Author: Lioness

Fakes don’t want to be real

~ s40 ~


“It’s something that only the Duke should hear…”


“Go away.”


It was obvious that the fool man in front of him carries no important information but miscellaneous.


Rather, it was more urgent to talk to the princess. 


He apologized, even though he didn’t mean it that way.


Because of this beggar, he didn’t hear the most important next part.


In fact, it was already a generosity for Verndia to listen this far. If Psychke had not reacted, this man wouldn’t get far by greeting him.


“You must, you must listen.”


The man, who was shaking as if he had been hit by a stick, barely squealed.


It was then that Verndia, furious to end this conversation but when he was about to speak up, another voice said,


“I think you’re in a hurry, so I’ll get out. You two have a good talk.”


And Psychke got up from her seat.


The bewildered Verndia looked up at her. With his puppy-like-eyes looking at his owner who was about to leave.


“Where are you going?”


“I’ll get some fresh air and come back. I also need to go somewhere.”


He knew that she had chores that she needed to do before they left his residence. He couldn’t let go of his regrets, which only increased.


He didn’t think about how he would look like to others.


“There are still things we need to talk about.”


“I will come back to do so. For now, this man seems to be more hurried than me.”


Before he could say anything, Psychke moved her feet and disappeared from the crowd.


He was immediately abandoned. Verndia followed the trail with his vain eyes, clenching his teeth and slowly turning his head to the man in front of him, until his gums grew sour.


“If it’s content isn’t worth saliva, you better be prepared.”


* * *

Dark eyes followed her wherever she went. Ignoring all of that, Psyckhe stood up and walked upright.


It wasn’t usually like this. Why is it unusually hot today?


Looking at everyone’s eyes on her, it seemed they knew she ran away from home.


‘I see.’


Alleyways, fountains, quarrels.


Combining the words that came in, it seemed to make sense.


It seemed to be trying to connect the incident that happened in the alleyway near the Silkisia mansion with the fight in front of the fountain a while ago.


‘Cecil said that there were bad rumors related to the Duke.’


It actually didn’t matter to her whether the rumors of her quarreling with her brothers came out, but the gazes that followed her felt so unpleasant as if they were looking at an animal in a cage.


She felt better when she was with Verndia, but perhaps since she was alone now, everyone sees her as easy prey.


She even had people muttering to each other while staring at her.




She was accustomed to accepting those harsh gazes. However, that doesn’t mean that being used to it doesn’t feel bad. She felt as if her every move was being watched and insulted.


She bought a pair of toe-to-toe robes from a nearby store. And wore it behind a deserted building.


She wore the hood of it, thinking she would not draw attention with her appearance.


She then turned the turquoise jewel of the bracelet she was wearing three times.


It’s something she’s been wearing since infiltrating the auction house. Even Lia asked why is she wearing something that doesn’t even have mana?


Although she once entered the auction house illegally, there was nothing to worry, because she wouldn’t need to pretend to know anyone nor is there anyone to know. Aside from that, Verndia assured her that he had already handled everything.


“Hey, did you see that person over there?”


Once she changed her appearance, those venomous gazes disappeared. The women passing by from time to time only glanced at her with curious eyes.


“Who is it? It’s the first time I’ve seen him … he’s handsome.”


Psychke pretended not to hear and made her steps faster.


She left the towns where the aristocrats mostly occupied and headed for the streets of the commoners.


People walking on the streets were generally excited.


“Did you hear that the prince is in the parade!”


“Really? Ah, I wish he would look at me just once.”


“You should hope for something you will get. It would be easier to get the stars in the sky.”


If her memory is correct, there is still time until the banquet to commemorate the prince’s coming-of-age ceremony. The festival that everyone, aristocrats, and commoners can enjoy, starts tomorrow.


And during the festival, splendid events were held in each district of the capital.


‘I thought there was a wall hanging around here.’


Psychke looked around. She was searching for a poster with the schedule of the event written on it.


‘Ah, here it is.’


She started looking for an event called ‘The Doll Kingdom’ by scanning the poster.


It was there that she had to meet someone.


‘I’m sorry, dear. I will originally introduce the Asum treatment to my friend, but he suddenly went away and I can’t contact him. Instead, I will tell you about a mercenary with a history of dealing with Asum.’




