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~ 97 ~


If she hadn’t reached the level of a sword master, she would have fainted from being hit by a magic tool.




She stepped on a disc-shaped tool to steady herself and fell forward. The wyvern went from hovering in midair to rocking back and forth violently when she finished grabbing it. Squeezing her eyes shut against the motion sickness, she grabbed whatever she could find.


“Hey, here.”

“Not this. There must be something smaller than this.”



Psychke returned it and wandered around looking for something else.


  • Kiek!


It seems that the duke was dealing with the Worm. The Worm’s cry could be heard nearby as the ground shook and violent clashing of the fights.


“Here you go! Kkyaak!”


She was about to take out the magic tool Verndia mentioned, but he jumped up again.

As a reaction, Psychke missed the magic tool and fell to the floor.

She gritted her teeth and was struggling to keep herself together, and just then, he then urged her in a hasty manner.


“Was it far?”


I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but it’s just so disrespectful. She was very certain that it was not intended but it just sounded so disrespectful. That time, she promised herself that she won’t ever go into this pocket again. Desperate due to the situation, Psychke gripped the wall of the leather pouch.

Climbing up, she pulled the beaded hilt out, laboriously, and painstakingly.




However, at the same time, Verndia, who was standing on her head in Worm, jumped to the floor.

In response, Psychke’s body floated in the air.

Since she was by the entrance, she was thrown out through the open entrance.




Psychke flew into the air and suddenly closed her eyes.

She curled into a tight ball, while Verndia’s body was coated with entire body as he drew his sword.




There was a dull sound.

Fortunately, she fell on top of the dead worm, and the impact was not that great.

However, since the field of white snow would be spread out across her field of vision, Psychke could not bear to open her eyes. There was commotion all around her.

  • Koouhhh!





There were shouts and flashes of fire. Magical thunder crashed and sharp whirlwinds blew.

Even as she listened, she grimaced at the horror of the battle.

Then, feeling Verndia walking away, her expression hardened.





She earnestly called out in her heart, but he did not return as he devoted his whole mind to the battle.

He didn’t even try to locate Psychke by groping his ring, hoping she was right in his pocket.

In an instant, Psychke was left alone as she hopelessly held on to a bead-shaped magic tool of unknown effect.


‘Ah, what should I do?’


* * *

After the fierce battle was over to some extent, she ended up at the barracks of Ikaxia.

Two young knights were chatting with mud and blood on their faces.


“Did you see Duke Lestir fighting? He was surely amazing.”

“He wiped out almost half of it all by himself. I barely caught even one… Oh, Chelsea. Look at this.”


The knight took out a hand-sized doll from his pocket, which was stained with muddy water and monster blood, and a bead was clenched tightly in one hand.


“I picked it up from the floor earlier, isn’t it a bit strange?”


“A humanoid doll abandoned on the battlefield. Besides, it has a similar touch of a pesons’.”


The knight holding the doll crumpled his face.


“I guess it’s used when a monster curses you.”

“Oh, but I was holding onto this? Did you see?”


A knight called Chelsea pointed to the marble the doll was holding.

Only then did the knight on the other side who found it startled and grabbed the hem of the doll’s clothes with the tips of his fingers.


“Oh my god! Aren’t this really cursed?”

“It won’t be. Let’s talk to the vice-captain for now.”




Psychke, who was pretending to be a doll, was troubled, feeling like it was the end of her life. They should have thought she was garbage and then throw her away, but why would they go to the vice-captain?

It was like a thunderbolt from the blue sky.

The knight holding Psychke threw her away.


“You hold this.”

“Ah, why? You found it, hold it yourself.”


She wished they could just let her go.

While avoiding each other’s hands as if they didn’t want to have any contact with her, they were steadily advancing toward the vice-captain’s barracks.

Psychke bit his lip hard.


‘Why did this happen?’


A little while ago, no matter how long she waited, Verndia didn’t come, so she secretly moved to go home alone.

Then she was caught by the knights of Ikaxia.

