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~ 81 ~



Although he didn’t kiss her forehead like what Cecile recommended, the gazes towards the couple, Psychke and Verndia were different.


‘The duke really cares about her.’

‘You saw it before. He blocked the emperor. At this rate the Lestir’s Duchess….’

‘But, isn’t she a sinner?’

‘You still don’t know? If His Majesty had really intended to treat them as criminals, they would have been dragged out long ago!’

‘Then what will become of Silkisia? I’m sure Glorielle won’t just stare at the current Silkisia.’


Listening to their gaze with one ear, Psychke moved to a secluded place.

The saying, ‘A thirsty man digs a well’, was right as people still watching them approaching one by one.

They were mainly those who had a close relationship with Verndia.


“Would you like a drink?”


After receiving two glasses of champagne from a passing attendant, Berndia handed one over.

Psychke took the glass and moistened her lips expressionlessly.

Those who were acquainted with Verndia and her were those who regarded him and his betrothed as ‘the stupid princess.

I wasn’t thrilled to have to deal with them, but I knew they didn’t understand, so I waited in silence.

But there was someone who came faster than anyone else.




It was Widnix Evergreen. He was as impersonal as the last time I saw him.

He felt it even when presenting gifts, but it was surprising that he, who was famous for his dislike of noisy places, was here.

Psychke stared at him.

Before the two could start talking, Verndia interrupted with a serious expression.


“Widnix, let’s talk for a minute.”

“I am not talking to you.”

“I guess you want to say that I used my power for the princess.”


Widnix’s eyes moved, blinking slowly, giving out a low-pitched voice.


“How far have you heard?”

“All of those bulls***. You said the princess would kill me?”

“It is true. Don’t you know best what the penalty of your power is like? It was just a warning not to use it again.”

“It’s off topic. What does that have to do with you?”

“You didn’t promise that you will never use it again.”


Verndia’s expression turned ferocious.

He lowered his voice and had a long conversation with Widnix.

Psychke stared at the back of her fiancé’s head, then moved a little further away.

She left the place for the two of them to talk.


‘I think it’s a story related to the Duke’s power.’


I don’t know what kind of authority it was that made the atmosphere so threatening.

She wet her lips with the champagne she was holding. She was less fizzy than the first time, but it was okay.

Just then, someone called her.




At the unpleasant voice, Psychke removed the glass from her lips.

It was Logan.

She left the empty glass on the tray of a passing attendant, ignoring the hardened Logan, and picked up a new one.

It was red wine.

It was the same color she drank at a party to celebrate Lillian’s return the other day. Although the scent was so much better than that one.


“I don’t want you to call me by that name.”


In a very heartless voice, she said the exact opposite of what she had asked Verndia to call her Psychke.

Logan was the one who gave her the name Psychke, and the one who used it to trample on her self-esteem.

Even if she didn’t get what she deserved in Glorielle, he never wanted to be called Psychke.

Two pairs of blue eyes collided in the air.

He was cold as if he were looking at his enemies without making any concessions.

Among them, Logan, who broke the silence, threatened.


“How long do you think you can do this? You haven’t forgotten about your situation, have you?”

“What could they be?”

“Your mother’s sins.”

“I don’t think that’s anything to worry about, Duke.”

“I am very proud that His Majesty acknowledged it a little.”


It bothered him to call him as ‘Duke’ without the slightest hesitation, and Logan sharply crumpled his face.


“One, your mother’s sins are not so easily erased. It’s not too late. Just come back and I will accept you as her daughter.”


“This is your last chance to become a real Silkisia. Haven’t you always wanted it?”


So funny. It was always this hilarious.

Psychke raised the corner of her mouth and drank all the remaining wine. Her drunkenness did not rise.


“Is there anyone in the world who wants the obvious?”


“Do you think I really need to wish that I could be a Silkisia?”


Realizing what she meant, Logan’s face twisted terribly.

Psychke sighed bitterly.


“It’s natural, no need to wish for it.”

“Do you think His Majesty would tolerate that?”

“I don’t think he would hate it.”


She didn’t want the recognition of the Emperor who had ruined her family, but she said that to scratch Logan’s heart.


“Have you not seen it? Your Majesty has saved me.”


Not only that, after seeing her supernatural ability, he even said that she was a ‘Silkisia without a fail’.

Logan, who was furious with Psychke’s imposing attitude, gnashed his teeth.


