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~ Chapter 8 ~

“If you had said all the things you need to, I shall go now. I’m quite busy.”

He was annoyed to keep looking at her hands. Now that I have achieved my goal, I came to think that I could leave my seat.


Verndia did not answer her. He watched her from afar as she was busy organizing her clothes.

Up until now, I still thought that she, who told me to write about our contract, was just something so that I could give her attention. Despite of being smart, I doubt if she have any knowledge of the monsters, when she grew up so well; like a princess.

He thought that she would bother him if he dare to reject her offer, and even if it was just a lie, he had nothing to lose anyway, so he decided to follow her words in a way worth for him.

But from the moment I saw her scarred hand, which implied signs of holding a sword…

‘Wasn’t it a lie?’

The thought that her words of using a sword might be true, lifted his head unconsciously.


Her dry voice disturbed his thoughts.


He agreed on what she said, bowing to take a serious look of the signed document on the table.

Standing behind him, Isolet, his aide, stepped aside to make path for the lord to leave.

It was then.

“Princess, Duke Verndia!”

With the sound of, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

The sound of footsteps has come closer to them.

Verndia, who was getting up, looked at  where the voice was coming from with a faltering look. Psychke halted pulling out her chair when she heard such yell.

The owner of the roar was Lillian. She was dressed in a new boutique, gorgeous outfit.

Yzhar and Lenox, who seemed unpleased of the thought of walking behind her, still quietly followed Lillian, who was running with her reddened face.

“Ah, how unfortunate tsk.”

Verndia was terrified of meeting the real Princess and swear, whom he hated to see.

Lillian, who did not hear him, raised her skirt slightly and greeted him gracefully. Afterwards, she took the seat next to him and sat down.

(TN: OH come on! Stahpp it!)


Verndia hated it to the core. In the meantime, Lillian complained to Psychke, meant for the Duke.

“You’re bad! You said you had something urgent to do. But it was actually a secret meeting with the Duke! Next time you go, take me too!”

(TN: I don’t know why I got tired of Lillian even though it was just eight chapters…)

She said that it was urgent, but Lillian thought that it was a cover up just to see Verndia secretly.

But even before Psychke could point out,

Lillian, who leaned toward Verndia, made a cute voice.

“Nice to meet you, Duke.”

A storm has come to them.

So distracted, Psychke looked at the other side in a dazed mood.

Lillian was smart. Psychke wasn’t acting like a she had no manners, but Lillian was different.

Not only was she a friendly person. She also know how to use people’s sympathy to her, the real Princess, who had lived as a commoner for more than a decade, and her naïve image always caught people’s heart easily.

“I am Lillian. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

When she folded her eyes beautifully, men who were staring at her, felt that they were struck by cupid.

At the moment, Psychke forgot that Verndia actually hated Lillian in the past.

(TN: *wheezing)

Any cold man couldn’t help but to fall for her figure.

That was what she thought.

“Get out of my way… Don’t block the road.“

However, the thought of falling for her because Lillian was the dream of any men, fell instantly.

He endured swearing to the Princess in front of him. However, he couldn’t hide his distorted face when he saw her acting cute that didn’t work on him even for a bit.

Verndia left without any hesitation and  sign of talking to her any longer. Frustrated, Lillian had no time to hold onto him.

“I’m sorry.”

Isolet, who was left alone, bowed his head to Lillian instead. It was always him to clean up after Verndia’s mess.

But Lillian, who suddenly popped up, did nothing well.

After leaving only a short apology, Isolet also left them, following the Duke.

In an instant, a chilly silence came to the people who were left.

“A, am I… hated by him..?”

It was Lillian who broke the silence. And tears began to tear up in her rounded eyes.

“Please don’t cry.”

Lenox, who took Verndia’s place, soothed his sister. Then he stared at Psychke and muttered fiercely.

“I thought his eyes were broken, but you’re just a wench. What’s so good about him that you like him?”

Lenox was mistaken that Verndia was in love with Psyche.

That was because, Verndia cared a lot for Psychke when they were in public.

But Yzhar thought differently.

The moment it turned out that Psychke, who appears to be on a leash on the outside, was nothing to him.

It was very obvious that he’d tie someone who will be worth to him, so Verndia was just doing it for the sake of gains he’d get.

Instead of sympathizing with Lenox’s words, he spoke to Psychke next to him.

“Did you run out to beg for love?”

Yzhar has witnessed so much between their relationship. It was only Psychke who does something in the name of maintaining their engagement.

She disapproved at his question that could tarnish Silkisia’s reputation, but in the past she did it for the foolish thought of changing Verndia’s heart. Therefore, she closed her eyes wordlessly.

I did that, but it was like I was chasing him like an immature person, throwing away the family’s image.

