the same mistake this time.

I will leave this family.















































































































































































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