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Chapter 17


Alice turned to the statue of Helios.


“Why did you give me that ability…?” 


She didn’t think she was that very special, but this seems to be a much bigger ability than she initially thought. If you have a lot of ability, then you will have more responsibility. I don’t want to be responsible for anything. Alice’s goal was to live for a long time. 


“I liked it… but it’s not something I’d just like.” 


Alice pondered for a moment: about her divine power – and the result of her worries was, ‘Let’s hide this and live in moderation’. She wants to become a priest then run away from the Duke’s family, but she doesn’t want to become high priest. She won’t be able to live freely if she becomes a high priest. 


Yeah…. If I hide it, who would know? 


“… Don’t tell me that you will suddenly do such a cheap thing as giving an oracle, right?”


Alice asked the statute with anxious eyes. Even though she knew there would be no answer, she just threw that question. 


“Duchess Diorat.”


But she suddenly heard a voice. 


“Heok, that surprised me…. I thought it was your voice.”  


Surprised, Alice knew it wasn’t the god when she heard a series of knocks after that. She calmed down her surprised heart and cleared her voice, before answering, “Yes. Come on in.” 


The door was opened cautiously and a young looking female priest entered. She asked the priest who was bowing her head. 


The priest said with her head bowed, “The high priest sent a cup of tea for the Duchess. It’s a herb grown behind the temple. It smells great.” 


“Oh, thank you.”


Alice smiled faintly as she looked at the priest putting the tea cup down on the table. Unlike the male priest she met the first time, she seemed like a low ranked priest and looked young but with her brown eyes full of innocence. Something about an ideal priest she could think of. 


Alice took a sip of the fragrant tea as a courtesy. She then remembered something. She knows that this is the right time to know if she can become a priest or not. If she asked that high priest earlier, he would be suspicious that she must be unlucky asking a useless question. That priest was accustomed to dealing with nobles. He might even write a letter to Madam Quillian, saying that the Duchess said something strange. So it would be good if she asked a new priest so she wouldn’t look suspicious – like the cute low-ranking priest in front of her. 


Putting down the teacup, she turned her head towards the priest. 


“Excuse me, Priest.”




“I have something to ask.”


“Yes, what is it?”


“It was nothing… I just want to know if there are qualifications that you have to be pure in order to become a priest.”  


“Yes, it is.”


“That… there is a person I know who is married but is still a virgin due to some unavoidable circumstances. Can such a person become a priest?”  


The priest narrowed her brow slightly as if contemplating. 


“Uhm, that kind of precedent… ah!” 


As if suddenly came to her mind, she clasped her hands. 


“A married woman once became a priest because of her divine power. Marriage wasn’t originally a condition, but even though they did not perform the divine blessing ceremony, those who have divine powers can become priests regardless of their qualifications.” 


“… So as long as you have a divine power, you don’t need any qualifications?”  


“Yes. Because you are already loved by God.” The low ranked priest said with a proud face.


Alice’s face also brightened up – because she confirmed that she could become a priest. Her divine power is like a free pass. Alice looked at the statue in awe. I’ve never met you before God Helios, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


“But does your friend have divine power?” The low ranked priest asked with her eyes wide open. 


“Yes. Though it’s weak, my friend has divine power.” 


“I see. Then you can start by filling the application for admission to become a priest.”  


“… Application for admission to become a priest?” 


“Yes. You have to fill out the priest application form first if you want to become a priest, whether it’s sacred or not. There’s a special section there if you look at the application form, and if you write that you have divine power, then we will test your divine power separately in our temple and proceed with the admission process.”  


“Ah… I see. Thank you so much for letting me know in detail, priest.”  


“No, I will naturally help if they want to become a priest. That friend of yours will soon become a family under God’s arms.”  


It was actually me. 


The low ranked priest drew a bright smile. Alice’s conscience was stabbed at her innocence. 


“Ah, yes. Haha….” 


As she smiled awkwardly in her embarrassment, the priest took out a paper from the pocket of her robe. 


“Here, this is the admission application form. I am in charge of receiving the application forms, so I carry a few copies. Please give this to your friend.”  


