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~ 26.2 ~


After attaining enlightenment, Verndia let out a short groan.


‘That’s why he tried to lock Psychke up.’


He doesn’t know why Yzhar chose the cumbersome path of confinement instead of the easy path of death.


He also doesn’t know if everyone in Silkisia knows this truth.


At least Lenox and Lillian wouldn’t know. Because that’s exactly how they treated Psychke.


Yzhar was the one who gave her the tea, but it’s a bit vague to say the two other siblings knows, and the Head of Silkisia seems to know too.


By the time the thought that he was nearing of understanding the circumstances came to his mind,


“I drank it to relieve my headache.”


Am explaining voice woke him up.


Psychke had a look on her face that he didn’t understand.


It wasn’t that Yzhar was skeptical, but the facts did not match. Rather than a symptom caused by the tea, she was already suffering from a headache before that.




He paused while trying to explain.


When a sleeping ability wakes up for the first time, it adapts to unfamiliar stimuli.


It’s her body that can’t handle the pain.


To let her know….


After a short deliberation, he opened his mouth.


“Does the princess know what Silkisia’s power is?”


“Isn’t it that ice that doesn’t melt?”


Nonsensical question. Besides, common sense among that even a three-year-old child of the Empire knows.


Asking that all of a sudden, Psychke was puzzled.


Likewise, with her bewildered expression on her face, Verndia looked at her sullenly.


“Did you know?”


“Is there anyone who doesn’t know that?”


“… Don’t tell me, you were acting even though you knew everything?”


“Acting, you mean?”


The expression on her questioning face made him feel frustrated as if she didn’t really know anything.


Is she really just ignorant, or is she trying to act like she was innocent to protect herself?


‘The latter is nothing but scraping and crumbling.’


There was nothing good about touching the hidden weakness even though it was not enough to gain favor.


Verndia wiped his face with one of his hands. Then he ended up breaking his luck because he couldn’t overcome his hasty temper.


“I only came to know about the auction house, but I did not do any background research, so please do not misunderstand. In fact, she said you are the daughter of Leas-.”


Caw! The sudden crowing of a crow swallowed what he was saying. The two turned their heads without saying anything at first.


Outside the window, where dark clouds covered the moon, a yellow-eyed crow was pecking at the window with its beak.



(TN: It’s the sound of crow who pecked the window.)


Verndia, who frowned slightly, opened the window. The crow flew towards him and sat on his forearm. She was very curious as she looked at him and rubbed her beak. Psychke couldn’t take her eyes off him.


Generally speaking, when it comes to pet birds of nobles, they are corporations with all natural pets. It was the first time she saw anyone raising a crow.


“I would have waited. Why did you come all the way here?”


Verndia murmured with his distraught face.


Did the crow even understand what he was saying? The crow spread its wings wide and howled.


“The duke, to the imperial family?”


Verndia’s expression turned cold. He was about to say something more, but he bit his lips because he realized that Psychke was beside him.


“It’s late, so you better be sleeping now.”


Like someone who had urgent business, he left in a hurry. He didn’t even close the window he had opened.


‘It wasn’t just a pet bird, was it a carrier pigeon then?’


Psychke, who had closed the window and drew the curtains instead of Verndia, who had left, was suddenly overcome with a sense of déjà vu that she had seen that bird somewhere.




“You’re saying princess that… you want to leave?”


Isolet, who had come since morning, murmured in vain.


Psychke calmly nodded her head.




“Wa, wait a minute. I’ll just call the handmaid-”


“It’s all right. I’d be looking like someone who takes advantage to someone who’s willing to take care of me if you do that.”


Dressed modestly and unduly like a princess, she walked out of her room past a bewildered aide.


“No, anyway, this is- Wait, where are you going?”


“I’m going out for a bit.”


Just last night, she was worried about when her body would recover.


She felt better now. She wasn’t really feeling that so well, but it’s enough for her to leave.


It was thanks to the doctor of Lestir that Verndia gave her.


‘Once a day, if you drink it consistently for about a month, almost all foreign substances accumulated in your body will disappear.’


Did he stay up all night to create the medicine?


The attending physician who visited at dawn had a gloomy, but proud face under his eyes.


‘Then the headache will go away?’


‘Of course.’


It was a pain that had been with her for decade. Was it really that easy to treat?


Psychke swallowed the medicine he had given her with a questionable face.


And, startled, she widened his eyes.


‘… !’


Was it true that foreign substance was disappearing? It felt like something was melting all over hrt body.


Her nauseous stomach subsided, and her heavy body became lighter. Even her throbbing head became cool as if she had put an ice pack on it.


‘How is it?’


‘Really… I am fine now. Thank you so much.’


Psychke went straight to Verndia. So that she could inform him that she will be leaving today, thanking him for attaching her an excellent primary care physician.


However, when she heard from the butler she met in the hallway that ‘the Duke is absent’, she returned to her room and prepared to go out without informing him any further.


And just as she was about to leave. Isolet came.


“Can I ask where you are going?”


Isolet asked as he followed her as she ran across the hallway.


“Since I’m feeling better, I feel like I can go out. I will find a place to stay.”




The terrified Isolet stood tall and stopped, as if his life had reduced twenty times.

(TN: You shall be remembered, my dear Isolet.)


Then he came to his senses and hurriedly ran out and blocked her in front.


“You- you ca-can’t do that!”

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