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~ 90 ~


Only a count of people knew the ability of Evergreen. Maybe, Psychke, Verndia, and Stella.

Widnix even said, ‘Her memories were returned because of someone.’

In other words, it means ‘The past has accumulated’ regardless of her authority and memory transmission which was repeating the past itself.

Therefore, Psychke had returned from the past against her will.

What did she see back then?


‘Purple flame.’


A purple flame that was burning splendidly, embracing her body like a snake. She thought it was an illusion or was it a mistake, but it was not.

That was a possibility that the scene was made by Verndia.


“Is Duke Verndia’s power returning?”

“It’s better left unanswered since it’s rude to ask for someone else’s power. But it appeared that he didn’t tell you, so you better go.”


Widnix woke up and there was no emotion to be found on his expressionless face.


“Wait a minute. I still have more questions for you.”


Psychke, who was hastily trying to chase after him, accidentally kicked the table. It fell down with a rattling sound, including the vial that was tossed into the air.

Psychke reflexively reached out and barely caught the vial. Yet, the problem was elsewhere.






The eyes of the two met in one place. Their eyes were fixed in one place to where a purple box was on Psychke’s lap which was now on the floor. It was then that her expression turned ugly.

Widnix asked, blinking indifferently while looking at the box.


“What is it?”



Instead of giving a clear answer, Psychke blurted out her words. She left the vial she was holding on the couch and picked up the box.

She carefully opened it with a desperate heart, but as expected, the perfume was broken.

A fresh summer scent rose through the cracks that spread disgustingly.




She brought it just in case since it was also what Stella told her. She forgot to hand him the box upon arriving and now it was broken. She can’t possibly give a broken perfume, could she? Psychke closed the box and pretended it wasn’t for him.


“I should have left it in the carriage, but I forgot to leave it there.”


However, Widnix’s reaction was strange.

To be exact, it was immediately after seeing the perfume bottle in the box and smelling the fragrance.


“Get out.”


He stumbled back and covered his nose with his arm with his contorted face as if he was holding back something.




Surprised by the quiet man’s threats, her body stiffened but he roared.


“Get out!”


Hesitantly, Psychke withdrew.

Even though she wondered what the hell this was all about, she turned her body to go out as she was told.

When she was about to hold the knob and get out, his voice resounded.


“… Wait.”


Breathing heavily, Widnix called her.


“Silkysia… Right?”



The voice was definitely Widnix Evergreen’s, but his accent was subtly different. Just like everyone else.


“Was it not?”


Why would he ask such a question after talking for a long time with her?

Psychke slowly turned back.


And she was so surprised that he unconsciously hugged the perfume-soaked box.


“I am right.”


Widnix looked at me and smiled brightly.


* *


“It is said that memory determines who a person was. I am Widnix, but I am not Widnix.”


He was unfamiliar with serving tea by hand.

Psychke looked at Widnix with unfamiliar eyes.

He laughed inappropriately.


“The main memory that controls the body has changed. It’s only for a moment.”

“Then, who are you talking about?”


“… The first Evergreen, right?”

“Ah, yes. All of my offspring must be evergreen.”


His smile was bright yet Psychke had a hard time adapting to the fact that the blunt man kept smiling at every word he said.


“Why did you change? Does it really change like that?”

“It can’t be. It is because of your perfume.”


Slowly savoring the scent of tea, he nodded toward the box of perfume.


“This is how to change Evergreen’s main memory. All you have to do is give that Evergreen something he loved in his lifetime. Most of the time I don’t wake up, but I’ve been watching you.”



It was hard to believe that she called the first Evergreen, but they were keeping an eye on her.

When she asked why, dumbfounded, Evergreen tilted his head slightly.


“My dear, do you think your lifespan is about a thousand years?”

“Pardon? No.”

“Does your power move to the future or the past?”


Didn’t he just say it was rude to ask for someone’s power?

Even though she thought so, she had to answer since she need to ask him a question.


“I don’t know. I don’t know my powers. Could it be that the authority of the first Silkisia was like that?”

“I don’t know either.”



Didn’t he say that Evergreen’s power was remembering everything they’ve been experienced?

While looking at him curiously, he smiled again.


“Silkisia didn’t tell me until the end.”



The hope of knowing what the power of the first Silkisia was completely extinguished.

Psychke involuntarily made a sound of pain and Evergreen was sincerely apologetic.


“Looks like you haven’t awakened your powers yet. Then you could be the future you.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I feel like I’ve seen you in my lifetime.”


