Author: Lioness

Fake Don’t Want to Be Real

~ 52 ~


“… ”


“It’s hard to turn a blind eye to reality because of such an absurd legend- Well, I’m not trying to criticize Stella or Widnix. They each have their own values.”


Psychke didn’t know what to say since she wasn’t the person involved.


“Ah, that doesn’t mean you should be friends with Widnix. You know?”




Why is he being so persistent when she has no reason or opportunity to meet the Duke of Evergreen? It was around the time that Psychke agreed with a shudder at the forceful gaze from him.


“A reply came from the temple. And, the person sent by Miss Lia came to visit.”


The butler who visited the dining room announced the arrival of the letter and the visit of the guest.


* * *


The temple has contacted him to visit with Psychke as soon as possible. So, he was going to go right now, but he put it off because it was Lia’s guest. As soon as he saw the man sitting in the drawing room, Verndia was annoyed.


“Ha, why did you come again-”


It wasn’t a reaction the man had experienced once or twice, so he didn’t care and stood up and bowed.


“How are you, Duke?”


“I was fine until you came here. What’s the matter?”


Because Cecil, who was passing by, saw Psychke almost fighting over the food and took her away in a fright, only Verndia was present in the living room now.


He crossed his legs and crossed his arms as if he was displeased with the situation.


He didn’t even give instructions to bring tea, so he seemed very willing to drive Psychke out before this man came. Opposite him, Aiden lowered his eyes. Golden eyelashes cast a deep shade under the eyes.


“I have something to tell the Duke.”


Aiden took out a brooch-shaped artifact and a letter from his bosom, which he gave to Psychke and left to be repaired by Lia, and the letter-


‘Is this related to Keitan’s necklace?’


Verndia, who opened the envelope and quickly checked the contents, touched his temple.


‘There are people trying to recreate Keitan’s necklace?’


“They are crazy d*mn a*s.”


He muttered a swear word.


Even if he don’t, he felt that he was going to die of headaches with the information in the letter, but he also have to deal with this.


“Tell me what you know.”


A purple flame rose from his fingertips and burned the letter. Black ash from the pure white inner paper floated in the air and escaped outside on the wind through the open window.


Even then, Aiden didn’t move.


“Is there anything else left?”


“Is the Princess doing well?”


“I don’t think that is your business.”


Although he had taken Aiden inside, he hadn’t let go of his hostility, so Verndia nodded his head, telling him to stop asking about her. Aiden, not paying attention to him, opened his mouth.


“I want to see the princess.”


“I think I told you not to approach her.”


“I’m sorry I broke my word, but I have to tell you-”


“Ah, that the princess is Miss Leas’s daughter.”


Aiden’s eyes widened and shook. Aiden was taken aback again.


“That was real. Then, the princess is no, wait a minute. How did you know I was looking into it?”


“If you don’t know that, you should get rid of your duke’s position.”


Verndia protects Psychke, so he put Crow on her because he didn’t believe Aiden completely. And in the process, he found out that he was investigating Psychke. Aiden touched his face dry as if he couldn’t believe it.


“That’s right. It was like that. As expected, Princess… Does the Princess know?”


“No. Don’t even think about telling her that. It’s not like I haven’t tried.”


He wasn’t in the mood to respond kindly, but he did so reluctantly, fearing that if he didn’t tell Aiden, he would be fooling around with her. But Aiden didn’t seem to understand his words.


“What do you mean by that? Won’t you let her know? Aren’t you supposed to let her know at all costs? If you knew what happened to her in present-day Silkisia-”

(TN: This man is way intervening now, sus Aiden.)


“It’s kind of funny when you say that, Hillace.”


Verndia laughed openly.


Aiden bit his lip, then he opened his mouth to make an excuse. But even the chance was snatched away by Verndia.


“Yes. I bet you want to say she was young when that happened. So what? It was already 18 years. Was there really nothing you could do for 18 years?”




“It couldn’t have been. It couldn’t have been that way. I don’t know why you suddenly changed your mind, and after 18 years of being silence?”


“I didn’t know she was alive. If only I knew a little bit sooner…”


“If the action would change depending on whether or not the princess survived, it would mean that she already knew that the Leas incident was suspicious.”


“I kept my mouth shut for 18 years.”


“… I too.”


“That’s why I’m telling you not to approach her. How dare you wear that dirty Hillace’s surname approaching the princess-”




The harsh criticism was cut short by a gentle knock. The two of them shut their mouths.


