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“What’s wrong?”

“You smell of blood.”

The Duke of Valencia frowned at the mention of the smell of blood.

‘Huh? Did I say something wrong?’

“It’s the smells of bugs.”

“Smell of bugs?”

“Even after washing, the smell is still there.”

“Tsk,” clicking his tongue the duke muttered, “Even the smell is persistent like a bug.”

‘Did you catch mosquitoes?’

I wondered if catching one or two bugs smelled so rich in blood.

Rosaria knew the smell of blood well, even if it wasn’t for any other smell.

As I was tilting my head, the Duke of Valencia pulled me toward him and changed my posture.

It was because Rosaria was fidgeting while they were talking, leaving her in a subtly crooked position.

“Let’s eat together while you’re up.”

“Yes, I’ll tell them to hurry up and prepare her meal.”

“No, I’m fine… … .”

I was afraid of the head, so I came to the Duke without thinking, but it was a little burdensome to have a meal with him.

The moment I tried to refuse-.


At the right time,my stomach betrayed me.

‘Oh, you idiot! Why now?!’

Rosaria blushed from the noise.

“Emma. Did she eat dinner properly as I ordered?”

“I gave her  soup and fresh fruit, so she doesn’t get  sick from suddenly eating too much.”

“What else? It’s a poorer diet than I thought.”

“I also wanted to give as much as possible. But… … .”


“She said that she starved for a week before coming here. Besides, when I heard that she had been sick for three days, I couldn’t prepare too much food.”

“ You starved for a week?”


“Why did you starve for a week?”

The Duke asked Rosaria directly. Rosaria gently avoided his gaze.

But there was a problem.

‘I told Emma exactly why I starved for a week yesterday!’

Even if you keep your mouth shut, you will end up in the Duke’s ear.

Rosaria said in a low voice, reluctantly.

“I did it because I…”


“Because I haven’t been making enough money… … .”

Rosaria’s voice ended in a whisper.

I was worried that the Duke of Valencia would think of me as an incompetent child.

Emma told her she didn’t need to make money, but starving for a week meant being incompetent for a week.

‘You will see me as a pathetic kid.’

You’ll point fingers at me for being a useless kid.

It was so natural.

Rosaria prepared to descend from the duke’s lap.

However, the Duke of Valencia did not let Rosaria out of his arms.



“Yes, sir.”

“Order Arthur to exterminate the seeds of the worms he caught yesterday. If there’s any of their blood in it, kill them all.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The result was completely different from what was expected.

Rosaria suddenly looked at the Duke of Valencia, who was preoccupied with catching bugs, strangely.

“Why are you suddenly killing bugs?”

“They have sinned, so they must pay for their sins.”


“Bugs are a sin just from existing. Do you want to live with bugs?”


It was terrible when bedbugs or fleas stuck to my body. Rosaria shook her head in disgust, and the Duke of Valencia patted her head.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“By the way… … .”

“What is it?”

“I’m not making enough money,are you okay with it?”

Rosaria asked carefully, and the Duke of Valencia snorted.

“Did you say money in front of me?”

“The more money, the better.”

Even Madame said she had a lot of money and still needed more.

I thought that the Duke of Valencia would be no different.

“The more, the better. But I am not desperate enough to borrow the hand of a child like you.”

“… … .”

The Duke of Valencia just cut it off and said.

“So what you have to do now is not to make money, but to grab a knife and a fork, so you can chew on the meat.”

At that moment, the servants came with Rosaria’s share of food.


As soon as they entered the restaurant, they witnessed an unbelievable sight and stopped for a second.

A small child sat on the duke’s lap. A child with the silver hair that the Duke of Valencia hates to death!

He was the one who emphasized that silver hair should never be employed even when hiring a servant, saying that seeing silver hair reminds him of the Oricsa family.

In addition, since the Duke of Valencia was accustomed to the usual ugly rumors, the servants couldn’t help but turn white in surprise.

Who the hell is that kid, sitting on the duke’s lap casually?

It felt like reading a horror novel.

‘Come to think of it, Simon muttered in the middle of the night that the master must be on a special spell .was it that kid?’

A child who uses magic on the Duke of Valencia. It was clear that he had tremendous power.

Strange misunderstandings only increased because Simon and Emma, who were not in a good mood, forgot to speak to the other servants.

The servants were reluctant to enter the restaurant. But they were professionals.

They were able to put the food safely on the table, hiding their trembling hands.

The Duke looked slightly dissatisfied with the added food, and forced the fork into Rosaria’s hand.

Rosaria grabbed the fork awkwardly. I felt the unique texture of a heavy silver fork.

‘I think it’s real silver … .’

I grabbed a silver fork. Yesterday I noticed something that I hadn’t paid attention to.

‘If I sell just one of these, I might be able to buy a mountain of white bread!’


Dry saliva was swallowed.

There was white bread right in front of me, but maybe it was because of the thought that I could leave this place at any time.

I liked the fork more than the bread.

‘Even the plate is shiny! Pretty!’

When I started to see one, I saw another one.

Rosaria looked enthusiastically at the table.

There was nothing that didn’t shine.

As expected, the duke had a lot of money.

Looking at Rosaria’s twinkling eyes, the Duke of Valencia mistakenly thought it was because she was very hungry.


“What’s going on?”

“Can I eat this?”

After looking at the table full of expensive things, Rosaria chose white bread after a while.

As it was freshly baked, hot steam was coming up.

“Ah. Can’t I?”

As the Duke’s reply was delayed, Rosaria shrugged her hands, feeling depressed.

Since it was breakfast, it was prepared rather simply, but there was also a meal for the duke to eat on the table.

Except for plain bread, there are a lot of delicious things, but Rosaria was hungry, but she refused other foods and chose the least important.

The Duke of Valencia sighed inwardly.

“I never said no.”

The Duke himself picked up a loaf of bread and brought it to Rosaria.

“It looks delicious.”

Rosaria usually ate hard, cold brown bread.

It was only natural that it didn’t taste good.

If there was any, I was very picky, so I dipped it in a thin soup and ate it.

It was only yesterday, but Rosaria cut the bread in half, thinking that so much had changed in one day.

‘I don’t think there’s any need to dip this bread in the soup. It would be delicious just to eat it.’

It was very artistic to see the bread being cut in half.

Feeling her heart beating, Rosaria took a bite of the bread.

And… … .

“So fucking delicious!”

Rosaria exclaimed in admiration.

It was thrilling.

The soft touch of the tongue was incomparable to the bread I had ever eaten.

‘The bread I ate was not bread. It’s a shame to even call it bread!’

I felt like I had been denied all my 8 years of life.

Not knowing that the surroundings had suddenly become quiet, Rosaria ate up the bread like a crab blindfolded.

The bread the size of Rosaria’s face disappeared in an instant.

Rosaria reached out to eat another one, and only then noticed that the surroundings were quiet.

‘Uh? What… … ?’

Rosaria, who had just hardened, rolled her eyes and looked around.

Everyone was looking at Rosaria.


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