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The back alley where you take a wrong step, and you disappear silently. 




A scream rang as if it were in the middle of hell. 





The Duke of Valencia looked at those struggling with pain with a contemplative gaze.




Then, a woman’s eyes lit up. 





It was Madame Pamela





“Insects like you are everywhere.” 





“… There are so many that it’s hard to kill one by one.” 





Then Asked the Duke, who cut off Madame’s words who was about to ask for help, 





“You know Cordelia, right?” 





Madame nodded several times like a crazy person.





“Thank you for taking care of the child so that she wouldn’t freeze to death over the past year.”





 Madame Pamela  looked up at the Duke with a hopeful eyes.





 “It’s annoying to take care of a child. Children of that age are noisy, messy, and faithful to their instincts enough to be uncontrollable.”





“Yeah, right.”





She didn’t know how the Duke of Valencia knows Cordelia, but Madam instinctively knew.






 She  will be able to live if she agrees unconditionally and strongly insist that she took good care of Cordelia.






“But you know what?”





 Madame shivered.







The low-pitched voice was ominous. 







“I asked an eight-year-old child to tell me what she wanted, and she asked me to give her a corner in the stable. Do you know what this means?…”






“….It means there’s a problem.”





“If you’re an ordinary child, you don’t act that precocious.” 





The tone was harsh, but her behaviour was too precocious for a child.







The Duke, who recalled the blue eyes that were looking at him, stepped on Madame’s hand with an expressionless face. 





“There are no children in the world who don’t get on the nerves of adults. It’s  natural for a child to throw tantrums.” 





It was the back of her hand that was stepped on, but she couldn’t breathe as if I was strangled.





 Madame Pamela sobbed and shed tears with a chirping voice. 





“How do you think I know that when I’m single and have no children?” 





“P, please, say… “






“I know another similar kid.”





The Duke, who recalled his nephew, who is currently recuperating in Valencia Castle, lifted his foot from the back of Madame Pamela’s hand. 





Then, looking at her briefly with a gaze as if she’s inferior to an insect, he turned his back.





“Take care of it.”






 “Yes, sir.” 





Arthur, a knight who appeared quietly, pulled out a sword.








The next day, a large number of unknown bodies were found in the back alley.





People could quickly notice who they were. 






It was Madame Pamela’s group, who usually used orphans to make money. 






Strangely, however, there were only a bunch of adult bodies, and no child bodies were found from the children madame Pamela was managing.





As if they suddenly evaporated. 





‘I wonder if a ghost has really appeared.’ 





Some people thought that way.





Even the abandoned house where the group used to gather burned down? 




However, like any other back alley, everyone hissed and condoned the fact. 




This case was quickly forgotten. 








After washing with warm and good-scented water, Rosaria, who lightly arranged her shaggy hair, was able to eat the delicious food she had hoped for. 





It was not greasy food, but the thick soup was enough to satisfy Rosaria. 




It was able to give a very generous evaluation  and that’s because  it was not others’ leftovers.




 In fact, Emma wanted to feed her something like a whole turkey or apple pie.




But When she was asking Rosaria what she wanted to eat in a motivated manner, she was told that Rosaria had been sick for three days and that she had not eaten anything for a week. 




Emma looked very shocked. 




Those who doesn’t make money, don’t eat. 




Rosaria, who stayed in the back alley and heard about it, responded, “Isn’t it natural?” to Emma, who was embarrassed.




Then Emma suddenly turned her head and said,





“you’ll have to eat something easy on your stomach, so you don’t get a stomachache”





 As a result, a very delicious soup was placed in front of Rosaria.




“But you know what? Are you giving it to me because you feel bad for me?” 





Rosaria, who was eating a spoonful or two of soup, suddenly asked. 





Emma was embarrassed and couldn’t answer. 




Rosaria, who was quickly reading the room, put down a spoon. 




“Then I won’t eat it.”





 “What? Why?” 





“It is said that people won’t sympathize with Children like me anymore if I eat good food.”





Then Emma was more shocked to see Rosaria muttering, 





“If you don’t feel sympathy, we can’t get anything.”




 Rosaria, who honestly spoke out because she didn’t want to be the first and last dinner, wrapped her arms around her stomach. 




And  pretended not to be hungry, and she deliberately stared at the soup that smelled delicious with an expressionless face. 





“It has nothing to do with pity. No matter what you look like, I’ll give you delicious food today and tomorrow,”





Emma said in a friendly tone, looking at Rosaria, who stubbornly shut her lips. 





“You’re a human being, right? If you’re a person, you have to eat food that people eat. Don’t you think so?”





Thanks to Emma’s gentle soothing, Rosaria was able to eat the soup again. 





“You don’t have to work.”




“Why? Are you going to starve me from now on?”





“No, it’s not like that.”






 Emma smiled sadly when she saw Rosaria pulling her bowl and taking a defensive posture in case she was deprived of her soup. 




“Even if you don’t make money, I’ll make you the food you want when you want to eat it. The lady just needs to eat a lot of delicious food, sleep well, and grow up.”










