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I looked at Camilla without losing my smile.


Camilla was still arrogant. She spoke in a shrill voice, threatening us.


“No matter how much holy power you have, you’re only human. You can’t stand up to me, who was born through the power of the Great One.”


Camilla said as she looked at the men dealing with the monsters who were coming out of her shadow.


“If you hadn’t been on Ariel’s side, I would have loved you every day.”


“I can’t listen to her anymore. It would be better to kill her quickly.”


Kyle, who was making a way by cutting down the pouring monsters, started walking toward Camilla with a bothered look.


At the threat approaching her, Camilla clutched at the statue and closed her eyes, whispering.


“Towards me, your most powerful power. Please respond. Father.”


If Camilla uses her abilities like my ‘Response’, no human might be able to subdue her.


Although her body is weakened by the absence of the statue, she initially possesses powers that can’t be compared to those of humans.


I’m a human too, but if I receive a blessing or response from Ciel, I become a superhuman. However, if Camilla, a descendant of Raid, who has the power of a God and the Demon King, runs out of control…


‘She must literally be a monster.’


Yet I had nothing to worry about.


All of this was as I had planned.


When nothing happened, Camilla opened her eyes, sensing something strange.


I said with a light smile.


“Ah, did you really have a hard time searching for it?”


In disbelief, Camilla looked at the statue in her hand.


“What is this…!”


“It’s the same as the one you had, isn’t it?”


When I was in the Imperial Palace, I received an object identical to Camilla’s Raid statue from Cass.


The statue made by special order was exactly the same down to the smallest detail.


What I did next was to call Diego and tell him to imbue it with an aura similar to the existing icon.


‘I was surprised that he came to me in the middle of the night.’


Diego was Leto’s successor, who was created by being imbued with his energy. Unlike Camilla, who was slightly incomplete as she came to the world 4 years earlier, he was a complete demon.


As it turns out, Diego had an aura most similar to Leto’s, which is why Camilla didn’t notice that the statue was reversed.


And a powerful curse from Diego was placed there.


“…Then what about this statue?!”


Camilla’s dark red eyes twitched.


I told her with a kind smile.


“It’s a gift.”


At that moment.


Diego’s curse was activated.




I could see Camilla grabbed the area around her own heart.


Soon she sat down with her shoulders trembling.


Kyle, who was about to cut her off at any moment, looked down at her, frowning.




According to Diego, the name of the curse is ‘Eternal Pain’. I heard that it was a curse that caused the heart to gradually burn with an unquenchable fire and eventually die.


It seems that this is the demon version of the brutal reality of brother and sister.




Camilla raised her eyes fiercely in pain and screamed at me.


“How dare a fake like you!”


I looked at her and let out a sigh.


Camilla still couldn’t seem to accept that Ariel, the false saintess of the prophecy, had defeated her like this.


“Now that you’re a fake saintess too, don’t you think it’s funny?”


Then Camilla gritted her teeth.


“Don’t be ridiculous. I’m the descendant of the great Raid, the God of Eternity… This crude curse can be lifted by Father by divine power. And I will tear you apart!”


“There is no more Raid, the God of Eternity.”


I coldly cut her off.


The reason why the Gods disappeared from my chat window earlier had something to do with this.




Camilla’s pupils shook violently.


I told her with a grin on my face.


“Do you think I am lying?”


After a moment, Camilla, who had been in a daze, screamed.


“You… What the hell have you done!”


[The maximum capacity of non-renewed oracle is reduced.]


[Current maximum oracle capacity: 9]

[Changed maximum oracle capacity: 8]

[Your current oracle capacity: 6]


I said, looking at her.


“Raid is no longer a god.”




When I doubted that Raid, the God of Eternity, was Leto, I asked the Gods. What would happen if the God of Eternity concurrently served as the Demon King?


I thought it would be difficult to expect an answer this time, but after a brief meeting, the chat window began to glow.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, uses Response on you.]


The knowledge that Hessed, the God of Knowledge, wanted to pass on to me had crept into my mind.


In the distant past, there was a God in the beginning. The Nine Gods were born from the Primordial God, and the administrators of the world, Van and Ren, were created.


And the darkest part of the pure power of the Primordial God fell away, forming the Demon Realm.


The Gods were given names and roles. They were given the mission to protect the Human Realm by maintaining balance and order in the world.


