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Fake Don’t Want To Be Real

~ 47 ~


The opponent who swung the sword toward Psychke’s hand muttered bitterly.


“…… You even know how to use a sword?”



‘Is he someone I know?’


No, it didn’t seem like that. Yzhar was the only one she knew with black aura And Yzhar was someone who did not know that it was an aberration. He died when he died, not one to break Imperial law.


“Looks like you need to beg.”


A black sword sprouted in his hand. He leaped at a speed unbelievable for a human being.




The man’s black sword collided with her blue sword. Had it not been for Croa’s blessing, she would not have reacted on time. Psychke left him surprise and attacked him at the moment. As if she couldn’t believe it, her opponent’s pupils which contained her, fluctuated greatly.


“How did you?”


Psychke swung her sword without a word. Every time their swords collided, an explosive roar shook the air. Her ears hurt and her head was dizzy, but she was slowly getting used to the sensitive sensation and it was tolerable.




Even in the middle of a frantic fight, he spat out incomprehensible words one after another.


“What is in you? Why can’t I defeat you? Why?”


What can’t he defeat her?


‘Do I really know him?’


Because of that, the opponent’s swordsmanship became familiar to Psychke. It’s similar to Silkisia’s, but not exactly the same. It was a swordsmanship that pursued only extreme destruction to the body without considering the body that the host uses.


‘Who is he? Just who-‘


Her thought did not last long. The man’s thrilled and evil-like eyes seemed to be bloodshot through her, but the black aura around him grew thicker. He was about to strike a blow to her. Likewise, the magic circle that Croa scratched earlier came into Psychke’s eyes as she tried to increase her strength. In an instant, a good idea came to her mind. She crept towards the magic circle on the wall so that the other person wouldn’t notice.


“If I can’t get you over with…”


Life dwelled in his eyes, which contained only Psychke’s figure. He was so terrifying that most people wouldn’t dare even face him.


“I can just get rid of you.”


With formidable power, he struck down his sword. Psychke did not accept his sword. She pretended to be the opponent, only waiting for his blow, and then flung herself to the side at the moment his attack was about to hit her.




The sound of walls breaking could be heard. The sound of sparks popping filled the small space.




The man who dropped his weapon suffered. As a reaction to his body that broke the magic circle, a reddish-dark current rippled through. A chance was given to Psychke. Psychke raised her sword. She didn’t want to end anyone’s life. However, this man was very dangerous to allow living just like the monsters.


She made up her mind. A ray of blue light rushed toward his heart. And right at that moment.




Suddenly, she thought my eyes were blurry, but her vision dropped sharply. The target disappeared, and a small black slope appeared.


‘What is this-‘


She was taken aback and lowered her sword, looking around. She then realized the identity of the black slope that appeared. It was the black shoes the other person was wearing.




Losing her words, she raised her gaze. Enormous shoes, pants, the hem of robes, and on top of them—


Her huge opponent was engulfed in sparks and was suffering. It doesn’t seem like he was doing anything to stop it.


‘Why did this happen? Is it the work of a wizard?’


Psychke looked back. There was no one. The wizard had lost his mind and fell.


‘Are there any other wizards hiding with invisible magic?’


She sharpened her senses, but nothing bothered her. She even doubted whether her body was heavy or not having any symptoms of pain. While she was calmly checking the situation,


“…. Ha.”


A mocking voice dripped from above, tormenting her eardrums. Is he already out? Psychke raised her head. Red sparks were popping out, but it was calmer than a moment ago.


“Am I dreaming?”


It was a very long distance, but thanks to the Croa’s blessing, she could see it clearly. Black eyes overflowing with joy as if they were not sure what to do with this situation.


“I wanted you to crawl like a bug, but never thought you would become a real bug.”


Psychke stopped her breathing. She thought he was just trying to kill her out of resentment. Then, she guess that wasn’t it. She didn’t know he would be happy. Her hair stood on end.


‘Who are you really?’


She never thought there would be anyone other than Lillian who hated her so much. she thought she lived a quiet life. Wasn’t that what it was, in fact? Her thoughts again didn’t last long. It was because a huge shadow in the shape of a figure covered her eyes.


She hurriedly escaped, but a huge sword like a mountain stuck in the ground blocked her way. She ran away from obstacles. If a piece of stone blocked her, she will attack the other part, and if there was an obstacle, she jumped over. She got out of the shadows overhead countless times. When the huge sword blocked her way again, she used her sword to shift its direction.


However, there was a limit to avoiding the shadow with her small body. She must not use her body recklessly because there was a difference in size to using her powers, and it will be the end of her if her feet were frozen when dealing with wizards.