Grandma Emma said only things she couldn’t understand at all.




Still vigilant, Rosaria asked. 





“Why do you keep saying you’ll give it to me when I’m not doing anything?”




 “Because you’re still a child.”




It was an answer that seemed natural. 





“It’s an adult’s duty to help children grow up without any worries.”





 Emma seemed to tell me that the sun would rise in the morning. 





But it still didn’t make sense  in Rosaria’s world. 





“You shouldn’t leave adult problems to your child. So I don’t want you to think that you have to make money from now on. It’s too early to worry about that now.”





 When she heard Emma, Rosaria thought.




’What a weird grandma!’





What do you mean don’t do anything? 




She was a really strange grandma. 





When I was in The back alley, if I didn’t make money, it was normal to starve.




 Madame Pamela said, 



“Do you know how much it costs to feed you and put you to sleep?You should pay for it,” 




It was convincing enough to listen carefully.




Rosaria then nodded in front of Madame Pamela.




However, she couldn’t nod at Emma’s words. 





‘I’m leaving soon anyway, so it doesn’t matter’





The Duke of Valencia said it doesn’t matter, but when the real Cordelia really appears, he would naturally change his mind. 




‘Because it was like that in the book.’




 Everyone really liked Cordelia.







 Even if someone hated her at first, they eventually fell in love with her charm, because she was kind and beautiful. 




‘Even if I try hard, my birth will always be different’ 




First of all, I have to eat, since I’m here.





After eating, Rosaria headed to the bedroom with Emma, with her clothes getting dragged on the floor.





“Are you very uncomfortable?” 





“No, I’m not uncomfortable at all.”





 Rosaria shook her head quickly.






I was so happy with the soft pyjamas that I never thought existed in the world.





 “But it doesn’t fit, so I’ll call a tailor tomorrow. Let’s get new clothes together.”





“I like this outfit, too”




“I was worried because it was an old design, but I guess you liked it.” 






The design couldn’t be of any importance because it was rare to just get a pair of clothes.





However, Rosaria nodded for now.





It was natural, the Duke of Valencia had no clothes for an eight-year-old girl, and it was too late to buy a new one, so Rosaria wore the same clothes the Duke’s sister had worn when she was a teenager.





They threw away all the clothes she wore when she was eight, so Emma somehow tried to mend clothes that could be worn by a 15-year-old, but they were still too big for Rosaria, who was skinny. 





However, Rosaria did not care and worked hard to tidy up the sleeves that were flowing.



Rosaria, who wiggles her small hands non-stop, was cute, so Emma’s mouth was filled with a smile. 





“If I knew this would happen, I should have kept the clothes Lady Ingrid wore when she was young without throwing them away.If I had done so, young master Yurian would have liked it because he had something to remember his mother with.”








 Rosaria tilted her head.





 I could see that Ingrid was the name of the duke’s sister. 





But who’s Yurian?






“Oh, yes. I couldn’t tell you. Young  master Yurian is the son of Lady Ingrid and is currently recuperating here.” 





“It’s probably hard to see his face because he doesn’t come out often”




“recuperating? Is he hurt a lot?”





“ Yes, he hurts a lot because he has a terrible curse. So don’t be too surprised if you run into him.”




“Yes, I got it!”





‘She’s very energetic’(Emma)





Emma smiled affectionately as she saw Rosaria nodding her head vigorously. 




Come to think of it, Duke Valencia’s older sister was the mother of the second prince!




The Duke of Valencia and the second prince, Yurian, were in an Uncle nephew relationship.






Rosaria could recall what was briefly mentioned in the book. 





Ingrid, who married the emperor, died when the second prince was around the age of six or seven. 





But it was simple if you asked why the child she gave birth to was not the first prince but the second prince.





The emperor, who already had a lover, gave birth to an illegitimate child.






 After Ingrid’s death, he brought his lover as his empress and even her child as his rightful heir. 





‘Then what to do? The 1st prince is also a jerk.’




The first prince also liked the saint Cordelia, but she was always pursued by the crazy three princes.






In the fire, the princes went out to save Stain Cordelia themselves, but only the first prince did not  show even a hair, which was enough proof. 




‘Oh, come to think of it, there was only one person who didn’t fall for the saint.’ 





The three prince also liked the saint, and the first prince also liked the saint.





 But only one person.





Yurian had a lukewarm attitude toward the saint.





Unlike other men, saint Cordelia showed interest in Yurian, perhaps because she liked him being cold to her.





I didn’t see the end of the story, but he was a little cold-hearted when she tried to break his curse, but I thought maybe even Yurian fell in love with her at the end.





 Only then does the saint have enough divine power to solve any curse.





No matter how emotionless a person was, he would not treat the saint coldly when she had lifted the curse that had plagued him all his life.





 ‘If he doesn’t come out, well, we won’t meet.’





Rosaria, who was recalling the content of the book, was able to enter the former Duke’s bedroom and now her own bedroom.


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