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~ 26.1 ~


Inside the guest room of the Duke of Lestir’s residence.


Sitting on the bed, Psychke opened the note which was left by Aiden.


‘He must have gone worried after I was kicked out. To even do something like this.’


Did he ask an employee who adored him to do something like this for him? Someone had brought the neatly folded note on her desk.


The content of the note was short.


“On 14th.”  


Was it because of his fear that someone might see her? It was written very abstractly, but it was enough for Psychke to comprehend.


‘Tomorrow night, we’re going to meet in that alleyway.’


She doesn’t feel well, but she needs to go. She thinks that it was better to do it now than later when she recovered,


‘It must have been because he was beaten up due to his ‘said’ incompetence as my escort.’


It was Yzhar who was of course in charge of Silkisia’s soldiers. And he tended those soldiers like a numb person, as if they were his tools.


She knew that she needs to recuperate to regain her energy and health, but she was disturbed by Aiden’s kindness. Psychke fiddled with the edge of the note.


It was then. A knock was heard.




“Come on in.”


Psychke said before the visitor could reveal whom it could be. She was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she had forgotten for a moment that she was apparently staying in the Lestir mansion


The other party didn’t respond for a while, perhaps embarrassed because she interrupted his supposed speech.


After the door was opened, only did Psychke remembered and realized that she was not in Silkisia anymore and saw the two men that came in one after another. She tried to get out of her bed, but Verndia stopped her. Then Verndia nodded at the man beside him.


“He’s a Lestir’s physician.”


“It is an honor to meet you, Princess.”




She greeted the physician that was polite to her with the same courtesy.


She wondered what’s this about.


“I heard that you have a chronic illness. May I ask what kind it is?”




She thought that Verndia’s kindness was only up to giving her a room.


She never imagined that he would even call a physician for her.


It’s the first time she has ever received such kindness from someone.


Losing her words and turning her head away, Verndia, who met her gaze, drew a wrinkle on his forehead.


“I won’t ever ask you to pay for the treatment, so tell us quickly.”


Oh, it wasn’t a kindness, but the obligation for her to get well soon so she could get out of his mansion sooner.

(TN: Oh, gurl you got him wrong!)


“If it’s uncomfortable for you to let me know it, I’ll just go out.”


“No. it’s okay.”


Because as soon as her body recovered, she had already decided to leave. Psychke turned to the physician again and thought about it, then calmly lied.


“I don’t know exactly what it is. Sometimes I get headaches of unknown cause.”


It was so intense that she couldn’t bear it.


People around her used to say that it’s not a disease, and that she was fine, but she’s sensitive as it is and felt sick all the time.


So Psychke only drank the tea that Yzhar sent her, but never took any action.


The physician looked at her closely. She felt bad that she lied to the physician.


The examination took quite a long time.


At the time when she was nervous and felt like losing her mind after faking her words at the physician’s serious expression, the physician voiced out,


“Huh, no way this could be real? You and your body are similar? Do you two have anything in common?”

(TN: Love it is~)


The doctor said in a strange voice.


Verndia intervened.


“My body?”


“I feel something clumped up in every corner of her body. It’s sort of like a foreign object.”


Verndia’s expression changed at the word foreign the physician mentioned. He was like someone who noticed a secret that could not be easily told.


The attending physician, who did not notice it, continued to explain.


“As I have said to Your Highness (Psychke) before, this usually accumulates through the intake of food. Do you have anything that you usually intake, besides meals?”


“No, there’s no such thing.”


“That is strange. This foreign thing is the cause of your current fever now. There must be something blocking your energy to completely flow in.”

(TN: This was MTL-ed as ‘Blocking the road’, I thought maybe ‘meridians’ would be better, but it has a different meaning, so I am hoping that you understood what this part implies.)


As the explanation continued, Verndia’s expression became more and more strange.


“It seems that foreign thing that you are taking… is bigger and stronger. If you give me more time, I will make sure to put a lot of concentration and study this.”


She felt strange at the sincere words.


It was simply a lie that she had said. Was she really sick?


The moment she was thinking about whether she should tell the truth. Verndia, who had a serious face, shooed the physician away.


He sent the doctor out to do as he pleases. And before Psychke could say anything, he opened his mouth.


Agitated, he spoke very quickly.


“Have you really not eaten anything other than a meal?”


“Yes, well…”


“Or have you eaten the same kind thing for at least a few years?”


“Something like that is–”




There was something. For at least a few years which she had obediently eaten something without missing a single day.


“It’s tea.”




“Older brother Yzhar sent me tea every morning, although I’ve been drinking the same type consistently for over a decade.”


Psychke blurted her words.


Why did she forget this?


“I guess that was the problem.”


Verndia, who finally found out the real reason why the princess fell that time when she had won the fight against the mercenery, sneered at her.


All the medicines Lia made were good, but there was one side effect.


‘The power to suppress the flames doesn’t just go to the heart.’


That power travels here and there through his blood vessels, and it gathers and settles in one place, and that is the foreign substance the doctor said to them.


It was difficult to exert one’s ability to the fullest if there was a foreign object in their bodies.


So Verndia was taking Lia’s medicine and his doctor’s medicine at the same time.


Of course, he didn’t tell the doctor about Lia and only told him that he had to eat something because he needed it.


‘I have no choice but to eat to suppress the flame.’


Silkisia’s ice was an ability that did not need to be suppressed.


Besides, the fact that Yzhar has been feeding her without her knowledge for over ten years…


‘He was trying to prevent her abilities from being displayed. Then..-‘



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