Although she was misunderstood as a doll because she was discovered when she was fortunately not moving. If she met Yzhar, the vice-captain, the situation would be 180 degrees different.


‘Yzhar has seen me become smaller.’


He will definitely recognize me the moment he sees me. She was not a doll, but a smaller Psychke Silkisia.


‘Like when he saw me in the labyrinth, he’ll attempt killing me. Where is the duke?’


Psychke confirmed Verndia’s location with her ring.

It seemed that the one on the move had just noticed that she was gone and was coming in a hurry to her.


‘But he was still quite far.’




This was such a big deal. Allies are far and enemies are near. Psychke felt her blood run cold at the familiar gesture of approaching.


“What is going on?”


He was currently checking on those injured and the reports for those damaged and right after hearing someone asking his attention, he turned his head at them.

The knight holding Psyche caught her by the hem of his dress with his fingertips and lifted her up.


“I just found this on the floor!”

“What is it?”


It was the middle of the night, and the light from the guard post was weak, so Yzhar couldn’t immediately figure out what the knight was offering.


“It is a doll. It seems to be used by monsters to curse humans.”

“Curse humans?”


Yzhar, puzzled, stretched out his hand to Psychke.

It was then.


[Don’t touch the princess!]


Kaaak! Croa ran, who was sent by Verndia.

Unfortunately, there were three knights and one crow.

The young knights of Ikaxia chased Croa out of the blue.


“A crow is running at me, it must be a really cursed doll!”


The knight quickly handed over Psychke to prevent the crow from attacking again.

Yzhar’s expression hardened as he awkwardly accepted Psychke.




The air around him changed. However, the two knights of Ikaxia didn’t notice.

Kaaak! Because it looked like Psychke was taken hostage, Croa couldn’t run further. He stood at a distance and only wept loudly. And she was extremely nervous, unable to do anything.


‘This is the end.’


I’d stayed put for fear of being recognized by the young knights of Ikaxia, but she couldn’t.

She had to get out of here, even if it meant being branded with the Oracle’s curse.

She stiffened her whole body as she tried to jump down.

However, she was surprised by Yzhar’s actions and relaxed her body.


“Don’t do anything stupid.”


His fingers pressed against her chest. It was a careless motion that did not contain any power.


‘Why was he like this? Was it because the knights are watching? I thought he would try to kill me at all costs?’


She couldn’t understand him, but she decided to follow the words for now.

Psychke held her breath and remained still.


“Yes? what did you say?”


The two knights were taken aback by mistaking that he was telling them not to do anything stupid.

Yzhar shook his head expressionlessly.


“No. I’ll look into this, so go back.”

“Yes, I understand!”


Finally, the two knights returned and she was little bit relieved.

She listened to the footsteps that were getting smaller, and Yzhar’s movements were wary.




he called her in her low voice and closed his hands. He wasn’t trying to kill her, but just a tight grip.




Psychke was puzzled, then frowned at him. She felt that he had something to say to her.

However, no matter how long she waited, she couldn’t hear anything behind me, thus narrowed her eyes, wondering if she had misjudged.

Seeing her like that, Yzhar gently bit his lower lip.

In fact, right after he called her, Yzhar had been licking her lips without making a sound.

He wanted to say something, which was hidden in his heart, but it got stuck in his throat, couldn’t voice it out. However, Psychke had her eyes closed and did not notice this situation.

It was then that urgent cries broke the air.


“Princess of Silkisia!”


Yzhar, who was about to say something, closed his mouth.

After that, he returned with the expression of a person who hadn’t happened and glared at Verndia.


“This, d*mn it, ha…”


Verndia, who had run up to Yzhar in an instant, breathed heavily.

As soon as she realized that the princess had disappeared after the battle, h ran, but she was already in Yzhar’s hands

It seemed like he wouldn’t give it up easily, hence he put his hand on his sword, trying to take her away with his power.


“Here she is.”


He surrendered her to Verndia obediently.

Hmm? Verndia, who had accidentally received Psychke, was quite taken aback.




Yzhar was silent when he turned his back from him, and he did not look back, as if he had no regrets of not killing her.

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