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~ 68 ~


“This is Jess, the tradesman of the Blue Moon. I came to you to ask about His Excellency Lenox Slikisia.”


His strange western accent reminded her of Stella.

But, why is Lenox mentioned?

Psychke was puzzled on the inside, but on the outside asked a question nonchalantly.


“About Lenox’s affair?”


Instead of answering, Jess pulled out a thin book from his chest.

Upon closer inspection, it was not a book, but a ledger made of several sheets of paper tied together like a book.


“The Duke has ordered some things under the name of Silkisia. However, the due date is near yet he never visited at all, so I began looking for him.”


Psychke’s face changed as she slowly flipped through what he handed her.

Jewelry, decorative swords, dresses, shoes, silk, spices, tea utensils, etc.

An amount equal to that of Silkisia’s one-year budget was written on the ledger for only one month.

It was Lennox’s order for Lillian without hesitation.


‘Right. I forgot.’


Previously, the same happened which he was occupied to solve.


‘I had a hard time because of Lillian, but I really wanted to die because this problem came at the same time.’


She was afraid that Silkisia will go bankrupt.

Therefore, she burdened herself on going to Blue Moon day and night begging them to cancel their debt.

She had thought that her father would get mad if he found out about it and upon returning home, Lenox scolded her telling her why she cancelled it on her own.

It seems that she was even beaten until she passed out.


‘He was reluctant to revealing it to anyone of the family, and ever since Lillian came back, I became like a toy.’


But even so, doubts still remained.

The people from the Blue Moon have never asked her for a meet up. The debt collection ledger flew to her and he was the first one. But why is Jess directly delivering it this time?


‘The ledger seems to be cheating, and there seems to be some other reason for asking for a meeting.’


Psychke closed the ledger. Then she pressed her aching head with her hand.

After she took the doctor’s medication, she calmed down, so she thought she had recovered, but she’s been like this sometimes since then.

She asked her doctor, but she said there was nothing wrong with her body, so she said it would get better if she rested.

Having calmed her pain, she pursed her lips.


“As one of the Silkisia, I deeply apologize. Whereas, it is difficult for me to confirm family affairs as of the moment, so I apologize. I also would appreciate it if you send it to Silkisia instead.”

“All right. By the way, I will inform you that some of the items that you ordered will be delayed.”


Jess, like a real tradesman, pointed to a place in the ledger with an appropriate courtesy.


“I heard that it is the item that the princess is most looking forward to, but I am sorry to inform you of such news.”

“No, I didn’t order it. I think Lillian was the one who did it.”



In an instant, his eyes narrowed like those of an eagle capturing its prey.

It was a small difference, but Psychke did not miss it.


“You’re talking about the princess who came back a while ago. Then, did Princess Lillian order this item as well?”


He went through the ledger a few more times.

All the items that were named under Psychke were actually for Lillian.


“I see. You must be upset.”


Jess let out a voice of regret.

Even if you’re a real daughter, aren’t you upset that you only take care of Lillian? That’s what it meant.

Psychke answered without hesitation.


“No, not at all. Lilian is father’s real daughter. She went through all sorts of hardships and came back, so we have to take care of her.”

“You’re so naive, but you’re an amazing person. Usually, you might not like her.”

“Why would I hate her? I still remember the day she returned, I was very happy.”


Verndia whispered in my ear, staring stunned at her fiancée, who calmly told her lies.


‘Princess, have you ever lied to me?’



Isn’t it already a lie to say she didn’t? Verndia became afraid of his ffiancée.

Ignorant of his thoughts, she raised the corners of her mouth gently toward Jess.

She doesn’t know why Jess is interested in Lillian, so she hides her true feelings with a smile.

Jess, who was looking at the whispering  Verndia, said nonchalantly.


“You two have a good relationship.”


Psychke calmly replied.


“It’s thanks to the Duke’s taking good care of me.”

“Princess Lillian must have been very jealous. She is such a greedy person.”

“What do you mean greedy?”

“No, I said it wrong. It has been a while since I talked about her, so I was happy.”


No, this was not a mistake. He did that on purpose in hopes that someone would know his thoughts.

Psychke chuckled and asked with a louder voice.


“You mean Lillian? You are being rude. Although she has just returned, she is definitely the daughter of a Duke. Be polite.”

“I am sorry.”

“From what I heard, it sounds like you have a personal acquaintance with Princess Lillian.”


Verndia cuts him untimely.

Psychke looked back at him, not knowing anything.



“Yes. They were hometown friends.”


Hometown friends?

Verndia sneaked out a sphere-shaped object from under the table. It was a lie detection artifact.

He sensed the other person’s lie and said it would turn red, but it was pure white. Which mean, Jess didn not lie.

Psychke asked pretending to be surprised.


“Hometown friends?”

“We’re also from the same upper class.”


We’re at the same class. The blue moon’s parent is the black moon’s. It’s an assassin’s guild.

Jess sighed, as if the two were satisfied with his expression.

