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~ 71 ~


After that, it wasn’t just words.

Quickly getting up from his seat, he drew his sword and pointed it at Aiden’s stiff neck.

Lia belatedly returned to her senses and screamed,



“You were a worshiper.”

“He is not a worshiper! I know you hate forbidden magic, but-”

“I didn’t ask you.”


Lately, Lia has been busy investigating the Doll Kingdom case, and she had no time to meet new people.

Even if she had met someone investigating the case. If she was an admirer, she would have told him, but she didn’t.

She gave away detailed information about forbidden magic but did not reveal her source.

It’s not often that she comes out this way, sacrificing her body for anything.

Perhaps, it has something to do with blood.

And judging from that response, it seemed to be the correct answer.


“I was wondering why you came here with her even though I only called Lia.”


If there was something wrong in Lia’s explanation, she must have come to subtly correct it.

Verndia gnashed her teeth.

A red line was drawn on Aiden’s skin- he was lightly cut.

Even if Lia hadn’t been involved with the Princess, he would have ignited the flames and tortured her.

Aiden answered, forcing a voice that didn’t want to come out.


“I only know a little about the theory of the mental system.”


“I stole the research documents and materials of the magician who visited me from time to time.”


“There was something I wanted to do.”

“What was that?”


Verndia’s voice was cold.

It felt like walking on a knife blade caught in a cliff. If Aiden makes a little bit of mistake, his neck will be gone.

Aiden replied in a dry voice.


“I was trying to revive someone.”




Aiden’s lips closed. After that, no matter how much time passed, he never raised his voice.

Verndia’s eyes gradually narrowed.

Lia hurriedly intervened as she saw purple sparks start to fly from his fingertips.


“He can’t use magic! I recognized it before. He has body that has no mana, so he can’t do anything!”


“I know the simple theory! You know. Knowing that doesn’t make me a worshiper!”

“It doesn’t seem like a simple theory.”


His emotionless eyes were thrown at her.


“Why did you hide it? Were you afraid I will kill you?”

“… That’s right.”

“You left Shiona and Yzhar intact?”

“You hate Hillaces’. But when you find out that there is a worshiper…”



He was frustrated.

His eyes met Aiden, then Lia, then Aiden again. And he made his way to the window of the parlor for the last time.

Green leaves were shaking and tapping on the window in the cold wind, as if they were going to come at least once.


“Do you know why I hate Hillaces’?”

“… Wasn’t it because we betrayed the former Silkisia and joined the current Silkisia?”

“That’s the reason the Princess’s family hates Hillace, and I’m a bit different.”


After she brought her words out, Verndia shut his mouth, not feeling the reason to explain himself.


‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t trust me, but I thought you’d try to hide this information.’


It was too bad that he stole information about forbidden magic to make them understand their point of view.

He wondered what to do with these people.

So, he weighed his thoughts and slowly turned his head to Aiden.


“Does Baron Hillace have anything to do with forbidden magic?”

“I don’t think you know at all. At the request of the Duke of Silkisia, we provided a place for research.”


Verndia gently closed his eyes.

It is the Duke of Silkisia and Yzhar isn’t the only one involved in forbidden magic.

Logan is a weakling. If he didn’t do it at all, he couldn’t do this alone.

So, like in the Leas case, there must be an emperor behind the forbidden magic.


‘The emperor could be behind the monsters that appeared in the north.’


After organizing his thoughts, Verndia slowly opened his eyes.

He watched the two Hillace with a guilty expression on their faces, then asked a series of questions.


“That wizard. Did you see who it was?”

“No. Every time he come, he wears a hood, so I haven’t seen him.”

“What was the study about?”

“It was about a reagent that separates a certain force from the human soul. Now that I think about it, I think it must have been the power of God.”

“What is the progress?”

“It is almost done. I tried to bring some of it as evidence, but the moment it came out, it was burned and I couldn’t bring it out.”

“Did you find out about it and get chased by witches?”

“It seems so.”

“Who were you trying to revive with the knowledge you gained?”

“… I tried to save Princess Psychke, whom I thought was dead.”



A slight headache arose from the words he did not know whether they were true or false.

That ‘Hillace’ was prepared to endanger  his  life and saving the Princess?

It’s nonsense.

Originally, he wanted to threaten him by telling him not to lie but couldn’t do it with the thought of the Princess.

