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Fakes don’t want to be real


~ 21 ~


“I’m going crazy.”


Verndia, who was lying on the floor and covered in dust, muttered softly.


A curse raged from the shock he had just received, cracking the power that had bound the flames of his heart.


He knew that his illness was going to recover soon, therefore didn’t bring any medicine. If only he knew that this task would be a disaster.


As if to represent the owner’s power, purple flames began to flutter from his fingertips.


Watching it made me even more disturbed, and a vicious cycle arose in which the flames grew even bigger.


To get out of this pitiful situation, he shook his head. But no matter how hard he tried; he couldn’t brush the flames off.


The purple flame was the symbol of the Lestir family- it must not be displayed.


Verndia was born with a flame so strong that it was called the reincarnation of the first Lestir.


He didn’t have a partner who could control and suppress him like the first Lestir did.


Despite the desperate situation, Lestir did not give up and hoped that everything will soon be fine.


From the distant past, he expected that a strong and capable would be born in Silkisia, representing ice, and would be his partner.


But 20 years ago. After ‘that thing’ happened in Silkisia, he gave up all his expectations.


No matter how strong a force is, if it cannot be controlled, it is just a bottleneck. Because of this, Verndia showed that he indeed acquired the purple flames, but completely hid the fact that he had no control over the flames.


But now. What he feared most was about to happen.


Even in the middle of the enemy camp.


He bit his lips nervously.


‘A way… A way …?’


Suddenly, a cool breeze blew.


Cold and chilly one.


It was cool and refreshing on another note.


Because of the flames in his heart, he never felt cold. He was always hot even in the midwinter field.


He certainly never did.


But, in an empty room, he felt cold for the first time in his life.


And as soon as he realized that, the flame that had been running wildly was extinguished instantly.




He blankly stared at his fingertips. Then, he immediately stood and followed where the wind was from.


And he trembled at the unfolding situation in front of him.


A power equivalent to Lestir’s unquenchable flame, was Silkisia’s unmalting ice.


Originating from that ability, the reincarnation of the first Lestir, a strong energy that gave him a cold –


It was flowing from the fake princess of Silkisia, Psychke Silkisia.


‘What is this?’


His head didn’t turn right away even when he was speechless of what to say.


As if looking at Psychke, puzzled, bewildered- she was as if thousands od puzzled, and Verndia was in daze.


The sound of metal hitting each other while fighting. He didn’t even feel the heat from the fierce battle.


He stood like a fool for such a long time, then hurriedly returned to reality at the power of Psychke, which suddenly became cloudy like dark clouds in the clear sky.


Then she thrusted her sword straight into the mercenary’s vital point. She was in a hurry to hide her skills in swordsmanship.


He couldn’t angle how she did it.


“… !”


Psychke looked back at his sudden appearance with her widened eyes.


Even when fighting with dozens of people, the sound of breathing, which was not rough, was now very loud.


“Damn…. It..!”


The mercenary looked down vainly at the purple-colored sword embedded in his chest.


He noticed that the one who raided him was the only Sword master in the Empire.


But his realization was too late.


With a single gesture from Verndia using his purple flame, the mercenary died. He hadn’t even been able to utter a scream.




With a thin moan, Psychke sat down. At the same time, her bracelet ran out of mana and her appearance returned to normal.


If Verndia had been a little bit later, she would have been uncovered by the mercenary.


She took a deep breath and tried to calm her exhausted body.


Although she was comparable to the mercenary, strong and tenacious, her main cause of exhaustion was elsewhere.


‘I think it’s gotten more difficult to control than usual.’


In the past, it was like blocking the pouring lake water with the palm of her hand, but today it was like blocking the sea water.


It felt like the hole through where the power was leaking through got bigger.


‘What’s wrong with this? If this continued, I can’t bring up my Mana…’


She panted and glanced at the sword she was holding.


It took quite a bit longer than I thought. The blood-stained sword had a thin layer of frost.


Psychke looked at Verndia as he approached her and moved her sword far away so that he could not see it.


“I feel like falling down.”


She was struggling to get up, and he was answering with his eyes.


“Hold me.”


Out of nowhere, Verndia reached out his hand.


Psychke looked up at the man who didn’t like physical contact at all with an unknown expression on her face.


Then her fiancé wrinkled one of his brows.


“Aren’t you going to hold me?”


But he was the one who suggested that he would hold her though.


For some reason, it wasn’t a suggestion, but a tone like a threat.


But, too tired to get mad or think things thoroughly, Psychke silently took his hand.


And after getting up, Verndia took her waist as if embracing her. He was too close!




Psychke’s pupils widened in surprise. Verndia’s hot breaths were being transmitted below him and her tired body went stiff by his hot breaths pouring down.


Even with other people, she had never this close before. What is this?


‘Ha, this is simply ridiculous.’


And Verndia, unaware of her feelings, was feeling depressed.