His smile from the light looked somber.


“I have a favor to ask of you, Princess.”


He took out a cigarette and asked. Then, he was stopped by Verndia, who was unpleased


“It is a request.”

“Please make a meeting with Princess Lillian.”

“Do you really need to ask me for that? You said you two were hometown friends, so you should contact her separately. Or maybe you could ask for a meeting with the ledger.”


Jess replied slowly as she put the cigarette in her arms.


“I have already tried several times, she refused them all.”

“Lillian did?”


“I don’t know the circumstances, but I don’t know why I should arrange a meeting when Lillian doesn’t want to meet you.”

“Did you not hear what the duke said?”


It means that she will not tell her the whereabouts of the necklace unless she arranges a meeting.

Psychke looked at Verndia in a way that said, “What are you talking about?”


Verndia pretended to be embarrassed.


“I think I need some time to talk with the princess, for now, please get out.”

“As much as you like.”


After an insincere greeting, Jess went outside. As soon as she left, she took out a cigarette and breathed


* *

Psychke made sure Jess didn’t install a bug or something.

She had to be careful about anything because she didn’t know how she found out the culprit of the auction house case.

Verndia, on the other hand, snorted and buried his body on the soft sofa with his legs crossed.

Then he began to lean slightly toward his fiancée.


“First of all, I think we need to know the relationship between Jess and Princess Lillian. Any guesses?”

“I have, but.”


She had overheard the chatter of Lillian and her ladies-in-waiting.

She said she was at the same class before she returned to Silkisia, and lived in the west before going to the top.

It was a time when she was eagerly recalling her vague memories.

Verndia, who was completely attached to her because of her tilt, snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.


“I want you to tell me a little bit instead of thinking alone.”



Psychke was startled when she finally realized that he was leaning towards her.

She reflexively tried to distance himself, but he was sitting by the wall and had nowhere to go.

Before she could get out of the way, he bent down and blurte,


“What do you think?”


He wrapped the silver hair that was tickling her face around his fingers in a languid motion, as if to invite him to look at him.

As instructed, Psychke looked downward.

The forehead lightly covered with pitch-black hair, the two eyes that were subtly opened, and the red lips with dark arcs were very tempting.

It was also what he was aiming for.


“Hurry. I’m curious.”


His face lit up with sensual purple eyes.

Psychke untied his hair from his fingers and averted his gaze.


“Don’t play around.”

“I never did.”


Verndia laughed seductively as he snatched her hair away from her.


“Come to think of it, Princess.”


He wrapped her silver hair in his hand, pulled it softly, and breathed near her.

Psychke was embarrassed by the breath on her chin, and she was at a loss.


“Looking at you earlier, you were really good at lying. You really never lied to me?”





Verndia glanced at the lie detection artifact. It was white.

He murmured in a slightly disappointed tone.


“So you meant it when you said you wouldn’t have any feelings for me…”


“No, I’ll try harder. So, what’s the conclusion?”


Psychke avoided his gaze and tried to calm her flushed face. She barely managed to calm her beating heart.


“Lilian said she lived in the West before coming to the capital. That man also spoke a western dialect.”


Seeing the serious content, Verndia straightened his posture.

He didn’t forget to straighten her messy hair.

Even though she was quietly fiddling with her ear lobe.


“Are you sick anywhere? Why are your ears so hot?”

“I am not sick. I wouldn’t call people in the capital a hometown friend, so I think thhey met in the West when they were young.”

“Hmm, it’s really hot. But, what do you mean from the same class

“Let go of my ears and listen. The reason Lillian came to the capital was because of a guild. She said she was tricked into saying that she would make a lot of money. It makes sense if the guild she meant was the Blue Moon.”

“Well, it seems to be correct just by hearing the circumstances.”

“You can ask.”

“Will she answer the question?”

“Yes. She will.”

Jess, seen from the alleyway, looked at the information she knew and gave the correct answer, with a mixture of curiosity and liking.

His personality seemed to tell him that it would be good if he got the right answer.


“However, I think it would be better if the Duke said this. After digging through the information I was given, I came up with an answer, that way.”


Since she was pretending to be an ignorant princess, she shouldn’t have stepped up on her own.


“Are you a friend from her hometown, or are you from the same hometown, so it’s all information about your relationship with Lillian. It must have been the intention of trying to offend the duke.”


Knowing that Lillian ended up with the necklace, they must have been close.

That must have meant it, Psychke finished speaking.

Verndia agreed.


“Oh, and the princess should keep pretending not to know about the necklace.”


Those who investigated the Leas case thought that the current Silkisia and the royal family were behind the theft of the necklace.

So, she didn’t know what to say when it became known that she, a Silkisian, was tracking her necklace.


“Yes, got it. Oh, one more thing.”


Psychke put her lips near his ear and said something softly.

Verndia’s ears turned red at the sound of her warm breath.


“Ask why Lillian is so obsessed with her necklace.”

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