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 “Is this really my room?”


“Yes, it’s really cold, right?”


 It’s because the duke doesn’t really like to put a lot of things in the room. 


“Even if so, it’s too…”


It looked bigger because there was no furniture.




Emma smiled quietly as she looked half-heartedly at the huge bed that had been placed in it.





“It’s a room that’s not enough for you to stay in. Let’s decorate the bedroom while looking at the catalogue together tomorrow. 




There’s a lot to do. 




“You must be tired. Hurry up and sleep.”




 It’s not lacking at all. 




I couldn’t understand what was lacking. 


While Rosaria was embarrassed, Emma naturally laid Rosaria on the bed. 




Unexpectedly lying in bed, Rosaria stiffened herself with unfamiliar scenery, unfamiliar scent, and unfamiliar touch. 




“If you need anything , you can always pull this rope. Sweet dreams.”




Emma kissed Rosaria’s forehead good night. 




She didn’t notice that Rosaria was not paying attention. 








Rosaria, who was blinking her eyes wide open after receiving a sudden kiss, called Emma. 





 “What did you just do?” 




“I gave you a spell to make you have a good dream.” 




Emma laughed and said, 




“oh, my! “ 




Because Rosaria, who was acting like a squirrel who found an acorn so huge that you couldn’t move it alone, was cute. 





Rosaria, who was staring at Emma’s face, raised her body. 



“Emma, sweet dreams.”


 Because of the height difference, I couldn’t do it on my forehead like Emma, and I kissed her lightly on the cheek.




And I went under the blanket shyly.



 “Oh my.” 




“It’s unfair if I’m the only one who gets a spell.”





 Rosaria, who raised the blanket to the bottom of her chin, wiggled her finger hidden in it. 





“Thanks to you, I’ll only have good dreams today. Thank you.” 




Emma, who turned around, took a light step out.




The door is closed. Rosaria looked up at the dark ceiling and blinked slowly. 




“Is it really okay for me to be here?” 




I felt subtly uncomfortable because the texture was soft like the clothes I’m wearing now, but the size didn’t fit. With such a variety of worries, Rosaria spent her first day at the Duke of Valencia. 









I thought I would stay up all night after that, but I slept so well! 



Chirping. I heard the sound of birds signaling the morning. 




Rosaria, who was about to get up wiping her saliva around her mouth, lay back in bed.




“Soft and fluffy.”




‘ I love it.’ 



It was a luxury that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy again if not now.





 I liked the soft and unshakable bed, so I kept rolling around. 




Rolling around. 



Even though I rolled around, a big area of the bed was left. 




It seemed possible to play on the bed. 




Roll over to the right. Roll over to the left. Rolling around. 




Rosaria constantly rolled around on the bed. 




It was quite addictive.




 Then, suddenly, the head on the wall and the eyes met. 








Surprised Rosaria jumped like a freshly caught fish. 




“A head is hanging on the wall! A head!”




Rosaria, who opened the door, ran out at a high speed.




Emma and Simon, who recognized Rosaria in the middle, tried to stop her, but Rosaria did not stop. 






I ran and ran to escape from that head without knowing the way. Rosaria, who found someone when she arrived at the restaurant while running around like that, glinted her eyes. 








 I felt like I met my saviour. 




Rosaria was in the arms of the Duke of Valencia, who was eating without hesitation. 








 When something small, fluttering clothes bigger than its size, suddenly came into his arms, the Duke’s body hardened. 




Without knowing that the Duke of Valencia’s body was stiff, Rosaria buried her face on his chest. 



“What’s wrong?” 




“The head…” 




“Your head?”




 What’s wrong with your head? 


The Duke of Valencia looked down at Rosaria’s head. 



She just woke up, and it was a little dishevelled, but her silver hair was restored to its original color thanks to the fact that it was washed well when he was away.




He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking with that acorn-like head, so Rosaria suddenly raised her head. 




“There was a head!”





 Rosaria shouted passionately. 




“The head in the room was staring at me like this!”



 A question mark popped up in the head of the Duke of Valencia.




Even if he killed a lot of people, he wasn’t uncultured enough to put corpses in the bedroom.




 “I’m sure it was trying to kill me!” 




“Yeah, so your head showed up and tried to kill you.”








“Then I’ll have to go take care of that naughty head.”




 “Are you sure you’ll take care of it?”




 “It dare to stare at you, but of course I have to get rid of it.”




It was a reliable answer to hear. 




Rosaria was able to calm down more than before with the Duke of Valencia’s remarks that he would be on her side. 




“I can’t believe a head was just dangling.” 






