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“That, that, so-”


He stopped her as soon as possible, but he got nothing to say to her at all. Isolet groaned inwardly.


‘Why am I even doing this…?!’


A few hours ago, he was focused on searching for gifts that noble ladies like, and now his eyes were colored red because of that.


When he had organized the things those noble ladies like, he thought that he could close his eyes. But,




His master, Verndia, slammed the door opened. When he left the mansion to do his work, he demanded Isolet to assist Psychke to her every needs.


‘… Are you calling for me?’


‘If not you, then who else?’


Attending the guests.


Those words were no different from being a maid.


But Isolet swallowed the words that such things should be done by maids or servants. It was because the other person was making a face that he didn’t know what was wrong.


This is a disaster. Verndia must have really fallen in love deep and strong.


“Oh, um, that’s-”


Isolet tried his best to figure out what he had to say.


He wasn’t even the owner of the mansion so he can’t ask her to stay longer, but Verndia, who was insistent of letting her go, shone in his mind.


He should have quitted his work sooner.


What the hell does money means anyway?


In the end, he decided to mix truth and lies in moderation.


“Honestly, I know some good places for the Princess to stay in. Would it be alright for you if I lead you there? The Duke especially commanded me that the Princess must not stay in a shabby, ugly place.”


It was the only and best way to follow where she’d be staying, alongside carrying Verndia’s order to assist her.


“…. Please do so.”


Why do they keep paying attention to her?


Psychke was utterly puzzled.


Well, her fiancée will lose face if she stays in a shabby place, and she also wanted to see more places thus she decided to accept Isolet’s offer.



“I really didn’t know there would be this much.”


It was an afternoon when the sun was setting. Psychke and Isolet were patting their sore legs in a cafe.


To exaggerate a bit, they toured all the inns in the capital.


Of course, except for places that are too old or unsafe.


Surprisingly, Psychke was discouraged by the fact that there was not a single vacant room.


“It must be because of the prince’s coming-of-age ceremony. People from other countries came to see him in person.”


And looking at the princess’s expression, Isolet felt relieved.


His master, who doesn’t quite fit the word love, actually fell in love with his unrequited love, and to his fiancée, who would have to divorce him sooner or later.

(TN: Lol hahaha!)


There’s a villa on the outskirts of the capital, so if she doesn’t have to place to go, she can rent it out.


Judging from that, his master seemed to want to be with the princess badly.


If there was really one vacant room, he would have been arguing with Verndia over why he had left the princess. When he imagined that certain situation, even though it was not cold, his body trembled.




Psychke sighed in disappointment and changed the subject.


“As soon as the prince-coming-of-age ceremony is over, the Duke will return to the North, right?”


“Yes, probably. We’ll have to see until it’s finish. I also heard that the princess put a lot of effort into it. Thank you.”




“We will officially invite you when the estate stabilizes later. Everyone will love it if you visit.”


Her marriage with Verndia by that time is broken, so there is no way she would go. It was difficult for her to go to the North because of her characteristics.


But Psychke said, ‘Yes, I will.’ She then gently closed her eyes.


It was then.


“… So, princess, don’t just cry and talk slowly.”


“Heuk, hiccup, hiccup, Lady Hilvia….”


“It’s just the two of us here. Come on, look. There’s also a ban on eavesdropping, right? So, don’t worry and just say it out loud. What did Princess Psychke did to you?”


The cafe they are currently in was a place where each table was separated with a curtain.


Also, there is a magic set which made it prohibited to eavesdrop whatever is happening on each seat, which is why nobles often came here to share secret stories.

(TN: It won’t be secret anymore if it’s shared~)


This is why Psychke and Isolet also came to this place.


Suddenly, Hilvia and Lillian’s conversation began to be heard clearly from the other side.


“… !”


The two people, Isolet and Psychke, were shocked and kept their mouth shut without speaking.


Then she blinked at the magic stone on the table and said without a sound.


‘Is the magic stone broken?’


‘Or maybe they forgot to recharge the mana at the store…’


Significant eyes intertwined in the air.


The two held their breath as they exchanged views quietly. And listened to the story of the next table.


“Psychke left the house yesterday.”


Intermittently stuttering as if holding back her tears, Lilian spilled the beans.


The day before leaving the house, Psychke, who had been escorted by a knight late at night, disappeared somewhere.


And as soon as Lillian got back, she got mad at Psychke for making the whole family worried for her disappearance, and then she ran out of the house.