Alright, we’ll fix this later. Because this was not urgent right now.

However, I decided to leave a clear warning rather than let it skip.


“You will hear about that later. If you do nonsense in the meantime, I will kill you.”


Aiden, who was depressed, turned pale.

Verndia, who didn’t care about that, put his sword back in and looked at Lia, who was also looking pale.


“When can we meet that wizard who can make neutralizers?”

“Oh, oh? He says he’s okay anytime. He told me to come when I have time because I don’t have to make a reservation separately.”


Lia was nervous so she took out thing that Verndia asked for.


“We didn’t talk about forbidden magic. He told me only the ingredients needed and asked them to make it just like this. But they said they needed the blood of the patient-”

“Great. Let’s go tomorrow.”


He abandoned both of them and turned his back.

As he was about to leave the living room, he stopped and opened his mouth, but his gaze was on the door.


“This is the last time I will let this go.”


He wanted to get rid of them, but he is worried for the Princess.


‘I’m sure she’ll hate me.’


Lia and Aiden were the ones to whom she gave her affection. If I harm them, she will distance herself from me.


‘I don’t know what I’m going to do next.’


I warned them so they should know what to do.

He temporarily hold on this treatment for the both of them.


* *

It was after the two had just been sent.

Verndia went to Psychke who was resting in bed and told her everything.

Because the doctor had just visited, Psychke was wearing a brooch.


“A strange spell is upon me? Was it because of that magic that my head hurts so much, and that my superpower is considered a curse?”

“That’s right.”


In the meantime, Verndia hadn’t told her that her memories have spell.

He couldn’t find a solution, because he didn’t want to bother her.

But he told her everything now that he found a way.

He wanted Psychke to find her memories.

She wanted everything she deserved back.

But that means having to face the harsh reality.


“If you don’t like it, don’t do it. If your head hurts, I will try to find another way.”


He stroked her hair with a loving hand.

Even if she hates to find her memories, he had no intention of turning away from her.


“Honestly, it’s hard to believe.”


Psychke groaned and touched her forehead. Every time she talked about magic, her headache got worse.


“But the duke is not the kind of person who would lie about something like this. There’s no reason to lie.”


Psychke lowered her hand and looked at Verndia with deeply sunken eyes.

“What can I do?”

“A mental preparation that won’t fall apart.”


He was worried that she would become discouraged and collapse after learning everything about her.

Though from what he had seen of her, he was sure she could handle it.

He whispered softly, soothingly.


“Once you find out, you won’t be able to go back.”

“It’s okay.”


I was afraid of why the duke warned her over and over again, but she didn’t live so weakly that she would turn away in fear of something that didn’t even happen.

Didn’t I swear before that I won’t live this life like a fool again?

I will check anything without running away.

She decided to approach the ‘truth’ that Verndia said.

Verndia let out a small sigh and raised his hand.

When he decided a certain thing, he doesn’t look back but when it comes to Psychke, he always looked like an idiot.

He gently stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Because of this ability, his body temperature was lower than that of ordinary people, and he was cool.


“Don’t be too depressed, I’ll help you no matter what.”

“Why are you helping me, Duke?”


Psychke hesitated and asked.

In fact, she knew why he was helping. She couldn’t be unaware because of the feelings shared by their ring.

But she wanted a definitive answer.

There is a big difference between simply interpreting what has been shared and hearing it directly.

Verndia smiled and lightly flicked her forehead.


“I don’t think this is the right time to talk about it. Let’s talk about it later.”

(TN: Wait, they’re being closer and sweeter tho… the flick to the forehead, too. Uuugh, my heearrrttttt!!)


Confession of feelings before doing something important. It’s not a scene from a romance novel, isn’t it too ominous?


“Yes. Please tell me later.”


Psychke readily agreed.

(TN: Finally, a communication! Ugh.)


Then she hesitated for a moment, then lowered her eyes and said lightly.


“At that time, I will also ask something of the Duke.”

“You can do it now.”

“I’m going to listen to the Duke’s words first.”

“Can’t we do it now? I’m curious.”

“Pardon, I can’t.”


Psychke smiled lightly but firmly refused.

Verndia had no choice but to withdraw.

(TN: I thought a kiss to the forehead will happen, saaad.)


The next day, they visit the Magic Association with Lia.


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