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A clear chat window popped up in front of me.


[Hidden Mission Success]


[Would you like to receive the hidden mission reward?




I revealed the identity of Camilla, who was trying to become a saintess, and stopped the prophecy, so my mission was successful.


I chose ‘yes’.


Then the chat window started flashing again.


[‘Oracle LV5’ is open.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, has entered your oracle.]


  [Capacity 7/7]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, runs wagging his tail.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, clears his throat.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, strokes Ciel and finds his place.]


[As the God of Death, Kairos, finds his place, his mat falls from his hand.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, looks at his seat for a long time with an emotional look.]


‘You’ve waited a long time. Kairos.’


[The God of Death, Kairos, sits down carefully.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, puts on his name tag.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, writes his name in his place.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, asks Mond to engrave his name.]


[The God of Art, Mond, accepts Kairos’ request.]


As I was looking at the oracle window, I felt a bit sad.


I decided to slow down my greetings with Kairos, and turned my attention back to the current situation.


Camilla’s arms were grabbed by the Paladins. Her eyes, which had returned to green, were filled with deep anger.


It was pitiful to see her eyebrows twitching constantly, as if her heart, which was burning with Diego’s curse, was in pain.


Cough. Don’t think this is the end!”


Camilla looked at me and gave a last breath.


“Even if it’s not the end of everything, at least I know it’s your end.”


I said leisurely.


The Paladins grabbed Camilla’s arms and pulled her to her feet.




Her body continued to tremble because of the curse on her heart.


“I think she’ll die if she’s left alone.”


I said to Kyle.


It was because Kyle was leaking bloodlust around him, whether Camilla’s hoarse was annoying.


I don’t really want to see someone die in front of me in a horrible way.


Thinking of the horrifying scene when Kyle slayed the troll.


“Uuugh… Cough…”


Meanwhile, Camilla twisted her body as the pain in her heart grew. Then I saw her green eyes grow cloudy.


In the original novel I read, she was bright, beautiful, and kind.


It was a bit bittersweet to know that the main character in the novel, who had entertained me, was actually the dark side of the demon’s prophecy, and she was dying in front of my eyes.


I opened my mouth and told her.


“Goodbye, Camilla.”


This was the last greeting I could say to Camilla, the main character in a novel I once read.


Camilla glared at me and replied.


“I hate you…”


Her expression was miserable and her face was white as a sheet of paper. As if she was going to run out of breath at any moment.


However, at that moment.






The Paladins holding Camilla suddenly bounced to the side. Then, her body hung limp and floated into the air. As if some invisible force within her was forcibly pulling her up.


I took a step back in surprise.


“Back off.”


Kyle pointed his sharp sword at Camilla again. At the end of it, a strong dark aura stood.


“Come here.”


Cass grabbed and pulled me back.


Could it be that Camilla has more hidden powers?


“The demon has risen again!”




When the situation seemed to have come to an end, the nobles who had sneaked in through the door out of curiosity shook their heads again and screamed.


“The demon has risen in the air!”


“Run away again!”


I couldn’t help but watch Camilla anxiously, a little taken aback by the unexpected situation.


Soon, thick darkness began to emanate from her body.


It began to gather around Camilla like an ink cloud, enveloping her.


‘What’s that cloud?’


Its shape and color were very suspicious, yet it was clear that it wasn’t made of Magi.


Kyle didn’t wait any longer and fired his sword into the darkness.


However, the bluish sword passed through the ink cloud and hit the wall.




The wall that had been hit by Kyle’s sword skill crumbled with a rumbling sound.


“The teachings of Mond came to me, and with great power, defeating the evil…”


Reihausd’s bright golden eyes flashed and he drew his sword. I could feel a strong divine power wrapped around his body.


“Get in the line!”


Dwayne shouted to the Paladins,


The Paladins aimed their swords at the black cloud and lined up in a round siege.


I thought it was all over, yet the on-the-go situation was starting again.


The chat window of the Gods appeared before my eyes.


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, blesses you.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, blesses you.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, blesses you.]


Although my body was filled with the energy of the Gods, anxiety surrounded my whole body.


What will happen now?


It was then.


The black cloud that enveloped Camilla with a menacing force suddenly faded like smoke and disappeared.




I looked in disbelief at the space where Camilla had been.


Everyone, including me, was shocked. As Camilla also disappeared without a trace along with the black cloud.


“Damn it.”


After a while, I heard Kyle grinding his teeth.


What the hell is this situation?


A strong possibility flashed through my mind as I was startled and stopped thinking for a moment.


I opened my mouth to Kyle.


“There was the God of Lies, Bellatrix!”


The God of Lies, Bellatrix is one of the Nine Gods and was also the God who gave birth to Camilla along with Raid.


“Bellatrix was protecting Camilla too. Just like Raid.”


Even in the scriptures of the Nine Gods of the temple, there were only five pages of Bellatrix’s ‘Speech’.


There is only one Temple of Bellatrix in the Empire, and he’s commonly known as the weakest of the Gods.


However, even as a weak newcomer, given the modifier ‘lie’, it wouldn’t have been difficult to get Camilla out of people’s eyes.


Camilla could have revealed her power to the outside thanks to the use of black magic to destroy the holy power suppression magic circle on the ground.


‘When the holy power suppression magic circle was destroyed, I should’ve paid attention to Bellatrix’s existence…’


It was an obvious mistake on my part.


[The Gods enter an emergency meeting.]


[The opinions of the Gods are divided.]


[The agenda raised by some Gods has been abolished.]


The ‘disqualification of divinity’ is the unique and strict authority of the Gods, which even I can’t ask them.


[The meeting of the Gods has ended.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, grumbles angrily.]


It seemed that Bellatrix’s divinity couldn’t be taken away just because he protected the wicked, unless he also held the title of Demon King like Raid.


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, looks at you and feels sorry.]


“I’m going to put a wanted warrant on Camilla.”


Reihausd’s cool voice was heard. His golden eyes were shining coldly.


‘But even if she’s wanted…’


Can you find Camilla, whom the God of Lies is protecting?


I furrowed my eyebrows.


However, at that moment.


A new window appeared before my eyes.


[Special Mission: Invite all existing Gods to your oracle. (7/8)]


The chat window had a golden color instead of the bluish chat window I had seen before. And the text was bold, unlike anything I had seen so far.


One more phrase came to my mind under the mission phrase.


[Special Reward: The Great Wish]


…The Great Wish? What is this?


I stared blankly at the golden window.


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