“My father was shocked and fainted. My brothers left everything they were doing and are looking for Psychke’s whereabouts.”


Verndia is not here with them. Even so, Isolet, who understood her situation, couldn’t keep his mouth shut from the secret story between the family that was being revealed like this.


Psychke scoffed at the rumors about her in this way.


“Is she crazy?”


Hearing Lilian’s words, it was a reaction that had to come out of course.


“No, so is the Duke. Why is he still keeping that poorly behaved adopted child in your family?”


“I wonder that too but… I don’t know. I think it’s because I’m not good enough.”


“It can’t be. Oh my gosh!”


Hilvia, who had already had a bad feeling for Psychke, cheered for Lillian.

(TN: Here we go again with the ‘real fakes’ people. Tch.)


“That fake must have scared other people.”


“I don’t think Psychke could do that…”


“Ah, indeed. Princess is so naive. Isn’t that why the Duke of Verndia is keeping his engagement with her?”


Flutter, flutter. There was a loud fanning sound, trying to calm her excitement.


Then at some point, while folding the fan, Hilvia confidently said,


“It’s better that way. Duke will also be completely taken away with her if you knew about her dirty conduct.”


“He, heuk…”


“Do not worry. I’ll make sure that she won’t carry her face around.”


Isolet opened his mouth at the sound of the two ladies spreading false rumors. If Verndia had known about this, Marquis Esland would not be able to slip out of this.


But before he worried about the Marquis of Esland, he took a look at Psyche’s eyes.


Speaking of this.


Contrary of what he was expecting that Psychke would be offended, she didn’t have an offended face. Rather, her expression was more casual.


Still, he just couldn’t get over it. Isolet comforted her.


‘You may be upset, but you don’t have to worry too much. I’ll tell the Duke-‘


‘No, I am fine.’


It was the words she said from her own very mouth.


She was really alright.


Isolet had no intention of having Psychke’s reputation to fall further, so she didn’t have to hear such ugly things in about her front of her face.


Psychke smiled softly. And Isolet thought that her smile looked very sad.


“Really, I mean it sincerely.”


The woman who had vowed to swear at Psychke changed her topic.


“Is there a man with blue-green eyes among Silkisia? The impression he let off is sharp.”


“Um? No. I remember none of my relatives has that. What’s going on?”


“Oh, I went somewhere, and there was this man who looked at me like he was going to kill me.”


It wouldn’t be good to brag that it was when she went to illegal auction house, so Hilvia hid that location.


“That time, I thought I was going to die because of his gaze. But I couldn’t say anything because he’s a Silkisia.”


As she sighed heavily and fed up, Lillian patted her, as if consoling her.


She had a pure yet soft voice that seemed to understand others well.


Then, excited, Hilvia explained the situation without Lillian asking her.


“Leas said something. ‘If you want to die, you should die beautifully. Why are you even doing something bad?’ I wonder why he’s staring at me like that? It’s something I can’t say.”




It must have been the case where the Crown Princess almost died.


The Leas case was not widely known among people so that it won’t disturb the people’s livelihood.


Lillian asked in a very curious tone.


“Who is that?”


“Oh, you didn’t know.”


Hilvia recited the Leas’s case to her fuss.


Psychke already knew the content, but she felt strange hearing it again. When the emperor reached the point that he had to revive the family using the imperial power, Psychke muttered to herself.


‘I don’t know what kind of family that is…. Is it good luck or bad luck?’


When the incident happened, all people would have died.


The family name was still alive, so she couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing.


As such, it was near the end of the case.


“It’s a secret, though.”


Hilvia, who suddenly lowered her voice, pulled her head forward to Lillian.


“Well. Should I speak or should I not?”


“What’s going on?”




Despite the repeated promptings, Hilvia only hesitated and could not continue her words properly.


Lillian looked at her as she looked at her and gently exhorted her.


“I will not tell this to anyone or anywhere. So, Lady, you can speak freely. So please let me know.”


“….. Phew. I’m just saying it because it’s strange that a Silkisia doesn’t know about Silkisia’s history. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying I have any bad feelings or anything like that.”


What made Hilvia so anxious? Hilvia, a wealthy lady, spoke her words with difficulty.


“He’s a Silkisia.”




“The family of Leas. …was Silkisia.”


“… !”


Lillian was utterly surprised.


Lilian was speechless as she let out her breath. Even Psychke, who was listening calmly, shut her mouth at the sudden revelation.

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