Since she was near him, he was sure. Psychke Silkisia was the ‘Master of the Unmelting Ice’ which he had longed for many years. Although the energy was fading away even before he caught it.


‘I wonder if this was possible.’


The flames that have been controlled with Lia’s drugs, yes.


It was as if he was forcibly dragging a beast with a leash on it that did not listen. It was obviously his, but it didn’t look like his too.


By the way, the flame which was controlled by Psychke’s powers –


It’s all his limbs, an irreplaceable part of my body. He finally realized that it was his.


Feeling sorry for the energy that she had completely disappeared without her knowing, Verndia gave strength to his hand that was holding her.


With an expectant heart, the hope of feeling it again, even just for a little bit-


“Plea-please, let me go, Duke.”


Psychke stuttered at the growing heat between. However, when he didn’t release her after her warning, she pushed him lightly.


It was only then that Verndia came to her senses.


“I couldn’t control my strength. I’m sorry.”


He raised his hands, saying he was just trying to help her up.


There was nothing to say about his hands that had been messed up by the curse. Psychke didn’t reply and turned around.


“… !”


Then at that moment.


The ability she had barely suppressed fluctuated. It felt like her whole body was filled with ice.


The shock caused her pupils to widen. Psychke couldn’t even scream and had collapsed.


Her old braids were cut off, and her beautiful silver hair embroidered the air like a waterfall.




Verndia was terrified and took Psychke, hugged her and felt that her body was cold as ice.


* * *


The following day.


Verndia was troubled all night because of what had occurred and as soon the sun came up, he instantly went to Lia.


In the middle, he stopped at the temple and paid a large sum to get rid of the curse on his hand, and he wrapped up the wounded hand with a bandage as a sign of guilt.


“What? Aren’t you dead?”


Lia sarcastically said to him, and to her eyes, Verndia looked alright except for his arm. Lia’s eyes were also puffy because of lack of sleep.


Verndia was upset with her and untied the bandaged, twisting the corner of his mouth.


“Ah, that almost happened. But, thanks to the princess.”


“… The Princess? You took that precious kid?”


The wizard’s eyes narrowed. A life that did not match the appearance of a small child slowly rose.


“She followed me.”


“You should have stopped her then!”


“You don’t think I could stop her, right?”


Although Lia knew his character, Lia didn’t erase her cool look.


“Why are you here alone, how about the necklace?”


“I’ve got some work to do. I’m fine, so there’s no need to worry.”


Verndia pulled out of his arms the emerald necklace, which had cracked here and there


The girl, who received the necklace, wrinkled her nose, upon seeing the necklace.


“It must have been because of your curse.”


“It’s a fake one, you know?”


“About 90%? You wouldn’t have guessed either.”


Lia waved her hand, not holding the necklace, rather it was in the air.


Then a black sphere the size of her fist appeared from the cracks in the warped space, spitting out the parchment and a pocket, and then disappeared.


It was Psychke’s monster-related documents and Verndia’s medicine.


After taking them, Verndia recites additional information.


“There was a fake spell. It’s the work of forbidden magic worshippers.”


“…. What? Really?”


“As I said before, the forbidden magic and Lea’s case seem to be related in some way. What do you think?”




Lia stroked the broken necklace bitterly. At first glance, it was as if the emotion of longing had passed on her face.


Lia closed her eyes, and remained like that for a while, as if someone contemplating about something. She grabbed the necklace and finally opened her eyes.


“Alright. Stop it now.”


Lia put what she was holding in her drawer. She waved her hand with a smirk, with a lingering expression on her face.


It meant that he should leave when the business was over.


“It’s not over yet.”


Verndia rescued her from sinking into thoughts of her past.


“As the master of the unquenchable flame and the duke who rules the northern part of the empire, the Lestir estate, I ask you.”




As a family-to-family member, Lia flinched as she was nervous about what he would say when they treated each other with the utmost respect.


What followed afterwards was worth his time.


“Lia Colt… no, Ilia Hillace.”


It was the first name she had heard since she abandoned the family.


Lia’s eyes lit up with a ferocious look. As if to represent his vulgarity, his ambient temperature dropped sharply. Verndia took her words seriously, with no regard for her expression.


“Princess Psychke Silkisia……”


Verndia sighed in disbelief.


It wasn’t that he was embarrassed to speak. It was because he didn’t know how to say it.


He carefully selected his words, looking at the piles of objects around the room. Then he stopped his eyes at one a particular place.


「The Empire’s Mighty Man」


It was a book about the powers of the previous empires. The shiny cover makes it look like it was recently brought in.


…. He had never seen anything like that before.


“…The princess, and Leas. So, your sister’s daughter-”




A voice that was cold enough to freeze the core of his bones was heard.


It was not the voice of a child who mumbled, but it was that of a middle-aged woman who had a sense of intimidation even though it was permeated with age.

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  2. So Psyche’s mother is actually a descendant of Silkia and the Mage TOwer Mistress is her aunty? Psyche you do have people who love you