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~ 92 ~


“Pardon? N, no!”


Lennox waved his hand in surprise.


“His Majesty said she’d give her a title, but he never promised to give Silkisia! And even if she does receive credit, you have a higher right of succession older brother—”



“Do you know what it takes to move the nobles?”

“… Money?”

“It’s a justification.”


Yzhar gritted his teeth.


“To make a commoner into a duke overnight, and to turn a duke into a slave overnight. To make even the emperor immobile.”

“B, but, the previous generation Silkisia was the imperial family-”

“Did not the Duke of Lestir plead not guilty?”

“He just made that claim, because there was no evidence…”

“The mere fact that a person in that position made such a claim is justification. It becomes a force and a reason to move someone.”


A direct descendant who miraculously survived, a supernatural power that is one of the best in all generations of Silkisia.

This alone gave Psychke an excuse to threaten the head of Silkisia.

Thus, even if he dodge, he’d have no choice.


“Th, then what should we do?”


Lennox stammered at him. He didn’t understand any word he said but at least he knew Silkisia was in a disadvantageous position as of the moment.


“If you stop him from setting up the Duke….”

“This is an order given by His Majesty himself, so the moment you disobey it is called treason.”



Lennox’s face went white as he realized what he had done. If he hadn’t mentioned the oracle, the Duke of Evergreen wouldn’t have intervened and Psychke would have only been just a Glorious Silkisian. Therefore, the meeting would have ended in that way.


“What about Lillian?”

“She, she has an appointment, so she went out for a while.”


Yzhar nodded insincerely to say that he understood, and left the room. Speechless, Lennox still couldn’t stand up.

Yzhar went straight to Logan’s office. He politely knocked and heard,


“Didn’t I said no one shall come!”

“It’s me.”


There was silence for a while. Yzaar patiently waited, and when Logan asked him to come in, he opened the door and went in.


“What’s the matter?”


The relationship between father and son has not been the same since Yzhaar became a worshiper.

The father acted as if he wanted to cut his son, who had become a worshipper, out of his life, and the son became even more twisted by his estranged affection.

The offended son opened his mouth.


“Is the previous Silkisia really innocent?”


At most, the voice that came and said…. Logan crumpled his face.


“It’s none of your business.”

“Was it innocent?”



Something black splattered on Yzhar’s face. An empty ink bottle knock on the door and rolled on the floor, staining the expensive carpet black.

Logan’s anger, barely suppressed, exploded.

Ever since the emperor said he would give Psychke a chance to win, he was consumed by endless anger and anxiety.


“Go away.”


His murderous gaze was shot at him.

Logan picked up the vase next to him, put it down with superhuman patience, and issued a congratulatory order.

Yzhar didn’t resist and followed his father’s words and came out into the hallway.

Just as he was about to move, he suddenly felt a strange sense of incongruity and hesitated. The mansion was strangely quiet because the employees were holding their breath in case they were harmed.


‘This looks like a dead house.’


When Psychke was around, they were the ones who went around trying to point fingers at her. They were never been this quiet.




He walked down an empty hallway. Doing the same thing again and again.

Then he stopped and looked at his reflection in the hallway window.

There was no expression on his inhuman face.


‘Everything was yours.’


He couldn’t get over the things which he thought were all his when in fact, it was all hers, to begin with.


‘What should I do with you?’


He recited and recited.

The moon reflected in the window hid behind the clouds and did not move until the whole world was filled with darkness.

Psychke, what should I really do with you?


* *

Knock knock, knock.

The sound of horses’ hooves was familiar, but unlike any other, it made my heart pound.

Perhaps it was because they were going to a place that was considered taboo for Silkisia.

The carriage was climate-controlled, so he didn’t feel the cold, but the Duke had told me earlier.

They had crossed the northern border.

Perhaps if she pulled back the curtains at her window, the plains of pure white snow would greet her.


“Has the princess ever seen snow?”


It was around the time Psychke was thinking about this and that while looking at the closed curtains. He asked her after noticing what she was doing.

Psychke answered quietly.


“I only saw it as a picture.”

“Was it okay then?”

“Yeah, it was fine.”


It looks so pretty in pictures, but how pretty could it be in real life?

Sometimes Psychke wished to see the snow in real life.

However, each time, something like an imprinted thought told her that she shouldn’t.