I was taking a deep breath following the Duke’s advice. Emma ran from far away. 




“I was wondering where you were running, and you ran to the Duke. You really like the duke. You’re like his biological daughter.”





 Said Emma with a smile. 




The Duke of Valencia only coughed once, wondering if he was awkward.




 “The head tried to kill me!”




“The head?” Emma became confused at Rosaria’s shout.




“Aren’t you referring to the stuffed object hanging in the Duke’s bedroom?”




Simon, who came to the restaurant, helped as he saw Rosaria running and Emma chasing her, wondering if there was a problem.




 As if they were all belatedly aware of the existence of “stuffed” object, they responded, “There was something like that.” Except for one person. 




“Simon. It’s not my bedroom anymore.” 




“Oh, yeah. It is The lady’s bedroom now.”




 Simon, who was criticized by the Duke of Valencia, had to correct what he said with a shivering look.



“A stuffed head?” 




“What you saw is not a wicked head trying to kill you.” 




“The white horse head is a  decoration in the bedroom. I should take it off today.” 




“What’s stuffed?”




 When I asked because I didn’t understand the word I heard for the first time, Emma, who was next to me, kindly explained it.


 “It’s said to be stuffed after hunting animals to make them like they were alive without rotting. It’s made like it was still alive, not really alive, so you can relax.”




 “Why do you put it where you sleep?”







 Emma, who smiled awkwardly, glanced at the Duke of Valencia. Following Emma’s gaze, Rosaria looked up at the Duke of Valencia. 




“Mister’s expression is ugly.” 



“It’s because you looked up from down.”


 “No, you look  really ugly now.”


 It was an overly cold reaction. 


The Duke of Valencia flinched with his hands on both sides of Rosaria. 


Did I say it too honestly?


 Later, he realized what he had said, and Rosaria shrank in fear of being hit.


 But there was no pain. 


The Duke, who held Rosaria, naturally put her on his lap. 


“I’m not ugly anymore, am I?”


 “Well, I think so.”


 I wasn’t scared  and he said something nice to hear. 


The duke really looked more relaxed than before.


 “Do I look ugly from bottom to top?”


 But he looked ugly only when he mentioned the white horse.


Curious Rosaria stared at the Duke of Valencia in the face. 



The duke, who received the gaze, suddenly smiled softly.




 And he  whispered secretly in a low voice.



 “Why did I put that head in my room?” 



“Uh, yes.” 




“That’s what I’m saying. To not forget.”



 “Don’t forget what?”




 The atmosphere is a little scary: I felt like I shouldn’t hear it anymore. 



However, curiosity was already ahead. Rosaria pricked up her ears. 



“It’s to not forget my promise to place the head of the family symbolizing whitehaired  horses with my hands someday.”


“Duke, I don’t think it’s something I have to  tell you, but you didn’t have to answer because she asked.”




 “It’s not even a huge secret, is it?”



 “That’s true, but I thought it was too cruel to tell a child.”




 Simon and Emma were worried that Rosaria’s emotions would be severely harmed, but Rosaria actually worried about something else.



 A white horse that the Duke of Valencia hates so much that he looks ugly. 



‘If white hair symbolize the family, Hyuk! It’s the Oricsa family!’




Rosaria could guess how tremendous the Duke of Valencia’s anger toward Oricsa was.


‘Come to think of it, Oricsa and Valencia said they had a bad relationship even before they quarrelled over the saint issue! If Oricsa is a righteous family active in sunny places, Valencia was a little gloomy in the dark and was in charge of illegal work. He was able to boast the worst of the four families existing in the empire.’




I didn’t know you’d hate it enough to decorate the family’s symbolic hair in the bedroom!




Therefore, Simon, who misunderstood Rosaria as a member of Oricsa , hated it so much. 




But I don’t know my parents either! It would have been nice if there was a short story about my birth in the novel, but there was no backstory for any supporting character at all.




There was nothing written but that she was from an orphanage in the same area as Saint Cordelia, without even knowing the whereabouts of her parents.




‘My hair is silver not because Oricsa’s blood flows, but for the day I’ll be kidnapped instead of the saint!’




 Silver hair was not very common, but it was not the colour that only the Oricsa family could have.




Rosaria pouted her lips. 



Thanks to this, I would only hated by the servants while I am in Valencia. 


Isn’t Simon still looking at er with a bulging eye? 


‘Maybe if the Duke of Valencia was a little more out of his mind, he would have killed me as soon as he saw me!’


I might have been cut off from the neck. 


‘Oh, terrible!’


 I got goosebumps because of the terrible imagination. 


Rosaria, who was sweeping her arms, thumped her nose.


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