Author: Lioness

Fakes don’t want to be real

~ 39 ~


Psychke glanced at the aide walking around holding a mountain of papers and the man next to him, who was diligently processing the report Isolet gave him.


During the stay in the store, the two were doing just that. She didn’t know why they followed her when they were this busy.


Verndia, who felt her gaze, grumbled lightly.


“Ha, I am not the one procrastinating here. It’s because he gave me these all at once.”


“It’s not like I played in my leisure time. Didn’t the Duke command me to do that? To find out what noble girls like the most—”


Isolet, who had been protesting that it was unfair, was taken aback for a moment and shut his mouth when his realization hit his mind.


Because Verndia was turning his back, Psychke couldn’t see the expression on his face.


So, how long has it been since he wandered around with his strange companion like Isolet?


“I will go to the wagon.”


She didn’t buy many things, but it felt like they had gone two laps around the city. They were sitting in front of the fountain in the central square to rest.


Isolet, who was about to hand his report to Verndia, stopped. Then he rummaged through the things he had brought and excused himself saying that he left a one page of his report.


“Oh, I didn’t notice that. Have a good time, Princess and Your Excellency!”


Not long after he left, Cecil also smiled meaningfully and disappeared somewhere who-knows-where.


Again, in an instant, the two were left alone. Psychke looked down at her feet, as the sound of pouring water filled her ears.


She was uncomfortable and awkward.


It was not only because people glanced at them from time to time, but also because of Verndia’s purple eyes which were looking at her.


‘Does he have anything to say?’


Then, she’d prefer it if he says what he wants. He shouldn’t look at him like that.


Psychke tapped the ground with her foot, waiting for either Cecil or Isolet to come.


She couldn’t even imagine that Cecil would have dragged Isolet who came along with them.


She was killing time thinking that way, yet again, something crept into her mind and broke the silence between them.


“Have you met Sir Aiden?”


Verndia wrinkled his face as if he had heard something he shouldn’t have heard.


“You already knew. You don’t have to worry about him, Princess.”


It was because she couldn’t apologize to him for being kicked out from Silkisia. 


When she found out that he was the target of the beasts, she was very concerned.


Which means the person behind it wants to warn her.


There is no means of contact.


So, she wandered the alleyways of Silkisia, wondering if she might ever meet him.


Then she was caught by Verndia.


Verndia said there was a way to contact Aiden, and advised her not to worry about it as he would take care of it.


But she couldn’t do so because she knew that Verndia hated Aiden.

(TN: Man is jealous of Aiden~ Ahaha)




Lia must have told her about it. He was glad that she already knew about it.


“You really have nothing to do with him, are you?”


It was such an awkward question.


Psychke raised her head. A man who looked stiff, looked at her with his arms crossed.


“Yes. You’re right.”


“But why do you care so much?”


“It’s a dangerous situation, so you have to tell me.”


“Even if her princess doesn’t care about him, there are people who would do so.”


She knew. Because that day, Lia ran away in a hurry.


But just because he had someone to take care of him couldn’t keep her from resting. Someone’s life is at stake.


“Just forget it. Hillace is not a family to come close to.”


Psychke stared at him, who gave an exasperated tone. Then she let out a slightly bitter voice.


“Duke. I am also Silkisia.”


“So don’t get any closer-“


“I want to tell you that I also come from a family that supports the emperor.”


Verndia bit his mouth.


“I know that those who support the Crown Prince hate Hillace, but I don’t think that’s the reason why I should stay away from the Power Race.”


There may be differences depending on the faction, but she didn’t like trying to enforce her way of thinking on others unconditionally.


In her view, Baron Hillace was right to be away, but his son Aiden Hillace seemed to be a decent person to be close to.


Even if one tries to mix them up, no one can change that part.


He didn’t have a good reputation for judging people based on someone’s opinion alone.


Psychke didn’t want to do that anymore.


He didn’t want to treat anyone with judgement.


“Or is there any other reason I should stay away from Hillace?”


“… Even if I told you, you wouldn’t even remember.”




“No. So, you’re saying you two are going to be closer in the future?”


“I don’t seem to have any reason to walk away from him.”


“Did you really have an affair?”


“I have already said no. And- “


Psychke nailed it to and fro.


