Author: Lioness

Fake Don’t Want To Be Real

~ 49 ~


Then, when Psychke refused to deny it, the crow let out an incomprehensible scream and flew up. He didn’t even care that the bracelet on his head was rolling on the floor.


– Kaaaaaaaagh!


Psychke felt so sorry because there was nothing any more to say. She stared in vain at the black feathers which fluttered in the air.


[Kaak! Kaak! You cheated on me! You cheater! You bastard! Aren’t you coming right away? Hey! Hey!]


She thought he was simply talking to himself out of anger. Surprisingly, after a while, a yellow-eyed crow came in through the open window.


[Uh, cookies.]


The fluttering crow was nowhere to be seen. As soon as Crow appeared, he charged towards the chocolate cookies stacked like a tower. Croa, who was angry to the end of his head, hit him with his torso.


– Kaack!


Two black lumps tangled in the air fell and to the floor.


[What are you doing without manners?]


[Manner? What manner? Hey! The princess is breaking off her marriage with father!]


[Uh? What is that?]


[What? What is that you’re talking about? What do you mean what—]


The venomous Croa pulled out the feathers of the Crow’s wing with its beak. At first, Croa, who was only defending himself, began to counterattack as if he was getting angry. Unknown black feathers fluttered in the air.


[You heard that My Lord is canceling the engagement?!]


[I didn’t know they were breaking up!]


[That’s the sound, stupid!]


[No way!]


“…Hey, guys?”


She doesn’t know why they were fighting but she just wants to stop them. It would be miracle if she wouldn’t be hurt by their beak with her small as bean body.


“Stop it…”


Psychke stopped the two crows from fighting. Not even his seeds were eaten.


[You! Why! That was a lie!]


[What am I?!]


[That you can’t see the princess once father cancels the engagement! The Princess! Here! You can’t!]




Surprised, the other Crow stopped moving. Taking advantage of that gap, Croa climbed on top of him.


[Bad guy! Bad guy! Why are you lying, you bitch-]




“What are you doing?”


The door opened violently. Croa stopped moving at the cold voice dripping in the cold air. It had a bunch of black feathers in its beak.


“What are you doing?”


The voice asked again.




The sound of footsteps was ferocious, as if reflecting an angry mind. Croa, who hurriedly came down from the top of the Crow, prostrated himself at the appearance of a reaper from hell.


“I know you did something wrong.”


Verndia glared at the two trembling crows. Both were very ugly with their feather’s half-plucked. He hadn’t originally intended to come in like this. But the princess’s room was so noisy that it could be heard from outside his mansion. The bracelet that Croa dropped was caught on the shoe that crossed her room. He frowned as he recognized at a glance that it belonged to the princess.


“Is it not enough to make a fuss and even steal?”


“I gave it to him.”


Psychke hastily intervened. She was sorry because it seemed she was the reason why the two crows fought, but she also couldn’t let them get scolded for a misunderstanding.


“I promised to give it to you at the maze.”


“…. Clear the mess up and get out.”


Swipe, swipe.


Looking at him, the two crows diligently began to tidy up the place. They collected the scattered black feathers and swept them away. Then Croa, whose volume was reduced by half, muttered in a sullen voice.


[Dad, no brother, no lord, if you break off the marriage, the princess can’t be here anymore?]




[There’s no more Princess…]


Verndia stared blankly at Psychke. He raised one eyebrow and let out a suspicious voice.


“I remember saying that I would break off the engagement, but I don’t remember saying that I would kick her out?”


“It’s not like that, it’s because you don’t seem to know that if we break up, I have to leave-”


“Who’s like that? That if we break up, you’ll leave?”


“…. Pardon?”


“I think I said it. But it would be frustrating if I can’t see you.”




“Why, are you going somewhere after our breakup?”


Verndia, who laughed lightly, crouched down to make eye contact with her.


“Where will you go though?”


She couldn’t say anything to his purple eyes which seemed burning and was about to swallow her. In fact, she hadn’t even decided on her destination, but even if she had, she wouldn’t have been able to tell.


“Tell me. Yes?”


He said, ‘Tell me’, but why does it feel, ‘I’ll burn it’? Her face became hot. Psychke averted her eyes. Stuttering with sudden shift of emotions, she barely blurted,


“… I haven’t decided yet.”


