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‘What did I do wrong? I only ate bread! I even got permission from you!’

In the back alley, swear words were basically used as adverbs or’s even strange if not used.

Rosaria, who was exposed to such an environment, did not know what the problem was.

“Is the bread that good?”

“Yeah, I think I’m going crazy.”

Rosaria nodded vigorously.

Faced with innocent blue eyes that knew nothing, the Duke of Valencia thought that if he had been able to kill a person twice, he would have visited Madame Pamela first.

“… … Rather than saying it like that, I think we should just say that it is delicious.”

“Why? This bread is not that simple.”

‘ To say that this delicious bread is just delicious?!’

Rosaria, who could not understand that much, opened her eyes.

“I’m only going to call this ‘buns’. Everything I’ve eaten so far is ‘pang’.”

( translator note:I didn’t understand this very much, but apparently it’s another bad word)

Rosaria said seriously.

In an instant, not only the Duke of Valencia but also Emma and Simon who were around burst into laughter.

The Duke of Valencia laughed briefly, and Emma and Simon had to turn their heads or cover their mouths with their palms to hide their smiles.

I understand how you feel, but it’s a bad expression. I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it anymore.”

“‘Pang’ too?”

“It doesn’t matter… … . I guess I’ll have to find you a teacher.”


“He is the one who tells you what you don’t know. Rather than that, try this.”

The Duke of Valencia pulled the steak toward Rosaria.

It was food that I did not even dare to steal.

Suddenly, Rosaria panicked when a huge steak pushed the soup out and took its place.

“Emma, ​​would she be okay with this?”

“If she doesn’t eat too much, she won’t get sick. And you have to chew it well and eat it slowly.”

Rosaria, who was gazing at the ripe steak, said, “Okay, I’ll eat it slowly.”

Clatter-, clatter–.

Rosaria, who was still young and not well-educated, could not do well, moving the knife hard to slice the steak.

The meat was soft, and the steak was sliced ​​well, but the sound of the plate and the knives hitting each other was loud.

Compared to the Duke of Valencia, who gracefully enjoyed his meal.

Rosaria noticed that and tried to do something, but her heart was in a hurry, so even the fork was in trouble.

In fact, yesterday, when I was eating soup, I made noises, but there was no comparison to that time.

And when I was in the back alley, no one showed manners in the yard where people from the same situation were gathered.

Rosaria put down her knife and fork, who took it for granted, but later realized that it was an embarrassing act.

Without touching the steak cut somehow.

“I won’t eat.”


“I have no appetite.”

There is no one who doesn’t think it’s strange that she suddenly has no appetite.

“At least eat the soup you used to eat.”

“No. I won’t eat drop me off.”

Rosaria expressed her intention to come down from his lap.

The Duke of Valencia, who was staring at Rosaria like that, picked up a fork and knife instead of dropping her down.

Then he began to cut the steak she had cut.

‘Well, you’re gonna eat in front of me I mean, if you don’t drop me off, I’ll go down on my own!’

It was a little difficult to go down if the Duke of Valencia didn’t drag the chair back, but it wasn’t that he couldn’t go down at all.

Rosaria, who had decided to go down alone, tried to move.

At that time.

Clatter-, clatter–.


Until a while ago, the Duke of Valencia, who had been eating without even the sound let alone clattering, sliced ​​the steak with a loud noise.

Surprised, Rosaria stopped what she was doing and looked at the Duke of Valencia’s hand and face alternately.

‘You didn’t suddenly become a different person, so what is it?’

The Duke of Valencia, who was stared at by Rosaria, coughed awkwardly once and said.

“Forks are acting ignorant.”

With a nonsensical excuse, the Duke of Valencia took a bite-sized steak with a fork and brought it to Rosaria’s mouth.


Rosaria said, staring at the steak, cut into bite-size pieces.

She was the kid who said ‘I don’t want to eat!’

This time, the Duke of Valencia was startled, worried that she would run away by saying ‘No!’

But Rosaria who did not notice it, said.

“Can the teacher tell me how to make a fork stop acting ignorant?”

“Yeah, other than that, if you have any questions or want to learn, I’ll tell you everything.”

After hearing the duke’s answer, Rosaria smiled broadly and ate the steak.


After the meal, Rosaria held a thick catalog in her hand.

