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Fake Don’t Want to Be Real

~ 56 ~


As Verndia expected, he said such thing to save himself. To say something like this with that arrogance, he must have seen something. He proudly straightened his back.


“I looked at the past oracles before coming here.”


The emperor looked at him as if to continue talking.


“The first oracle was 572 years ago, ‘Clouds from far away will not create shade’. That year, a foreign minister was elected, and it became a great cornerstone for peace and prosperity.”


Logan took a moment to catch his breath.


“The second oracle was back 285 years ago. ‘The rain that does not fall will corrode the sword’. That year, the Sword Master died at a young age. It was a bloody fight that occurred.”


Saying that, Logan looked at Verndia.


‘Does that mean that he also wanted to die in a love affair?’


Verndia’s displeased eyes looked at him.


“Do you know what the two oracles have in common?”


“Didn’t they both die due to a love affair?”


Verndia answered naturally.


“I am well aware of the Chancellor who created the ‘Peaceful Reign’. He was stabbed to death while in between of a love affair.”


“… That’s the name.”


Logan looked away from him and glanced at everyone.


“The Chancellor’s name is Claudia. It was named after the cloud, and the name of the woman who was in love was Reiner. Ran took her, so-”


“If it’s according to the Duke’s words.”


Verndia intervened.


“I don’t think people like you or others who don’t have origins of the name won’t be able to appear in the oracle. What do you think of this?”


“- I think this oracle has something to do with the name.”


Ignoring his words, Logan concluded. After a brief gap, Verndia raised a questioning voice.


“Then what do you think of the second oracle?”


“We are now talking about the first oracle.”


“If it’s related to the name, I think the second oracle might be related to the flower, Princess Lillian Silkisia. That means its roots will rot-”


“Are you insulting Silkisia right now, Duke?”


“I just interpreted it based on the Duke’s words.”




“Did I say something wrong?”


“285 years ago, the oracle that the ancestors prevented was not related to the names.”


The Crown prince cut off his words in an unusual atmosphere.


“Further, there is no guarantee that all oracles will have something to do with names.”


“…. That’s right.”


Logan gnashed his teeth at Verndia so that no one would notice.


“Since the first oracle we decided to eliminate involves His Majesty, we must prepare for all possibilities. Your name is just one of them.”


Since the mention of the involvement of the names were endless, Verndia frowned. Logan was now trying to tie the first oracle to a name somehow.




If it was the accordance with the names related to ‘Glory’, then those who has such names will be in the list of dying.


Among the current nobility…


‘Baron Dezxion, Marquis of Yurinth.’


Both of them are closely related to Silkisia. That person wouldn’t be eating his own flesh…


Verndia’s head analyzed things quickly. There must be something in that. 100% only benefit from something that others don’t know about.


“The duke’s words are dangerous.”


The thought that had been digging deep was cut off. Verndia looked at the emperor with his sharp eyes. When an insect entered the house, the emperor was the one to burn the house down to catch it.


So, what he should have just said was, ‘Let’s catch them all.’ He was not going to refute Logan’s words.


“…. I was just speaking based on past events.”


Logan explained that there was no such thing as selfishness. Verndia felt an embarrassment in his tone.


‘I guess the emperor didn’t know that.’


The story became more and more mysterious.


What was it?


What was I missing? Judging from the emperor coming out, there must be something. Something big that shouldn’t be passed over-


“Anyway, time is needed for that.”


After everyone was silent for a long time, the emperor declared the meeting was adjourned.


“The next meeting will be held in a month, after the Crown prince’s birthday banquet. Of course, if you have a different opinion before that, you can always tell me.”


* * *


The Emperor proposed a luncheon after a short break. Taking advantage of that opportunity, Verndia contacted Isolet, who was waiting in the waiting room.


“Look into the names of the aristocrats who have fallen out of Logan’s favor. Every place that has fallen or is left with only a name.”


“Can we make it a higher priority than finding a place for a date?”


After taking it for about 5 years, it wasn’t normal to notice. The place of the date is important, but the oracle was more important now.


“Yes. We need to find out what Logan is up to.”


“Hmm. Is it really the right name?”


Isolet scratched his head, his face completely incomprehensible to him.


“Dezxion and Yurinth both took their names from ‘Glory’, but they seem to be far from the formula of ‘lost light’. Aren’t they all doing well?”


