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Fakes don’t want to be real


~ 30 ~


He initially thought that she would be furious since he had dug up her secret accidentally, but he didn’t expect that such a question will return to him.


Verndia answered shakily.


“Why would I kill the princess?”


Psychke’s face didn’t smoothen out. Her hand that was holding her dagger and her vigilant eyes stayed the same.


Meanwhile, Verndia, who arrived in the Lestir’s carriage, climbed up with her.


“… What are you going to do with me?”


Seeing the lack of confidence in Psychke, Verndia wiped his face dryly.


“I have no intention of killing the princess. I swear by the name of Lestir.”


“In what way?”


She wanted to tell him not to lie in front of her. But she couldn’t do that because of the vow she has with her family.


Her body leaned against the wall, trembling with tension. Psychke clenched her fists that were too strong for her to bear the pain.


“Alright. I will tell the truth.”


The Duke, and the pained expression on Verndia’s face were evident, then he buried his face in his interlocking hands.


“Actually, I have no control over my abilities.”


“… Yes?”


“I don’t know if it exists in Silkisia, but there is a sentence like this in the history of Lestir.”


「”God’s gift was nothing but a disaster to an unprepared man.


Lestir, who failed to deal with its power, was gradually eaten by the flames.


Without his partner, Silkisia, it would have been a riot.」


“The history said that. The flame in my heart is something that no human body can handle.”




Psychke fell into silence.


She doesn’t know why he’s saying all of this to her, so she doesn’t know how to react at all.


Since the current ability of Silkisia is vacant, should she mourn at the news that one day he will be eaten by his flames?


Or should she be surprised at how powerful it is?


“So, the Princess’s help… I need it…”


Unwillingly, Verndia, who had been hesitating, blurted his intentions. The word ‘need’ was hardly ever heard.




What did she hear just now? Who needs what from whom?


She asked in her mind, embarrassed.


As if he wanted to erase what he wanted previously, Verndia said without breath.


“Ice that does not melt. The powers of the princess.”


Psychke bit her mouth. She was meant not to give him a time to correct his words.


But no matter what how long she waited, Verndia didn’t change his words anymore. There was not even a single break in his serious expression.


‘If I correct the Duke’s misunderstanding, will I die right here?’


It felt like someone was squeezing her heart. Psychke bit her lower lip hard enough that it left a mark.


“Can you swear only two things from my family?”


“As long as you tell me, I will.”


“First of all, please don’t tell anyone that I have powers.”


“Isn’t that only natural?”


“Secondly, swear you won’t kill me no matter what I say.”


“Have I not done it already?”


Even when asked if it was really necessary, Psychke’s face was resolute. Reluctantly to her, Verndia followed her words.


“I’ll bet on Lestir’s name and protect you no matter what.”


“No, you don’t have to protect me. Just don’t kill me.”


Verndia hesitantly agreed. It was strange why she was making such a request, but he decided to give it a listen.


She heard the oath, but her fear did not go away. Psychke pressed her left chest gently, and felt that even her heartbeat was thumping hard.


“I… my powers are not unmelting ice.”




Verndia, who opened his eyes narrowly, folded his arms as if urging her to continue.


Psychke lowered her eyes to the floor of the carriage.


“As the Duke knows, I am an adopted child. I was never a real Silkisia. Of course, the ability that only Silkisia can have is not in my possession. My ability is just…”


After some thought, she licked her lips with difficulty.


She thought that it was only a misunderstanding, but she had heard his secrets, so she felt compelled to reveal hers.


“It’s like a curse…”


“Why do you think it is a curse?”


Verndia’s voice sank low. Psychke didn’t notice.


“Because I can’t control–”


“I can’t control my flame either. So is my ability a curse too?”


“No, I didn’t mean it that way—”


“Then the problem is solved. Anything else?”


She was embarrassed that he had already laid down his conclusions and made his own decisions.


But to deny that his powers is a mere curse. Psychke moved on.


“The ice I have melts. So it can’t be the ‘ice that doesn’t melt’.”


“This is not a very simple issue, but let’s just assume it with a simple answer. The flame I made goes out, too. So, it can’t be an unquenchable flame.”


“I don’t mean that–”


“The strength of this ability depends on the user’s will.”


Verndia cut her off adamantly.


“With the hopes that your power will not remain ‘melting’, you can use your abilities in the future. So then, your problem has been resolved. What’s next?”


That’s impossible, it doesn’t make sense.


Even if it were possible, how could he ever think of using a curse to make it unbreakable forever?