It was to decorate the bedroom of the former Duke of Valencia, the bedroom of the present Rosaria.

The catalog was full of furniture favored by girls the age of Rosaria.

Of course, before that, the giant horse head was set aside.

“Oh my, my. Look at this. It’s so pretty. I think it suits her perfectly.”

Rosaria, the owner of the room, said that she was shy, but she liked Emma more.

The cute designs and props seemed to penetrate Emma’s taste exactly.

“Which one do you like?”

This is good. No, I think this is better.

Asked Emma, ​​who had been recommending enthusiastically as if she were a store clerk.

Rosaria, who had been looking through the catalog a bit distractedly, suddenly remembered something, and her eyes twinkled.


“… … yes?”

Contrary to the bewildered Emma, ​​Rosaria exclaimed, whose face couldn’t be more lively after showing her the catalog.

“I like gold!”


‘Because it’s good to steal and sell.’

After deciding through the catalog, furniture came in an instant.

After a major renovation of the walls and floors, Rosaria was able to occupy the bedroom completely.

And late at night, when Emma was asleep;

Rosaria crept out of bed, carefully removed the gold ornament she had chosen, and hid it under the bed.

‘I’m glad that Saint Cordelia hasn’t appeared yet.’

I don’t know how nervous I was during the bedroom construction.

According to the contents of the book, it was Saint Cordelia, not Rosaria, who had to meet the Duke of Valencia that day.

However, as Rosaria vowed to escape, the story was twisted.

‘Still, since a saint is a saint, she will eventually appear. It’s just that the appearance was a little late.’

The vast divine power the saint possessed was the kind of power that could not be hidden.

‘I don’t know when Saint Cordelia will appear, so I’ll have to diligently raise funds until then.’

[It’s all right as long as you know you shouldn’t be doing it]

Every time he hid an object, he remembered what the Duke of Valencia had said, and although it was a bit chilly, she couldn’t stop.

‘If you don’t do this, you can’t survive.’

Today, Rosaria, who vigorously hid jewels and gold under the bed, looked around.

I kept hiding them little by little so that others wouldn’t notice, but in the end she would be caught if the tail was long.

‘The bedroom has to end here. So now … .’

‘Let’s go outside!’

Exploring the castle!

Even inside the castle, there were a lot of gold and jewels that I had been eyeing for a while.

To steal them, Rosaria crept open the door. Then a dark hallway welcomed her.

‘It’s too dark… But if I carry a candlestick, it will stand out too much.’

It was the first time I went outside at this hour. Rosaria, who swallowed dry saliva, took courage and moved on.

How many steps did I take?


The stomach made noises asking for food.

‘By the way, I couldn’t eat properly today because I was so nervous.’

Unlike the bedroom, the castle was spacious and there were many valuables.

 I couldn’t eat properly because I was worried that I might be found out.

‘It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with starving a little… .’


‘No, I think it’s a little bad.’

I ate well for a few days, so I forgot about the past.

‘It can’t be helped. If you get caught from the noise, I’ll be in trouble!’

Rosaria, who swept her angry stomach as if to appease it, changed her target and went to the kitchen.

I was walking, eagerly hoping that there was something to eat in the kitchen, when I suddenly smelled blood in the wind.

‘Huh? The smell of blood?’

It was a smell that should never be here.

Rosaria stopped walking.



Someone was approaching.

From the other side.

‘Who is it? Are you a servant? But he’s short for a servant.’

While staying at the Valencia Castle, Rosaria had never seen someone her own age.

I opened my eyes to see precisely the faint figure approaching from the darkness.

However, it was difficult to see, so the moment she tried to run away, the opponent stood under the moonlight passing through the window.


Rosaria let out a small gasp.

He was a boy who looked a little older than me. But if he had been just an ordinary boy, she wouldn’t have been so surprised.

The closer he gets, the stronger the smell of blood.

The golden hair that seemed to have once glittered and the straight facial features were covered in blood, so they did not stand out.

The boy approached, dragging his blood-soaked sword to the floor.

‘You have to run away.’

It was dangerous.

The boy didn’t seem to have seen me properly yet, so he had to run away now.

But her feet didn’t move.

‘Ugh. Run away… , hurry… … !’

While Rosaria had hardened with fear, a boy approached and stood in front of her.


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