“So we need to find out more.”


“Could it be a trap? Like an ulterior motive to divert attention.”


“If you saw the duke when he said that you wouldn’t blurt such words.”


Verndia asserted.


“Logan, that person can’t manage his facial expressions. He seemed to have a certain corner of faith.”


“Understood. Well, the Duke of Silkisia is famous for not even stepping into a situation where there is no chance.”


“It’s too risky to be called a trap. Rather, it’s more reasonable to try to bury someone with an oracle.”


But Logan failed. The emperor, who should have taken his side, showed a passive reaction. He even gave the deadline of one month to think about it, as his own life and death were at stake.




There was only one answer.


“His Majesty must have guessed who the person trying to bury was.”


Verndia, touched his lips with his index finger while staring at the floor and raised her eyes.


“Isn’t that why you withheld the opinion of the Duke of Silkisia?”


“Right. So, I think.”


Verndia sat, and crossed his knees and put his hands on top of his lap.


“‘Glory that has lost its light’ is a person. As Logan said, it must be a name related to glory.”


Isolet listened to him.


“And that person is likely to be a thorn in Logan’s part and needed by the Emperor.”


“Is there anyone like that?”


“I’ll have to look for it.”


“Have you guessed him already?”


“I’m not sure…”


He understood what Isolet was trying to say. If the emperor knew right away, then he must be a famous nobleman, but why can’t he know that person was?


However, he really doesn’t know. Verndia went through the list of imperial nobles in his head. One, two, ten, twenty-


He doesn’t know. He really doesn’t know…. Wait.


“About Princess Psychke.”


“I’ve looked at about 20 dating places.”


“Not that… that’s it.”


Verndia made an impression. He tapped on the handle of his chair and fell into his own thoughts once again.


‘She is a princess, but she has very little memory of before she was adopted. So, the name Psychke is-‘


There was a high probability that Logan named her.


So, what was her name before she was adopted?


‘Maybe it has something to do with glory.’


His fingers stopped tapping on his chair. Right at that moment.


“You are here, Duke.”


An attendant announced the emperor’s call.


He has to go back and ask the Psychke.


Verndia captured his thoughts at once.


* * *


As the status of the participants was great, the luncheon at the imperial palace was extremely splendid. Looking at the generous sprinkling of spices, equivalent to a year’s worth of living for a commoner household, Verndia imagined what it would be like if the princess were here.


‘She might not be able to eat and run away.’


Growing up as the daughter of the duchy, she was not blunt with her money.


‘It must mean that she was persecuted as much in Silkisia.’


That was how much he thought he should do better. When giving a sword, he waved his hand and stepped back.


She was cute and lovely. If he could see that reaction once again, what would he give her?


‘I won’t take anything too burdensome. What should I give her?’


A smile crept across his lips. A thought once started could not be stopped. Verndia kept thinking of Psychke.

(TN: Man is whipped… wow.)


He remembered those times when she whimpered, but her lips and tried to rise every time she fall to the ground.




A foot kicked him under the tablecloth. It was the Crown prince sitting across from him. Waking up from his thoughts, Verndia raised his gaze to him. Everyone was looking at him.


He quickly straightened his expression.


“I am sorry. I was worried about what to eat at this grand dinner, so I couldn’t hear you. What did you say again?”


A guy who doesn’t even like to eat, laughs like a madman while thinking about what to eat first? The Crown prince wanted to ask, but he answered the question as long as it was his seat.


“It was a simple greeting to see how you are getting along with Princess Silkisia.”


“Ah… we’re doing well.”


“I heard you two don’t get along well.”


Logan intervened. His eyes were full of hostility.


‘That b*stard’s discord.’


Neither the Princess cares about other people’s attention, but this question was becoming annoying.


“Rumors are different from the truth.”


“Just as monsters do not spawn where there is no magic, I don’t think rumors would have arisen where there is nothing.”


Verndia smirked at him. He hated beating around the bush. Logan knew what to say.


“What do you want to say?”


“If you took my daughter, shouldn’t you treat her well?”


“What? No, what did you say?”


Slowly, the tableware landed on a plate. The crown prince, who was preparing to mediate if the conversation overheated, questioned innocently.


“Who took whom from whom?”

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