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Fakes don’t want to be real

~ 37 ~


Similarly, Psychke holding the sword in her hand, took a step further away from him.


They are in the Hall for the Head of the family, therefore, they were alone here.


“Please go on.”


Verndia conceded the first attack.


Psychke immediately kicked the ground and ran towards him. Her footsteps were heavy as if she was already tired.


But Verndia let that power go lightly.


“I think I was certain of telling you not to push ahead ignorantly.”


“… ”


“You can lose your wrist that way.”


Upon hearing this, Psychke changed her posture and went straight in. It was a highly restrained swordsmanship that condensed all the power at the tip of the sword.


However, Verndia also blocked her by hitting the tip of her sword lightly.


Her wrists trembled at the vibration transmitted from his sword. Without hesitation, Psychke grabbed the handle of her sword again.


“Look. It almost went out.”


He closed his eyebrows nicely.


The match he was having with Psychke was fun.


It was good to have someone who would accept his sword like this, and it was good to have someone who was always like a melancholy cat, lively.


It felt good to accept everything taught like an empty sponge sucking up water, and it was good to see the improvements in her skills day by day.


Really, everything was good.


“Now, let’s do it right.”


Verndia, who bounced off his sword, raised his mana. A deep purple light sharply enveloped the sword.


Seeing the blue light surrounding the dagger in his vision, he knew that Psychke could craft swords.


“If you don’t think you can face it upfront, avoid it.”


The atmosphere around her changed when Verndia, who was only defensive, changed his posture.


“No, it will break.”


He wiped away his laughter and struck down his sword. A terrifying pounding sound was added to the neat movements without a single fuss.


Psychke, who had been hesitating, showed off her sword without any hesitation.


It was as sharp as Verndia’s, but it was blunt and hazy for some reason. It looked like it had been covered with a gray dark cloud.


Kwang-!! There was a loud roar.


“You know that you can let go, right?”




“Aren’t you going to do it right?”


Verndia spoke as if whispering to Psychke, who received the energy and received it.


“Your wrist, I don’t want to break it.”


Nevertheless, her swordsmanship was not very skilled compared to him. Verndia gave more strength to her wrists.


As the purple sword grew darker, their two swords leaned to one side.


Ugh! Psychke groaned in pain.


Verndia, who briefly clicked his tongue at her stubbornness, ignited a spark.


Even proper breathing became difficult due to the heat that crushed her whole body. She opened her mouth and let out a rough breath.


“Do you want to die like this?”


No, she doesn’t like that.


Psychke completed her sword skills by raising her mana to the limit.


The dull blue color became darker. As all her nerves turned toward making her sword stronger, her cursed powers that she had suppressed began to rampage.


Thus! Something like hail was pouring down from behind.


She turned around, shocked to hear it but a voice stopped her midway.




Violet eyes as dazzling as his flame on his sword looked at her.


“Princess can control whatever she wants.”


“I… ugh… no…”


 Oddly enough, when she was with Verndia, her abilities became rampant.


She bit her lip until it bled and tried to withdraw her powers. However, she was unable due to a series of attacks.


“Don’t just say no, and don’t try to force it.”


There were large and small scars all over her face, but she did not stop. Verndia mercilessly pushed her away.


He had a reason for doing this.




Since she was pushed by his power, she rolled over the floor. Still, she didn’t avoid his sword.


“Stand up.”


If he didn’t hit the limit, she wouldn’t use her skills.


Since the foreign substances accumulated in her body are being removed with the doctor’s medicine, it is possible that she can handle this slowly.


This was just a mind problem, not a body problem.


And Verndia didn’t know how to fix a broken heart other than this.




He feels annoyed seeing her covered in scars. She has superpowers but she just needs to let it all out.


He wasn’t doing this just because he wanted to do so.


He wanted to teach her in a gentle way and comfort her.


He was never kind to anyone, so he just pushes her as usual.

(TN: The thing that I don’t like about Verndia is that he doesn’t try to comfort her with words because he loses his temper easily and doesn’t give a ‘what’ about emotions since he doesn’t know that either. Emotions, he is yet to know them.)


In the first place, making something soft and mellow was not like this.


He knew it too, so he was confused.


Why is she doing all of this? As he was standing in front of her, he felt like an idiot.


“It’s still a long way off.”


Effortlessly turning away from the incomprehensible emotions, he again pointed his sword at Psychke, who rolled over the floor.


Psychke stood up, leaning against the sword without a single expression of displeasure.


* * *


The harsh swordsmanship class ended earlier than usual. For some reason, it was thanks to Isolet, who ran with a concerned face.


Verndia followed him, and Psychke returned to her room.


“Accckk! Princess! What is all this!”


Cecil screamed seeing her covered with scars.


It wasn’t surprising for her but for some reason, Cecil’s voice gets higher as time goes by.


“The Duke is too much. Where do you see a man beating the Princess like this?!”


It is a word that, if misunderstood, can cause a great misunderstanding. Psychke chuckled. 


As she slowly became accustomed to the service from Cecil, she finished her bath and changed her clothes.


As always, Cecil applied a special perfume made with herbs to help her wounds heal faster.


“I will get hurt again tomorrow anyway. You don’t have to do this.”


“No. That’s why you have to apply more.”