It was Psychke who came in after that.


“I’m late, sorry.”


Psychke, who had come with Cecil, bowed her head. But Aiden didn’t even look at her, let alone greet her. Then, without exchanging a few words, he left the mansion as if running away.




After Aiden left, Psychke and Verndia went straight to the temple. They received the artifact from Lia, but she came out in a small state because they thought they should show her current state to the high priest in order to solve the root cause.


However, it was a festival period, so the carriage was under control. Needless to say, Psychke was put into Verndia’s coat pocket and moved away.

(TN: Aaaghh, cuutttee!!)


‘It’s frustrating.


She felt frustrated in his pocket where she couldn’t see anything. It was all the more so because the sounds she heard were all in a festive mood.


So that no one would notice, Psychke poked her head out. The intrusive bells had been removed when they left the mansion.




Indeed, the carriage seemed to be controlled.


The whole surrounding was in an uproar.


It wasn’t even dark yet, but firecrackers exploded here and there. Bards sang, people ate, drank, and danced. Curiously, commoners and nobles seemed to enjoy it together.


Belatedly, Verndia found Psychke from his pocket.


“I think I told you not to come out.”


Even though he said so, he did not push Psychke inside, who was eagerly looking outside. He decided that there would be no benefit in attracting people’s attention, so he put her in his coat pocket, and it seemed that there was no way she would get noticed since it was so noisy and she was way small.


Even if they see her, they’ll think she was a doll. (TN: Ahahaha, cute Psychke on the way!)


“Are you that curious?”


He laughed and put his hands in his pockets and made a platform for her feet. Thanks to this, Psychke was able to hang on a little more comfortably.


“If anyone sees you, they’ll think you are new to a festival.”


“It is my first time.”


The bewildered Verndia flinched, and his hand trembled. He stuttered involuntarily.


“D-Didn’t you participate in the crown prince’s coming-of-age celebration? Or the welcome party for foreign delegations? At least the emperor’s birthday celebration is held every year.”


“I have to.”


When she was a frog in a well, when she thought that only Silkisia would accept her in their world. Even the family members she sees every day hates her, but she didn’t have the confidence to mix with people she was seeing for the first time in her life.


So, she didn’t participate. In the first place, she didn’t go out unless there was something special. When she couldn’t go out, she mainly went to places where there were few people, and places that were lonely.


“I don’t like crowded places.”


Psychke hid the inside his pocket. However, Verndia guessed through what she had seen and experienced so far. Something hot rose up inside him and he clenched his fists.


“When your body returns to normal, let’s go on a date after a long time.”


Psychke looked up at the sudden request for a date. But because Verndia was looking straight ahead, she couldn’t see what his expression was like.


“I don’t mind. But aren’t you busy?”


She heard rumors of discord were getting worse, maybe because people haven’t seen them together since they argued at the alley. Was it because of that?


Verndia, not knowing what Psychke was thinking, replied,


“I can make enough time for that.”


“Then let me know when it’s okay.”


“Where do you want to go?”


“Maybe, anywhere as long as there are crowd of people?”


“You say you don’t like crowded places?”


“I think that’s what we need to do to put the rumors of discord to rest.”


“Are you bothered?”


“No. I don’t mind, Duke.”


“I don’t care either.”


“Ah, I guess you don’t mind now.”


It was Verndia who stopped at her meaningful words.




He sat still, like someone who realized something was wrong with her, then went to a place where no one knew her and took her out of his pocket.

(TN: Communication is the key, right. Hehe.)


And she met his gaze.


“Do I look like someone who cares about reputation or something, Princess?”




“Then why are you saying that?”


“I know that you performed the art of worldly affairs to be out of the emperor’s sight.”


Psychke lowered her eyes slightly.


“Isn’t that why you treated me well in public?”




Verndia let out a gasp at the absurd statement.


“Do you think I’ll be afraid of falling out of His Majesty’s eyes?”


“No, that’s not.”


“Then why did you think like that?”


“If we don’t get along well, we’ll use that as an excuse to delay your application.”


“No, so I am the one who will care about that. Yes, it is true that I do care.”


Verndia, who let out his rough breath, swept his bangs wildly.


“More than that… I have to say this with my mouth, d*mn it.”


“I’m sorry.”


“No, the princess has nothing to be sorry for, ha, that’s right. Let’s just say this happened.”


He paused a little, biting his lip.

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