‘What will happen if I see it face to face?’


She was curious, but she didn’t want to try. To Psychke, the eye was something unknown that aroused fear.

Shaking off her coexisting feelings of fear and regret, she changed the subject.


“Anyway, it’s a pity that Cecile couldn’t come. I need at least one person to help me when my body gets smaller.”


Cecil was unable to come to the North due to family circumstances.


The lady-in-waiting, who had been very affectionate with her, appeared before her eyes as she waved her hand, saying, “Come back safely.”


“As soon as we arrive, I will attach a heavy-mouthed and sincere person.”

“If she doesn’t want to, don’t force her. The northerners don’t like Silkisians, so she might be reluctant to be my lady-in-waiting.”


The people of Lestir basically hated Silkisia.

He was openly hostile to Logan, the head of Silkisia, and it was also because she was forced to be betrothed to Verndia a year ago.

Here, he spread her knowledge even to the result of the contest, ‘If you make a contribution in the north, you will receive a title’.

There were rumors going around that it might have been pre-calculated and that she had previously given her advanced monster characteristics and freezing magic formula.


“You just need to show how outstanding the princess was.”


Verndia frowned at the rumors surrounding his fiancée.


“Just showing swordsmanship will change your perception. Shall we call some people as we go and start sparring?”


In the past, she was inexperienced in handling her sword skills because she concentrated on suppressing her superpowers, but now she was as good at handling her sword skills as he was.


‘If people see her, they’ll say that a sword master was born.’


He then made a firm resolution inwardly saying it’s time for him to brag that Psychke was his fiancée.

Remembering something in an instant, he frowned and stated,


“Before that, I have to show how much I care for and love the princess. Because it’d create mess by then.”


“Nothing. Princess, would you like to see Lestir’s castle by any chance?”

“I want to see it, but…”


In the north, Lestir’s base was a white castle that symbolized the pure white winter. On the days where there was a lot of snow, it was hard to pertain which was castle and snow.

Those who have seen the scene even once called it a spectacle and said they could not forget it.


“I heard that it is covered in snow all year round but it’s hard for me to see it.”


In the north, it snowed in summer or winter and the only difference was how much in every weather the snow falls.

In particular, the Lestir estate was even worse.

Unless you know if it was a street corner where people walked, it was a waste of manpower to clear the snow on the castle.


“I can melt it.”

“No, I don’t want to go that far just to see it.”


He looked at her in shocked after refusing to see it when it’s the Lestir’s identity. He understood it in a different way, grumbling sullenly.


“Does that mean you don’t want to see it?”

“It’s not like that. It hurts my eyes.”

“The snow plies up every day, so it’s not a waste. Just take a look.”


He was the one who asked if she wanted to see the castle, but she felt like she was forced to do so. Regardless, he said he’d take care of me so she nodded her head in agreement.


* * *




I would have been really sad if I hadn’t seen it. If she hadn’t seen it, she’d really be sad. The castle made her heart exclaim; it was a white castle which looked like something out of a fairy tale book.


It was not a simple white marble, but wherever the sunlight hits it, it emits a rainbow light, it has a different feeling from the southern water color Silkisia castle.


“It’s really pretty.”

“I will show you as much as I can in the future.”

“No, it’s fine. I won’t be able to look at it by then.”

“You said it was pretty. Are you tired of seeing it once?”


He grumbled who used supernatural powers throughout the castle in the name of showing his fiancée the castle as a representation of Lestir’s identity.


“That’s not what I meant, but to conserve my strength. Because you will have to fight monsters.”

“My supernatural ability can’t be used against monsters anyway.”


Since physical strength was consumed when using this ability, there was no need to use it against monsters that are strong against heat.


“Since there was nothing to use, I can use it to melt the snow. Shall we melt the entire territory?”

“That’s a bit too much.”


On the other hand, the employees who came out to welcome the family head back after a few months couldn’t believe their eyes and ears.

They whispered in a voice so loud that the two lovers in love couldn’t hear it.


“Wasn’t Silkisia hated on?”

“This was my first time seeing the castle without snow.”

“Likewise, despite working here for over 10 years.”


Everyone knew what happened at the second prince’s birthday banquet because they had been in close contact with the capital.

However, it was shocking because there was a big difference between just hearing it and actually seeing it with their own eyes.

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