I can’t believe I even solved the thing about the application at the same time. She was truly grateful. 


“… Thank you so much. May I know the priest’s name?” 


“My name is Violet.” 


I’ll have to repay you in some way later. Alice imprinted Violet’s face and name into her mind. 


“Violet… It’s a pretty name.”


“Thank you.”


Violet’s cheeks blushed in shyness. 


A knock on the door was heard as Alice received the application form. 


“Madam, this is Sienna.”


It was Young Lady Meltain’s voice. Alice turned her head towards the clock. Two hours had passed before she knew it. It was time now to go back to the Duke’s house with Young Lady Meltain. 


“Violet, see you next time.”


“Yes, Duchess.”


Alice said goodbye to Violet and left the prayer room. 




“You are late.”


Back at the Duke’s house, Alice saw Madam Quillian standing by the lobby. She didn’t know she was waiting. Alice greeted her, thinking that she must have been anxious waiting for her outing with Young Lady Meltain. 


“Mother, I’m back.” 


“I’m back, Madam. Quillian.” 


“… Yes, Young Lady Meltain. You go up first and get some rest. It hasn’t been that long since you’ve come from the west, and your body must be tired now that you’ve just come back from praying. I’m sorry on behalf of my poor son.”  


“… What do you mean poor? Aren’t you the one who revived the Diorat Duchy again? The Duke’s health depends on the fate of Diorat Duchy, so this kind of labor is nothing.” 


“Now that you say that… I am thankful.”  


Madam Quillian’s lips trembled. She seemed to be holding back her curses. 


Even today, Young Lady Meltain who gracefully defeated Madam Quillian once again, smiled brightly. 


“Since Madam Quillian is so considerate of me, then I will go up first and rest. I prayed so hard today. Then, have a good night.” 


Madam Quillian breathed deeply as Young Lady Meltain went up the steps and disappeared – as if she was trying to control her anger. That foxy b*tch. Muttering curses in a low voice, Madam Quillian looked at Alice. 


“Why did it take so long? Did you stop by somewhere other than the temple?” 


“No, we only prayed at the temple. Young Lady was so eager that she went to a private room and prayed, saying that she didn’t want to be disturbed.” 


“Really? Are you sure she stayed in that private prayer room all that time?”  


“Yes. I asked the priest who was guarding the hallway of the prayer room, but they said that Young Lady Meltain never came out of the prayer room until she was finished. She then went straight to the Duke’s mansion.”  


“Hmm… She may have deliberately stayed quiet since this is her first day. She wasn’t an ordinary one, so keep an eye on her. You’ll have to tell me right away if you notice anything strange.”  


“I understand.” 


“Then go see your husband. Isn’t it time to give his medicine?” Madam Quillian said, raising the corners of her lips. 


She seemed to be happy poisoning Kaillus every day. If she finds out that it was switched to some nutritional supplements… she will grab Alice’s neck and kill her. 


She had the urge to tell that truth with her own mouth someday. I want to see Madam Quillian’s face crumble once. Of course, it is impossible now, so Alice bowed her head submissively. 


“… Yes, mother.”




“Little Madame.”


Helkin greeted her as soon as she entered the bedroom. 


“You’re also here today? Why do you come every day these days?”  


It was enough for her to give the medicine on her own, so she didn’t even need Helkin to come. But recently, Helkin has been coming here every day. 


Helkin scratched his chin at Alice’s question. Why are you asking that all of a sudden? Helkin was speechless about what to say to Alice, who suddenly asked him and doing her job casually these days. Helkin comes every day to check Kaillus’ physical condition, who woke up after taking Alice’s medicine. This is because the poison was yet to be detoxified. 


But Alice didn’t retreat easily as she remembered Helkin’s strange behavior the other day. 


“Hmm, I think there is something.” 


Helkin gulped as Alice raised her eyebrows. He then looked at Kaillus who was lying down on the bed. Helkin will die at Kaillus’ hand if played poorly again. It seemed like the Duke would open his eyes at any moment and warn him. 


Trying his best, Helkin answered as he rolled his head. 

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