“I think you said it back then. You claimed that it doesn’t matter if I am in a relationship. Therefore, I don’t know why you keep asking.”


“… !”


Verndia’s eyes widened.


For a moment, in Psychke’s eyes, he looked like a madman.




After a long time, he opened his mouth.


However, he could not spit out the completed sentence in his mind, but only sparsely cut words.




His purple eyes fluttered wildly.


“Because we’re engaged… So…”


He rolled his eyes dizzy like a speechless man, avoiding her gaze and half-covering his face with one hand.


Right at that moment. There was a certain emotion that was transmitted to the ring Psychke was wearing.




Is this just emotional sharing?


Psychke focused on that feeling.


It was stuffy, and it felt like he was crushing his chest with a lump of stone. Anxiety about not knowing what the future holds.


This was impatience.


‘So he was saying that I should go now. It’s been a while, so it must have been a malfunction.’


She looked down at the ring, which had a soft golden hue.


She can’t believe that Verndia was nervous. It was absurd if he falls in love; just like a rock falling in love.


He is a man who did not budge even when the news of the imperial knights’ expedition was delayed. There’s no way such a person could suddenly become impatient over this matter.


Whether it was right or wrong, the shared feelings faded away in the blink of an eye.


With the sound of deep breathing, Verndia lowered her hand that was covering her face.


He had a very angry expression.




A voice that sounded like chewing came from between the clenched teeth.


“Whether the princess has a lover or not, I don’t care. Do whatever you want.”


He ended the conversation in a tone like he would kill her if she had a lover and turned her back from him.


‘Why was it there?’


She suddenly wondered why he felt angry. He was just merely repeating what he said before though.


Psychke turned her eyes away from his wide back wrapped in a black cape, and soon realized why.


Everyone in the vicinity was spying on her and Verndia with curious eyes.


At that distance, they wouldn’t be able to hear the conversation they were having, but she thought he might not like it enough.


They’re engaged, but in a public place, they’re lovers. It was understandable that he was angry.


‘You gave me a sword, but while we’re together, I’ll have to spar with you.’


Psychke looked at Verndia again. And softly she opened her mouth.


“I apologize if I offended you. I didn’t mean that way-“


A black shadow was cast in front of the sudden sunlight.


Psychke looked up reflexively. It was hard to see the other person’s face because he was against the light.


“Hello, Duke.”


It was a voice she had heard somewhere.


As Psychke continued to look at the person, remembering him. Verndia also turned his head slightly. She didn’t raise his face like Psychke did, he just made a gesture that he was listening.




“Am I supposed to look up?”


“I, I am sorry!”


Even so, the small body was completely extinguished. At last Psychke could see her face.


He was one of the men who followed Hilvia in social circles and wooed passionately. His face was triangular in appearance, resembling a mouse. (TN: Pftt, that was harsh. I didn’t mean to laugh—)


“I am Myce Gueronica. I don’t know if you still remember me, but at the last meeting of the Lords—”


“Stop the nonsense




She has never seen such a family on either the Crown Prince’s side or the Emperor’s side, but maybe he was one of them.


Or a family that adheres to strict neutrality.


Or their power is so weak that it can’t fit anywhere.


Seeing that Verndia could not even make eye contact, Myce seemed to be the latter.


“I have something to tell you…”


Myce, who received the angry gaze from him, trembled softly. He was guilty of speaking when he was not in a good mood.


“Ju-just a bit of your time, could you give me some time……”


Any nobleman would have given up on talking and ran away. Psychke thought that Verndia was already very courageous.


Originally, the nobles were reluctant to visit Verndia.


The tragic downfall of those who opposed him and the North.


A mad temper that, if mistreated, sparked fire even in front of His Majesty the Emperor.


In addition to that, the way he talks and his personality is hard to get close to.


Since his intention is not to make friends, it’s better not to touch him. Psychke agreed. Had it not been for their forced engagement, she wouldn’t even have spoken to Verndia.




Verndia raised his head to say something.


It was annoying him but he was also familiar with the rumors around this Myce.


If he kicks Myce out, Psychke was looking curiously.


Then Myce glanced at Psychke and pleaded with difficulty in a trembling voice.


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