It was a very dignified yet burdensome reception.


However, she decided not to refuse because it was not for Verndia’s sake, and she said that Cecil was doing it voluntarily. she doesn’t hate the drowsiness when she receives a massage from her,


“Even this…”




Psychke poked the jewelry Cecil brought. Even then, Cecil was just doing what she had to do, so Psyhcke refused.


“Really, there are things that have come, Princess.”


After a quick meal, Cecil left behind a moonstone the size of her fist and a letter.


Psychke, who looked at her from afar, leaned back on the sofa.


‘It’s really over.’


After her stay in Lestir, she decided to finalize her contract with Verndia.


She asked Cecil to send a sample of the report to check the moonstone’s strength and effectiveness.


She organized the ice magic formulas and sent them to the Northern Territory.


She commissioned the information guild for the location of the mercenary that Lia had informed her that she could deal with the Asum beasts.


And that information was in the letter that had just arrived.


Finally, the reply was seen.


‘I’ll just ask the mercenaries and leave.’


Whatever happened after that, she was going to leave.


Because Verndia said it’s okay to leave. Because he said he wouldn’t track her.


Now it’s really over.


But why-


‘Why do I feel this way?’


She thought that it would be cool when everything was sorted out. Surprisingly, she doesn’t feel that way. Rather….




It was difficult to describe her feelings. Psychke stared blankly at the ceiling.


That was then.


“Can I come in?”


Verndia knocked on the door.

(TN: Why door when you can go to a different place? Hehe.)


How many times has he been before?


Even before he finished speaking, he once teased her about when she asked him to come into her room with only a knock.


‘I’m out of breath. Why are you so quick-tempered?’


‘My brother was the only one knocking on my door. That’s why it’s become a habit not to ask.’


‘… I’m sorry.’


From then on, Verndia always spoke and knocked.


Psychke paused for a moment, then quietly got up and opened the door.


“Is something wrong?”


“Just…….” (TN: ‘I missed you.’ I guess you’re very shy, Verndia. I adjusted, I should.)


“Aren’t you busy?”


He quietly nodded his head.


“I have something to show to the Princess.”


A strangely excited voice rang in her room.


Then Psychke glanced at him. Like the aide before, he had the look of a person expecting something.


Somehow, she had an ominous feeling.


Psychke decided to decline.


“Sorry. I suddenly remembered that I have an urgent thing to do.”


“It will take only a while.”


Despite all the excuses, Verndia did not back down. In the end, Psychke asked directly.


“May I ask what you are going to show?”




Verndia covered his lips and thought seriously for a long time, then he opened his mouth tremblingly.


“My hobbies?”




“How are they, aren’t they pretty?”


Until now, Isolet had no complaints about Verndia’s tone of voice.


Although he was arguing with her, he was the noblest in the empire after the emperor, so he shouldn’t feel that way.


But now he was about to be a little bit dissatisfied.


“Yes, there are a lot of pretty things here.”


“If you want or need anything, I can give it to you.”


All kinds of jewels and trinkets, eternally enchanted flowers, cute stuffed animals and more.


They were in front of a warehouse where things that are popular among young ladies these days were piled up like mountains.


Originally, he was planning to build a room on a large scale instead of stacking them like this.


Then, Cecil said that the princess would be too burdened, so he decided to give the entire warehouse away. It meant that if she needed something, she would take it herself without feeling burdened.


But why,


“No, it’s fine.”


“… Are you really fine with that?”


Are you saying you’re having a conversation like that?


Isolet looked at his master badly without realizing it.


By reducing the time to eat, the time to wear, and the time to sleep, he collected all the things that were popular in the capital among all the young ladies.


His effort seemed to fly away seeing how his master was so naïve in this thing.


It was all because of that guy’s snout.


“Yes. I don’t really need anything.”


Psychke said so, as usual, expressionless, but Isolet seemed to know what the Princess was thinking.


‘Duke, you have a very unique hobby.’ 


What are you thinking like this?


Even after he said something wrong, Verndia, who became ‘A person who piles up things that young ladies love whenever he is bored’, was smiling nonetheless.


But he, Isolet knew, who had been with him for the longest five years, what was the meaning of that smile. That’s the smile you make when you’re embarrassed.




Looking at the atmosphere roughly, he was trying to give her everything as if he couldn’t win if he were to tell her to take things she needs.


He guess he didn’t know that she would decline them all out because she didn’t need them all.


‘Why don’t you just give it to me-‘


Depressed, the assistant sighed inwardly. No matter how you look at it, the master’s love affair would not go smoothly unless he fixed his snout.




‘Duke, you have a very unique hobby.’


Unexpectedly, that’s how you show things proudly.



Translator’s Notes: I am really sorry for the long absence. Before full face-to-face here in my locality, which means from early morning till late noon, I am in school, it’s still hard for me to find time to translate. I had always wanted to translate but worse is that there are always activities, or if not, assignment, piled of them. Almost every day, there are tests. Haa, I know I was long gone but I am truly finding time for this. To be precise, I was actually thinking to stop tling but I know that I can’t. After that absence, and earlier, before translating, I was actually excited to Translate again, Haha. So, a relief that I didn’t stop. Of course, the next release is still unknown but I promise, I will really do my best.

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