Since the Duke of Silkisia was away to visit the southern territory, the real power of the current duke was with his eldest son, Yzhar.

Therefore, rejecting his words was like against the will of Silkisia.

Yzhar didn’t mean to let this matter go.

“I’m disappointed in you, Psyche Silkisia.”

Like a black stone, his contempt for her was visible.

His words were shocking that her heart would sink if it had been said before she returned in the past.

Psychke waited for his next words without any agitation.

“You are forbidden to use the surname of Silkisia for a week. In the meantime, you cannot receive the same treatment as a princess, nor can a maid attend you. Do you have any objections?”

It has no difference. From Psychke Silkisia, to Psychke only. Rather, she felt nothing… even if a person will die in front of her.

It would had been difficult if she received to be punished like a bodyguard. It was fortunate for her, and she shook her head.

Her nonchalance seemed to offend Yzhar greatly.

“…. You must not know how to reflect.”

If it was Psychke in the past, she would had been bowing her head before Yzhar, afraid that she would be abandoned.

She always had to be in the shadow of Silkisia. She, in other ways, had no rights to stand in their way.

“In the meantime, you are also prohibited to appear in the Hall.”

(TN: I don’t know how to explain ‘연무장’ in a better way, but it’s an enclosed building, so from the context, I think it’s good to say that it’s a Hall.)


There was a crack in her expressionless face.

Feeling strange satisfaction, Yzhar crossed his arms and leaned against the back of the chair.

“Oh, I don’t have to see her face for a week? Phew. I feel relieved.”

Lenox was an annoying and cheeky person. Psychke didn’t even pretend to not hear him.

“Why is that?”

Her confrontation was cold, as if Yzhar would freeze if he’d act wrongly.

With a beast-like smile that succeeded in hunting, Yzhar responded leisurely.

“Only those who have Silkisia’s last name can use the Hall.”

“Promoted soldiers doesn’t have Silkisia’s last name though.”

“They deserve it. Can you say you’re better than them?“


Yzhar’s eyebrows wriggled at her unwavering answer.


“I told them I was better than them.”


It was a ridiculous claim.

Instead of Yzhar who found her words funny while massaging his forehead, Lenox acted recklessly and pushed Psychke aggressively.

“Have you gone crazy?”

“What, am I worse than them then?”

“Hey, have you really gone insane? Did you hit your head somewhere?”

Lenox raised his finger near his temple and spun it around.

But Psychke never gave a glance to it. She breathed out a long breath again in her unshakable eyes.

Things were going weird.

He knew what the surname meant to Psychke.

So he thought Psychke was going to bow down in front of him, apologizing what she did. As what she have done so far.

‘Is it starting again?’

If threats wouldn’t work to her, then conciliation would do the work for him.

He was obliged to trample on Psychke’s self-esteem, but to prevent her from leaving the dukedom, exhausted from neglect and persecution.

It was his father’s order to him.

Yzhar’s unraveled his older brother’s disguise for the sake of his younger brother.

Then he brought up his words like a mirage that Psychke might like, but was actually empty.

“Yeah. As you said, there’s nothing you’ve worse than them. Even if it is not a private soldier, but the spirituality of a precious family, can it be compared to the princess of Silkisia?”

“…… “

“One, they are those who will one day lead a family. And you will be a supporting role for them. Fundamentally, as the roles are different, the qualifications are also different.“

Psychke didn’t listen. It was something she had already heard until her ears were worn out.

Distinguishing between what you should do as a lady, and what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t stain your hand by holding a sword.

Studying politics while checking all the history of other aristocrats, getting acquainted of other people, especially to young ladies.

That’s what you should do as a lady and a princess of the Silkisia family. Then you can be recognized.

As a real princess.

As a member of Silkisia.


No matter what I do, they won’t acknowledge me and those accomplishments I’ve done.

They’re going to use me thoroughly and discard me after.

“No, I’m not going to live like that.”

I cut off the long-sagging persuasion of him.

I felt the gaze of two astonished people, man and a woman on the opposite side, but I didn’t care.

She spoke while looking only at the black eyes of the stiffened man.

“No matter how I live, that’s my choice. It’s not a matter for you to decide.”

“… Do you know what you’re talking about?”

The man, who had been keeping a heavy silence, rubbed his lips as if he was about to hit her.

“When my father is not around, my will is the will of Silkisia. Are you saying that you won’t follow my orders?”

“Have I ever been a Silkisia? I’m certain as a brother, you know the answer. How I’m treated inside and outside the mansion. It’s my brother who knew that and condoned it.”

“Hey! Are you really crazy?”

Lenox, who jumped up, shouted at her.

In one hand, there was an empty teacup left by Verndia.

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