“Aren’t you saying you’re not going?”


“After breaking off the marriage…. I think it would be a little weird to stay…”


[Then you don’t have to break off the engagement, Princess!]




Psychke was momentarily taken aback and was speechless. And Verndia, looking at her like that, saw a certain hope in her.




In the past, he would have said he would break up the marriage right away, but her reaction was different. He thinks he might have to tweak it a bit better. He has already used swordsmanship as an excuse, so what should he do… Wait.


“Are you sure you talked to Croa just now?”


“Ah, yes. Because Croa gave the Suin’s blessing. He didn’t say it because he said he would say it to you……”


She likes to change to topic, so she explained herself in a hurry. Psychke’s voice faded. It was because Verndia was glaring at Croa with his murderous eyes.




She forgot what to say as Croa threw away everything he was cleaning and ran away through her window. Even so, he couldn’t get far and was summoned by Verndia.




“Ha, Croa……”


At the sound of his deep breathing, Croa, who was standing upright with both wings, trembled. Verndia touched his forehead.


His back hurt. (TN: Come on, I will massage it for you, ehehe.)


If he does something like that, shouldn’t he report it in a hurry? He realized why Psychke had become smaller.


“The powers of the two gods collided within her body. Because the god that Suins worship is not Vicente. It must have collided with Vicente’s superpower.”


He thinks he has said several times that hi body isn’t like this. He didn’t listen this time either, so Psychke decided to go along with his words.


“I heard that the duke also received it. Did the duke get smaller too?”


“You said everything. I didn’t get smaller, and my gender was… tsk.”


He frowned and sighed.


“You know, it hurts. Anyway, I guess I’ll have to go to the High Priestess to solve it completely. I hear you’re a bit busy these days.”


Verndia said that he would put a message in the temple, and that it would be better to repair the artifact he used before and use it temporarily until he heard from her.


“Let’s ask Lia. By the way, I heard that the servants almost stepped on the Princess.”


Verndia pushed his forehead playfully. She did as he said. Wandering around alone in her tiny body, she was almost stepped on several times by his employees who didn’t and couldn’t see her.


“I can’t even see her well because she is small as rat. Why is she walking around like that?”




“Well, I understand. It’s frustrating to stay in her room because of her body now. So, I’ve been thinking about how to solve this situation.”


For some reason, Verndia laughed mischievously.


“First, she always hangs out with someone. Whether it’s me or that crow…”


“It’s okay. You are uncomfortable because of me.”


“I am not uncomfortable.”


“I feel uncomfortable.”


“Hmm. Then there must a second way.”


Unexpectedly, Verndia moved over without pushing her opinion, even though he felt sorry for her. In a way, she seemed to be enjoying herself.


‘What is the second way?’


Why did he look like that? Psychke only found out after a few days. It was the beginning of the ordeal.


* * *


“I do not like it.”


Seeing what Cecil had brought, Psychke shook her head. The trembling of her body was a sign of her disgust.


“But Princess…”


Her words were apologetic, but her expression didn’t. Her eyes twinkled like a beast preying on her prey.


“Wouldn’t it be better to be rattled than stepped on?”




The little bell she was holding made a clear sound. Psychke backed away abruptly, like a man who had seen something he couldn’t see.


“I do not like it!”




“I’ll just avoid them.”


Psychke said without breathing.


“I absolutely hate it.”


The second method the duke said was like this! The first would have been better. It’s not even a cat, what the hell is that?


‘I will never wear that.’


However, the idea disappeared after only a few days.




It was through the hallway. It was good to avoid the lady-in-waiting who came with her laundry so tall that she couldn’t see her. However, the lady-in-waiting tripped and fell. She was fortunate enough not to get caught on her body, but her laundry washed over her.


“There are people here!”


Her thick laundry ate away her cries. Psychke was carried to the laundry along with the laundry the lady-in-waiting was carrying, and barely managed to get out after tearing the laundry with her sword just before falling into the water.


“Forgive me!”


Her maid, who became her contemplative, bowed her head.




She felt sorry for tearing the laundry that shouldn’t have been torn, so Psychke apologized as well.


But, it didn’t end there.

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  1. Ai… I thought he would bring her around in his pocket. It would have been funny if he just suddenly stuffed her in his jacket pocket (๑•̆૩•̆)