Her breathing became rougher, matching the speed of the sword marks on the floor. At this rate, it was a situation where she had to use his abilities as a last resort. Psychke ran and ran to avoid the situation.


“…… Ugh!”


Then, near the knife mark, she was hit with a straight edge by debris that splattered, and she fell. Red blood oozes out through the torn clothes, but she doesn’t know if it hurts. She stood up in a hurry, but unfortunately, the opponent was alert.




It really didn’t matter anymore. Looking at the growing shadow above her head, he raised his abilities with all his might. And at about the same time, the ground trembled.




It felt like an earthquake. The man lost his balance, he stumbled and rolled in the opposite direction. Psychke, too, was not centered at first. However, thanks to her smaller body, she came to her senses faster than the opponent she has.




The floor was cracking as it spat out something like the cry of an angry beast. Rather than a sudden earthquake, it was more reasonable to assume that Stella, who was able to use her superpowers after the coordinates returned, was moving. Though worried about the children, she trusted her to take care of the situation right now. She was in a hurry just to get out of this place that was about to collapse.


Due to the shock that damaged the magic circle, cracks were appearing everywhere, starting from the place where it connected to the floor. It rises, sinks, and jumps over huge gaping floors. It was difficult because of her small body, but fortunately, there was the awakened Croa nearby. The way she was looking around with one glance seemed to be unable to comprehend the situation yet.




Croa, who gave his eyes to the sound source, opened his mouth wide. Then, ‘Did you not wake up?’ He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.


“We have to get out!”


He was indeed Verndia’s henchman. Although Croa had a stupid expression, he saw the hole created by the damage. And without hesitation he returned to his raven form and carried her on her back.


“How dare you run away?!”


The man barely stood up holding onto the wall and screamed. However, he lasted less than 5 seconds before he fell to the floor again.


[Shall I kill him?]


Was it because Croa gave her a blessing? Cawing sounds have been converted into comprehensible sentences.


“No, let’s just go.”


The shaking of the ground was getting worse. Correspondingly, the speed at which the cracks in the wall increased. If this is the case, the man will die on his own. They should escape urgently, and there was no time to waste. Just as he said, Croa rushed straight into the collapsed wall.




A desperate cry followed. The man chased Psychke. It was the last time she saw him screaming through the cracks in the collapsing space.




“Have you found her yet?”


– Kaack….!


A weak cry as if to apologize. Verndia gritted his teeth. The event venue, which was closed early due to an unfortunate incident, was broken and damaged here and there, making it a dreary place. It was all the more so because there was no moonlight in the sky. He glared at the tent where Psychke had disappeared.


It swayed like a flag by the strong wind.


“It’s simple growth magic. That is completely beginner level.”


Lia was groping for the wave of magic embedded in the doll that had grown in size. After her meeting with Verndia in the morning, she had gone away on business, and now she had crossed paths with the person who had called for her.


“It looks like someone canceled the protection barrier on the doll.


“It must be the imperial family.”




Lia felt terrified so she looked around to see if anyone had heard it. Fortunately, there was no one besides them and the crow.


“Be careful with your words.”


“Is there anyone who can touch the imperial family event?”


That was partly what Lia agreed with. However, there was no physical evidence but only evidence. According to the traces they just read, the person who used the magic was a young wizard who was not registered with the association. He is at the bottom of the list.


“Forgive me. Because of me….”


Aiden, who had come closer before they knew it, lowered his head. His face, which used to be beautiful even with all kinds of physical and mental suffering, was very damaged. Lia tried to comfort him by saying it wasn’t his fault, but Verndia brusquely snapped at him.


“I heard she was right in front of you, didn’t you catch her before?”


“Forgive me.”


“It’s not that you didn’t catch her, it’s that you didn’t catch her on purpose?”


Aiden’s face hardened.




Lia, who had called him by his first name, glared at him. After staring at the man surnamed Hillace, she turned his back and walked away. As he stretched out his arm, the crow landed softly.


“Find her. Find her by all means.”


Crow was Croa and her twin brother. To Suin, twins meant sharing a soul. Even if one of them was in another part of the end of this world, the other one will be able to find him. Why couldn’t they find Psychke in the same empire? Sending Crow flying, he clenched his fists. The engagement ring on his left ring finger rested on the palm of his hand.


Why, why can’t I locate her?


This was the first time ever.


She seems to be somewhere, but he couldn’t figure out where she was. This was more worst than before when he couldn’t feel anything, but the burning inside was still there.


‘… Tension?’


Feeling unfamiliar, he looked down at his hand. Even when he crossed the threshold of death surrounded by hundreds of monsters, his strong hands were shaking.


Why, why?!!

(TN: Heh, Verndia is all impatient. Go on find your womaaan!)

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