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Fakes Don’t Want To Be Real

~ 42 ~


He still remembered that day when he heard from Isolet that Psychke likes swords. He also recalled that he quickly demanded his aide about accessories that could be used as a sword, or weapon; should be small and can be hand-carried.


He also remembered the time when she signed a report that the highest-grade Magic Stone is needed for what he desires to be made for Psychke. Then that moment when he was signing some documents which reported that it is not simply enough to use the best quality of Magic Stone in order to make it in the near future, and that what is needed is the best there is in the currency….


Therefore, it must be the ‘Tears of the Waves.’

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“Well, I can’t help it.”


Having finished understanding the situation, Verndia said calmly.


This is originally purchased to deal with monsters/beasts.


Thanks to his fiancée, he was able to purchase the Tears of the Waves, and he has no regrets.


It was Psychke who was astonished by the unexpected simplicity.


“You can’t help it…?”


“Didn’t I already tell you? This can only be used by you, Princess.”


“No, there must be another way—”


“There is not.”


The collected Verndia picked up her earring while she took a few steps back to avoid him approaching her.


“Sorry. I didn’t know it was that expensive.”


“Why is the Princess sorry?


Verndia asked her, who didn’t really understand her reaction.


“I was the one who told you to use it. If it wasn’t for the Princess, this would have been rotted away in a warehouse anyway.”


His eyes were sincere. Still, Psychke had no intention of receiving it after knowing how expensive it was.


Even if she adds up all the belongings she brought from Silkisia, it wouldn’t be worth 100, 000 golds at all. 


 Or five million gold.


On top of that, 50 million gold…


“If you don’t take it, I will throw it away.”




She then hurriedly reached out to the earring in a dash.


Then, after his gentle laughter, she realized that he was just lying. It was already too late when Verndia covered her hand which was about to get her earring.


“If you feel burdened, how about if you think that it is the price of our unequal transactions?”


“Unequal… transactions?”


“Our break-up contract. The princess has done many things for me, but I haven’t done anything.”


He smiled softly and handed the earring.


“No, it’s okay because I suggested it first. If you just break the marriage right away—”


“I am not fine. Because I can’t live without paying my debt.”


Verndia, as before, put on earrings and tidied her hair. And whispered his soft voice.




Her face seemed to heat up by his words. Inexplicable emotion suddenly hit her chest.


Why is he doing this? Psychke tilted her gaze at an angle.


The cold touch of the metal and the warm touch that started from his fingers strangely blended and remained in her ears.


“But this is… too much…”

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“It’s not overdone. To be honest, I think this is already cheap. Didn’t the princess solve a problem that money couldn’t solve?”


As he said those words, Verndia looked somewhat lonely.


But that emotion was gone in the blink of an eye.


“More than that, Princess, do you have anything more to say?”


“… Yes?”


He did not adapt to the rapidly changing atmosphere.


For some reason, looking at the man with an expectant expression on his face, Psychke, who had been fiddling with her earring, blinked her eyes. Her heart couldn’t stop beating fast. It was strange. 


And bowed his back.


“I will use these well. Thank you.”




But looking at his face, it didn’t seem like it was about the earring.


Psychke blinked again and opened her mouth.


“Things weren’t like that with Young Lady Eslando.”


“I know.”


Then, he pressed his temple a bit impatiently.


“It’s just the discussion we talked about earlier.”


“Ah… Oh, are you talking about the ‘lover’ topic?”


Verndia shook his head.


Psychke looked around her to make sure there was no one there, and said jokingly.


“It was my fault for having a lover’s fortune in the presence of other people’s eyes. However, as the Duke said before, we have nothing to do with-”


“Not that!”


Verndia was very annoyed.


“Why are we not in any relationship?”


“… We’re engaged. However-“


“Then, shouldn’t there be a minimum of courtesy to be shown to each other?”


“Any minimum courtesy?”


“At least during our engagement period.”


“Yes, courtesy for the both of us. But the word lover was first used by the Duke-“


“When did I do that?”


“I beg your pardon?”


Speaking so proudly, Psychke even thought for a moment that her memory was wrong.


“I never did.”


“No, in the past, the Duke said it doesn’t matter if I have a lover, so be honest.”


“Not anymore.”




“Don’t do it. Do you understand?”

(TN: Stawp, my heart- Just kiss-… oopss… it was a slip of my tongue…)


“… Yes.”


Even if she didn’t stare at him like that, she didn’t intend to make something like a lover.