“I think I saw you for real to say that it’s because you resemble Shia. It was after Shia’s death that my powers manifested, and the things before were very vague. It could be my misunderstanding.”

“Sh… ia, this?”

“The first Silkysia.”


It was a memory from 7,800 years ago. Even vaguely recalling it without power was an amazing thing.

While looking at him, she crossed her arms and legs. She really can’t get used to him, who was always smiling.


“It’s fate that we met like this, do you have anything to ask me?”

“Are you going to answer me?”

“What if I can answer?”


Seeing him smile gently, asking to ask anything, reminded me of Verndia.

Maybe this man in front of me was not the original Evergreen, but Lestir.

he seem to have a similar personality to Duke Berndia.


“You’d better ask quickly. Widnix was slowly coming to his senses.”

“I want to know what it means that Duke Verndia was in danger because of me.”

“Well, that is unanswerable. It’s the work of Widnix.”


He said he was really sorry and put his hands together.


“I can only tell you what happened while I was alive.”



Evergreen was said to have manifested his powers after the death of the first Silkisia. That said, in order to get an accurate answer, you should ask what happened after Silkisia’s death. Psychke paused, asking questions that would gather as much information as possible at once.


“Who collected the remains of the first Silkisia?”

“This was an unexpected question.”


As if asking about everything, Widnix languidly curved the corners of his eyes.


“Adel did it.”


“Adelheid Lyne Erzebet. He must be the first emperor, right now?”


She knew that the current emperor was named after the first emperor, so she asked a different one.


“Wasn’t it Lestir?”

“You know that the first Silkisia was an empress, right? Why did you think that?”

“It was strange that the imperial family isn’t in the imperial family graveyard.”

“Oh, of course, they were buried there. Shia died as a side effect of black magic. The area would have turned into a land where no life could live.”



She learned from other research that black magic was another name for forbidden magic.

But who died from the side effects?


“Because of that, Lestir and Adel had a big fight. That’s how my power was manifested as well.”

“The first Silkisia was a worshiper—so was it a sorcery?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


Evergreen responded immediately.

Then he grinned at the despair on Psychke’s face.


“When I was alive, black magic was one of the common magic. It was strictly forbidden because of Shia.”

“What happened then?”

“I don’t even remember that.”


Evergreen’s smile was erased.

Only he would know if he was lying or saying the truth. Sighing softly, he closed his eyes.


“Widnix is making noise. I just have to hand over my body.”

“I will ask you one more question.”


The closed eyes slowly opened. The light green eyes that were half visible were very bored.

Psychke asked what she was most curious about without holding her breath.


“Were Silkysia and Lestir really lovers?”



Evergreen smiled bitterly as he pondered her question.


“Is it because of the unwritten rules of talented people? I was wondering if it really was because of that.”

“That’s right.”

“Well, they got along well, but I don’t think it was such a sweet relationship. If they had, I wouldn’t have let Shia marry Adel.”


But, while saying, Evergreen tapped his chin.


“It was certain that Lestir had special feelings for Shia that’s why he regretted it so much after her death.”



For some reason, her chest ached, and she doesn’t know the reason.


“I wouldn’t have built something like that at the cost of my soul.”


He chinned the ring finger of Psychke’s left hand.


“It’s a lot late, but I am happy to know that a descendant of Silkisia wears that ring.”


Psychke looked down at the ring.

There was no Verndia nearby, but she had the illusion that the ring was shining brightly as if resonating.


“Then… Let’s meet again in the past.”


She didn’t even hear Evergreen’s meaningful greeting because she was occupied with her ring, staring blankly at it.

Then she lifted her head, startled by the voice that suppressed his anger.


“Verndia wouldn’t know, so it must be Stella’s fault. Did she say anything other than bringing me perfume?”


Widnix, who had returned to normal, was expressionlessly angry.




Until now, he was Evergreen, and from now on, she was called Widnix, but she seems to be the only person on the outside.

Because the gap between each person’s emotions was so extreme, Psychke replied at a loss.

Widnix pressed his forehead and let out the breath that came from inside of him.

Then he warned in the lowest voice she had ever heard.


“You’d better not divulge what you saw today.”

“What if I do so?”


Widnix’s eyes narrowed.

Normally, I would have said yes, but since this was Widnix, who hates me, I needed to get something out of him.

Before he could say anything more, Psychke cleared her confused mind and opened her mouth again.


“If there was something going, there must be something coming. What will the duke do if I promise to keep my mouth shut?”

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