The Gods also had several taboos, one of which was that they shouldn’t have descendants to prevent chaos in the human world.


Raid, the God of Eternity, and Bellatrix, the God of lies, broke the taboo and made a personal prophecy for their descendant, earning the dishonorable title of ‘traitor’.


But like humans, Gods can sometimes make mistakes, and what they did was taboo, at least within the lines of the world order.


‘However, what if one of them committed an unforgivable taboo?’


The worst taboo that the Primordial God commanded all the Gods was this.


<Do not stand on the side of the demons.>


The Demon Realm was a part of balancing the world. However, they were stronger than humans, vicious, and possessed of conquering tendencies.


If the Gods don’t protect humans and stand on the side of the demons, the balance of the world will easily be broken. And that was contrary to the essence of the Gods’ existence.


Being related to the Demon Realm was something that had to be called upon to other Gods, not to mention becoming the ‘Demon King’.


That’s why the Gods were able to judge those who violated the worst taboo according to the laws set by the Primordial God.


〈The Promise of the Primordial〉


It meant a sacred meeting of the Gods seated around the round table, about the ‘disqualification of divinity’.


In fact, in order to inflict the final punishment of ‘disqualification of divinity’, two-thirds of the Nine Gods, a huge number of six Gods, were required.


I heard that the gathering of the Gods didn’t happen until they entered my oracle.


But there were six Gods in my oracle, and they all agreed.


The ‘disqualification of divinity’ given to Raid… was the first time in the history of the Gods.




Camilla muttered in disbelief.


“Nonsense! You’re lying!”


Her screams of bewilderment echoed throughout the hall.


The Gods in my oracle had temporarily withdrawn from the oracle in order to severely judge, that is to say, ‘disqualification of divinity’.


All Gods directly heard the fact that Raid broke the taboo from Raid’s descendant, Camilla, through ‘Response’ with me. And I personally experienced the ‘Magi’ she did.


It became strong evidence to determine the disqualification of Raid, the God of Eternity.


With the decision of the Gods, Raid’s divinity was completely stripped.


Now, only the body of the Demon King Leto, who has lost his divine power and has been weakened, will remain in the Demon Realm.


“I-I’m a saintess! I’m the saintess of prophecy! A noble being who will rule the world!”


Camilla’s voice was trembling.


She was born only for the prophecy, lived only for the prophecy, and prepared for the fulfillment of the prophecy.


How does it feel to lose all that trust?


“The likes of you! You, a false saintess, aren’t something that can touch me!”


Her quivering eyes and lips were filled with shock.


A chat window began to reappear in front of my eyes.


[The ■■■ ■■■, who was spreading the mat, tries to enter your oracle and fails.]


[A bag is placed in every seat in the oracle.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, has re-entered your oracle.]


[Capacity 1/6]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, has re-entered your oracle.]


[Capacity 2/6]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, has re-entered your oracle.]


[Capacity 3/6]


[The God of Art, Mond, has re-entered your oracle.]


[Capacity 4/6]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, has re-entered your oracle.]


[Capacity 5/6]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, has re-entered your oracle.]


[Capacity 6/6]


My goodness, they left after proclaiming their seats and came back.


“You’re here?”


[The God of Art, Mond, winks at you.]

[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, shrugs his shoulders.]

I took my eyes off the chat window for a moment, then looked at Camilla again, saying coldly.


“Of course I’m different from you.”


Receiving a hostile glance, I continued.


“Because I’m not an idiot whose entire life is manipulated by someone else’s prophecy.”


‘If it’s money or capitalism, it might be worth being manipulated a little bit.’


Prophecy, isn’t it too outdated?


Camilla’s body trembled again at my direct words.


“I-I will curse you!”


Whether she did that or not.


I snorted.


Now that Camilla was Leto’s imperfect daughter and an inferior demon, she was nothing.


Kyle commanded in his menacing voice as his terrifying youthful sword pointed at her.


“Let’s talk about your remaining feelings in prison.”


I heard what Reihausd was saying to the Paladins.


“Seize her.”


Within seconds, the Paladins who had fallen earlier rose to the podium.


She grabbed the side of her cursed heart and began hastily backing away from the podium. However Kyle, Reihausd, and Cass were standing in front of her, so she had nowhere to go. Paladins rushed in from behind.


A look of despair grew on Camilla’s face.


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