“Good. Are you done with going to errands?”


Verndia, who relaxed his expression as if he was about to go home, held out his hand.


To him, who looked strangely satisfied, Psychke told the story of the doll kingdom.

(TN: Did they… uhm, hold each other’s hand???)


* * *

As an event for children, the starting place of ‘The Doll Kingdom’ was cutely decorated.


Everywhere she looked, fragrant fresh flowers and colorful balloons were full.


Gorgeous firecrackers embroidered the blue sky, and animated, forearm-sized dolls led the guests.


[It’s here, here!]


A fox doll with a sky-blue balloon was pulled to the collar to follow.


Looking at it, it seemed like he was thinking of taking her to the puppet show that was taking place in the center of the venue.


“It’s okay.”


Psychke gently pushed the doll’s hand away.


Croa, a crow flying over her head, chirped. It was put on by Verndia.


‘When you go alone, you get hurt every day. So, can’t we go together in the afternoon?’


After hearing about the situation, Verndia freed the crow to help her find the mercenary named Dellas. And so the crow went to the Festival with Psychke.


However, Lia, who arrived early in the morning with a forbidden magic gun, caught her by the ankle.


‘Isn’t it like finding a needle in a desert? I think it’d be better if there was at least one more person. Oh, you said you’d cross-dress if you couldn’t find it, right? It doesn’t matter.’


‘I’ll follow you as soon as it’s over. Don’t get hurt.’


The reason why attacking Asum is difficult is that there is something hidden in the rear, but it was more important to get the attacker’s gender.


So, if they can’t find a mercenary, Lia joked that she should dress up Verndia as a woman.


When she thinks of him trembling that moment, it still makes her laugh. She didn’t know that an arrogant man could make such a face.


‘It’s surprising anyway. It’s about the territory, so I thought he’d leave everything behind.’


Apparently, Verndia valued forbidden magic as much as the Lestir estate.


‘He’s not even a worshiper, so why…’


– Kaaack!


Her thoughts were disturbed by the harsh cry. Croa’s crimson eyes were staring straight at her.


This time, she said that she would not obey her, with heartbroken eyes.


She was told to stay still, so she paid tribute to Verndia, so it’s only natural.


“I am not fighting today. Don’t worry.”


In disbelief, Croa wept as if grunting.


‘By the way, can this crow even understand me?’


Because of her, Verndia, who seems to be talking to his crow, the crow was also talking to her naturally from time to time.


‘The Duke is raising him, so this must be smart.’


Psychke, who looked away from the raven-looking crow, was troubled all over the place.


‘Where should I go?’


She first decided to walk along the straight path.


A mercenary named Dellas said that he wraps his whole body tightly in any season.


Just like the nomads living in the western desert.


It’s hard to tell if it’s winter, but now it’s summer.


Wouldn’t it be noticeable from a distance if he is wrapped up like that?


Perhaps she could find him sooner, Psychke held a small hope.


But that hope was soon shattered.


‘Too many people.’


Because it was a festival that was considered one of the largest in the Empire, there were so many people who looked like they came from the desert.


‘How do I find Dellas?’


He probably wouldn’t even be holding a weapon as it was forbidden to bring in weapons, and the portrait given by the information guild was just the forehead and eyes.


Disappointed, Psychke narrowed the corners of her eyes. Then she saw unexpected figures about ten steps away.


“It’s unpleasant. Are you saying you don’t believe me?”


“Is it possible? Do you know how much I depend on Duke?”


The man was Yzhar, and the woman was the wizard Shiona she had seen before.


‘What’s going on?’


Psychke turned quietly so as not to be noticed by them, especially Yzhar.


She has already thought that she might run into one of Silkisias’.


It was because of Lillian, who liked dolls to the point that she felt like she was a maniac.


‘It was amazing that dead things moved.’


‘Can a dead person move like a doll with magic?’


In the past, it was Lilian’s ‘impression’ of visiting the doll kingdom.


The expression of the doll as dead was something that she had been remembering all this time because it was somehow creepy.


‘At that time, I remember my brother, Lenox, Melissa, and the four of us went there. Why is there only Yzhar today?’


When she noticed, Lilian, Lenox, and Melissa didn’t seem to be nearby.


Did they come separately?


Or did the three not come from the beginning?


She couldn’t figure it out.


Anyway, she came here today because of something that had nothing to do with them. Psychke thought without hesitation.




And she ran into another unexpected person.

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