Something hot erupted in her force to believe what she wanted to believe, but she endured it.


There is still the last card left.


The fact that Verndia is the root itself that cannot be denied.


“I am not my father’s daughter. I’ve even completed the paternity test. I am not a real Silkisia.”


“It doesn’t matter if the princess is Logan’s daughter or not. You are a ‘real’ Silkisia.”




They can absolutely never have a peaceful conversation. Unable to resist, Psychke looked up.


And as soon as she faced Verndia, he shut his mouth.


“What the hell did you say-”


Furious purple eyes blazed fiercely.


Even though it wasn’t directed at him, Psychke forgot to breathe because of the thickly rising madness.


A horseman’s voice was heard comforting the surprised horses from outside.


“You really messed up a person.”




He couldn’t figure out what to do. Psychke was silent.


Verndia, who raised one corner of his mouth at an angle, said sarcastically.


“Twenty years ago, there is a family that went extinct on the accusation of gifting a poison needle necklace to the Crown Prince.”


“… I know about the Leas case. And that family is Silkisia.”


“Then do you know how the present Silkisia came into being?”


Psychke quietly nodded her head. Verndia laughed coldly.


“So, do you know this?”


He leaned his body towards her and slowly opened his lips.


Then he spoke with strength, word by word, as if to forcing her to listen carefully.


“The blood of the former Silkisia, who I thought was dead, was actually alive.”


“… ?”


“And that his successor is right before my eyes.”


“… Now, what are you….”


Psychke froze at his outrageous words.


No way, as soon as her words reflected on her face, Verndia asked sharply.


“Do you think I said that without proof?”


“… ”


“Your ability, that’s the proof. It’s something that can never be done without ‘unmelting ice’ to put my flame to rest.”


She felt her stomach sickening with her realization.


Psychke covered her mouth with both hands.


It is all nonsense.


It’s really absurd.


‘But the duke was so confident -‘


No, she can’t.




According to the Duke’s words, what about her?


The present Silkisia now?


The moment a delusional thought came to an end.




Her eyes got blurry


Psychke just fainted.



“Tell me. What’s your name?”


Where is this place?


She thinks she was talking to someone. But she couldn’t remember well.


She couldn’t see anything, so she lifted her head. Then after noticing the shine of the shoes in front of her, she suddenly bowed her head again.


It shines just by being there. It was someone whom she can’t see his face.


Sadly, she only now realized that she was lying in front of his face in front of such a person.


What was her name?


No matter how much she think about it, she can’t remember. Young Psychke answered with a hoarse voice.


“I don’t remember.”


She was afraid that the cursed ‘her’ might be regarded as ominous. So she was afraid they’d leave without giving her a loaf of bread. Even so, she pressed her delicate body to the floor.




At the word stupid, she cried. But she showed no tears. She struggled and endured.


He was the only one who came to the prison where no one had come.


Although there was contempt in his eyes and voice he heard occasionally, she still felt good.


He was everything to Psychke, who was in the prison.


And she hated crying.


“Wh, what should I do?”


She was only five years old. The five years old girl, asked, holding back her tears,


“I will do anything. I will follow what you’ll say. So-”






“From now on, you are Psychke Silkisia.”


At the man’s nod, those who were in the prison’s blind spot appeared, loosened her, and helped her stand up.


As soon as she raised her face with puzzled eyes, the face of the man who saved her from the darkness was deeply engraved in her eyes.


A face with a grimace, which represents his detest to her.


But to Psychke, he looked like an angel. A halo appeared behind his silver hair.


“Keep in mind. Silkisia is the only one who accepts someone like you.”


His big, rough hand reached out to her.


Young Psychke slowly stretched out her hand at the first favor she had received.


“…… Cess, Princess!”


And the moment her hand touched his hand.


She was thrown out of her childhood memories.

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  1. Hummmm, então eles usam o sobrenome mas não são reais e ela é a verdadeira herdeira… Tecnicamente ela seria uma ameaça mas eles não a mataram… por que? Eles precisam dela, mas pra quê? 🤨 E por que se eles precisavam eles mataram ela na vida passada? Eles conseguiram o que queriam então incriminaram ela pra se livrar dela sem consequências…. 🧐
    Thanks for the update 😊🇧🇷🐱

    1. Acho que objetivo deles na vida passada não era matar ela, acho que isso foi coisa da Lillian. Tenho a impressão de que eles queriam manter ela na família pra usar ela de ferramenta e pra que os futuros filhos dela pudessem manter os poderes na família deles e tal mas só suposição minha