It was the name Lia gave her.


But she said that in the mercenary guild, such mercenaries were not registered.


She entrusted the intelligence guild to investigate, so that she could find out the whereabouts of the mercenaries.


And the result was as follows.


“I’m sure of my skills, but I tend to receive requests as I like.” 


You don’t belong to the guild, so you have to find it yourself. 


Rumor has it that it will appear on the first day of the ‘Doll Kingdom’ during this festival.”」


The Doll kingdom.


It was an event aimed at young children, and it was a small kingdom created by injecting magic into all kinds of cute dolls.


Most mercenaries have a strong image.


They are not as good as Verndia who collects feminine things, but she thought this person wouldn’t be normal either.


‘The doll kingdom, the doll kingdom……’


Found you.


Engraving the date and place in her mind, the poster fell. She was about to go to where she intended to when—  




She bumped her shoulder hard with someone who was walking blindly.




The letter that was in someone’s arms came out and fell to the floor flatteringly.


The woman, who fell on her hips, opened her eyes with anger and tidied her robe because it showed her inner clothes.


“No, where the hell you were looking at – you?”


It was Hilvia.


Hilvia immediately recognized Psychke, whose appearance was changed. Maybe it was because she stared at her as if he was going to kill her at the auction house, but she avoided looking at her while trying to make a joke.


“… Heh, I have to be patient with the kind I am.”


Mumbling such nonsense, Hilvia grabbed the letter, which was nearly trampled on by the passersby.


However, the family crest on the envelope of the letter caught her eye.




Why is that on her?


Psychke looked at Hilvia’s arms, which were holding the letter.


“What are you looking at?”


She heard from Lilian that the man with silver hair and turquoise eyes was not related to Silkisia.


The fact that she entered the illegal auction house meant that she was a wealthy nobleman.


So Hilvia used her respectful words while displeased.


“That letter-”


“What nonsense, really.”


Not hearing Psychke’s words, Hilvia moved her steps again.


She looked around but couldn’t freely move], as if she was being pursued by an unknown figure.


If she had read the sentence on the envelope of the letter correctly, she could have guessed where she was going.


Psychke followed Hilvia. And it wasn’t long before she knew what she was afraid of.


“Let go of me! Where are you touching with your dirty hands?”


“I can’t contact you, what can I do?”


“We didn’t even want to do it like this.”


Hilvia resisted the two men approaching her, squirming her hands away.


Even her cry for help was drowned out by the hustle and bustle of the surroundings.


Hilvia knew that someone was looking at her but at a glance, she saw that she was now surrounded by the dangerous men and people went away pretending not to see her.


“I, do you know who I am? If my father knows-“


“I know you very well, Miss Hilvia Esland. Since the Marquis won’t come out, shouldn’t he get her daughter as well?”


The two men who exchanged meaningful glances held her arms to prevent her from running away. Then she was dragged down a sparsely populated alleyway.


Psychke chased them without trying to hide her presence.


“I, what do you want from… me…”


Entering the quiet alleyway, Hilvia let out her frightened voice.


For some reason today, there were no escorts for this girl who was outside here.


Did she even sneak out?


“If my father finds out, you will all die…….. it would be better if you let me go soon….?”


“I wish I could see your face like that.”


At the glance of one man, another man pulled out something.


Just then, Hilvia, who found that Psychke was watching them, screamed at her.




The eyes of the two men turned to Psychke.


“Save people! Help-!”


For a brief moment, Psychke looked dangerous.

A small dagger popped out of the sleeve of one of the men who was holding nothing, with an engraved long knife on one of his cheeks.


She raised her hands to indicate that she had no will to fight. She said in a low voice.


“You, too, stop joking around.”


“Ha? Are you kidding me?”


As if it was fun, the man with the dagger shone sharply in his eyes. Then, as if denying her words, he put the dagger to Hilvia’s neck.


It didn’t even touch her skin, but Hilvia was startled, as if she was already on the verge of dying; just one step behind.


“Kyaaak! Mom!”


“Does this still look like a joke?”


“Black Moon.”


“… !”


A twinkle flashed in the man’s eyes.


He narrowed his eyes and looked intently at Psychke, then quickly hid his dagger, and nodded.


Then someone who was watching the situation came up and offered something to Hilvia.

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