“Psychke, you dare-”

“Don’t call me that. I am Glorielle.”


A snowball fight ensued again. Two pairs of similar yet different blue eyes embraced each other.

Logan wheezed as if he wanted to step on them right away, but Psychke didn’t care and looked straight at him.

It was then that the imperial attendant bowed.


“Miss Glorielle, His Majesty the Emperor is calling for you.”


Logan’s face stiffened at the words ‘His Majesty the Emperor’.

She felt that his expression was really satisfying.


“All right.”


Psychke turned her back and ignored Logan.


* *


The attendant led her to a secret terrace hidden behind a huge statue.

As if to prove that it was not a space used by just anyone, the terrace was shaped like a room.

Lazy music, expensive rugs on the floor, and luxurious white furniture.

Right in the middle of her, the emperor greeted her expressionlessly.


“Here you are.”


He was holding an ice cup that Psychke had made with supernatural powers.


“No matter how much power I put into it, it still won’t melt.”


She grabbed the hem of her skirt, bowed her head and turned the empty glass like a real glass of wine.


“I greet the sun of the empire.”

“Do you like to drink?”

“No, I don’t like it.”

“My bad.”


The emperor, who replied that he was not sorry at all, moved to his seat and uncorked the red wine bottle. He filled it and held it out.

Psychke did not move, didn’t even raise her head.

The emperor was sarcastic as if he didn’t like it.


“The cup the emperor is giving you, are you going to refuse it?”


Only then did Psychke raise her eyes and glance at the red wine.

Although the color and aroma seem to be much better than what was served in the banquet hall.

It was disgusting to receive it, so she pretended to make a mistake and let go of his ability.


The glass of ice melted. As it fell, mixed with the contents that had lost its support, red liquid flowed down the emperor’s hand.

For a moment, Psychke had the illusion that the liquid was blood.




The emperor, who had been staring blankly at his hand, sneered.

Psychke, who didn’t care about him, apologized for lying.


“My apologies. It hasn’t been long since I acquired my power, I am still amateur.”

“Were you?”


It was a disbelieving voice, but it didn’t matter.

Psychke lowered her head even more. Then he held her chin in his hand.




The strong scent of wine from the Emperor’s hands stung her nose.

She sighed, trying to calm down but she was frowning. Suddenly, the emperor thrust his face into her.

Now, the distance between the two was only about half a span.

As if he was wearing a mask, he had no expression and let out a dry voice.


“Between the past and now, that boldness has not changed.”


Past? Are you talking about when she was young?


“As for your relationship with Lestir, nothing has changed.”


The emperor’s gray eyes uttered incomprehensible words one after another, arrogant enough to eat her.

Feeling that he was being strangled, Psychke strained her eyes.

Then, strangely, the stiff expression of the man softened.

He asked softly as if soothing a crying child.


“Your eyes, are you still scared?”


How did he know that?

Eye phobia was a secret only to Silkisia.

When someone asked why it was taboo to invite Silkisia to the North, she would answer only to this extent, ‘There are always things in the North that don’t exist in the South.’

She didn’t say what exactly it was.


‘But how?’


“You must be scared, nothing has really changed.”


The emperor let go of her chin and had a strangely satisfied look.






“This is different.”


He stretched out his wine-scented hand.

Psychke reflexively backed away at the gesture of trying to brush her cheek.

Why is he doing this?

He was the one who shattered the previous generation of Silkisia and brainwashed her.

He thought that since the plan had gone wrong, he would either appease or threaten, and she accepted the meeting because she wanted to hear something.

The way he looked at her right now, and how the atmosphere fills this space.

Doesn’t it feel like reuniting with a long-lost lover?

Suddenly, the voice she heard on the tombstone of the first Silkisia in the Ashen Forest came to mind.


‘Beware of Adelheid.’


Adelheid was the name of the current emperor and the first emperor.

Should she be careful with this man?

The emperor looked down numbly at the hand that had lost his target, then smiled.


“At times like this, you look like Shia again.”

“What did you call me?”


She asked directly, not wanting to stay here any longer.

A man of about the same age as Verndia smiled slightly, unbefitting the years he had lived.

He pursed his lips, almost inaudibly.


“Do you want me to give you Silkisia?”


For a moment, Psychke doubted her ears. What was he doing?

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  1. OMG! Was the emperor in love with the first Silkisia?!