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Tak, tak, tak.


My heart was pounding with the sound of heels hitting.


“Excuse me… Gods?” I muttered only when I left the banquet hall.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, coughs in vain.]


Ah, as expected, the mini thunderbolt just now must have been Hessed.


“Thank you so much for the thunderbolt this time.”


As soon as I finished speaking, a dialog box popped up.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, winks.]

[The God of Love, Odyssey, pats Hessed on the back and encourages him.]

[The God of Art, Mond, puts down the corn crackers he was eating with a sad expression.]


I approached Dwayne, who was waiting, and he opened the carriage door.


All the way back to the temple, my head was complicated and my face was burning.


“Phew… Crazy…”


After a while, I returned to the temple, arrived in the room, and sat down at my desk.


Of course, I never did anything to be ashamed of, but not Ariel. Thanks to that, I was the one being shamed for being innocent.


“It would be better to have it sooner.”


When I recalled Kyle’s stiffened eyebrows and eyes that looked like it could eat me, my spine felt cold.


‘As I expected, it would be better to advance the escape and self-reliance plan.’


Daisy’s eyes that wanted to serve only me came to mind, but I struggled to shake it off.


After all, the priests and priestesses are no different from civil servants, but she will be able to live well without me.


I took out the schedule I had written down with impatient eyes. I thought I should look for a cheaper store or house.


It was about time to go through the real estate books again.




Suddenly something came to mind as I paused and stopped my hand.


Isn’t there a better way than buying a house with this hard-earned money? And after a while he opened my mouth.


“Excuse me, Gods?”


The chat window flashed. It was a signal that the Gods were responding.


I smiled and pointed to one of the Gods.


“Mond. Help me a bit.”


[The God of Art, Mond, answers your call.]




After a while.


I strangled Reihausd to participate in a charity art auction.


“This earthenware was donated by Count Balmer. The urn used to hold holy water in the ancient temple of Euros, the number will start from 100 franc.”


I was sitting side by side with Dwayne, the saint whom he had attached, and I was wearing a plain dress like an aristocratic lady as I was bothered to be found out as the Saintess.


The auction house was putting up the treasured possessions brought by the nobles.


“100 franc!”


“120 franc!”


“150 franc!”


“200 franc!”


“Is there no more? 200 franc, 200 franc, 200 franc! Sold!”


‘To. What?’


In an instant, a pottery that looked like it was made by an elementary school student was sold for 200 franc.


Since 1,000 francs is the cost of living for commoners a year, it is quite a high price.


[The God of Art, Mond, clicks his tongue.]


A chat window was flashing in front of me.


The way I decided to make money was through an ‘art auction’.


Why, doesn’t it often appear on the news? I’m talking about the story of how the item that was sold at a low price at an auction was actually a treasure and became a billionaire.


I decided to make good use of this point because the God of the Emotion of Art, no, the God of Art was with me.


I’m lucky that the Gods were very interested in me and eager to help me although I don’t know why.


After a while, a portrait appeared in a pretty frame, studded with dazzling jewels. It is said that that is the pre-wedding appearance of Princess Eugenia, who passed away 100 years ago.


I looked at the chat window because it looked beautiful and luxurious to me, but there was no response.


“300 franc!”


“500 franc!”


“1,000 franc!”


The portrait quickly went up for bid and eventually sold for 2,000 franc.


‘Ah, I should have bought it!’


But it was also a price that I couldn’t buy as I had only 300 francs saved anyway.


I tried to hide my bitterness.


The next item that came out was a small dagger. The crude-shaped dagger was inside the scabbard, and a little blue light flowed through it. The scabbard and sword handle that looked like they were rusted were proof of the dagger’s age.


Then the chat window flashed.


[The God of Art, Mond, looks carefully at the sword.]




I leaned forward and began to focus on the object.


“This dagger was donated by Marquis Altmer. Created by a foreign artist in a mixture of dragon bone and bronze, it is a simple yet beautiful piece of art that contains the awe of the Gods. Again, this is a noble dagger with dragon bones in it. It’s not easy to see items like this on the auction house.”


People’s murmurs were heard at the word ‘dragon bone’. I don’t know, but it was probably a rare and expensive material.


“They didn’t even mix a tenth of it, and they call it all dragon bones.”


“That’s right. Just by looking at it, the color is not good. What do you mean noble dagger? Tsk, tsk.”


A terrifying voice was heard from behind.


A special thing called truffle-containing with the addition of 0,0001% percent truffle seems to be happening here as well. That’s why people seem to have lost interest in precious materials.


Is that sword really like that?


[The God of Art, Mond, looks at the sword with a serious expression.]


After a while the auction started again.


“I will start from 50 franc.”


Even if it is 50 franc, it is by no means a small amount, as it is close to 1 million won if replaced in modern terms.


“50 franc!”


But 50 franc came out easily among the crowd. Many aristocrats wanted to show off their wealth at charity auctions.


With nervous eyes, I waited until Mond’s verdict came out.


‘Mond, hurry up!’


“50 franc! 50 f…!”


[The God of Art, Mond, points out the dagger.]


“100 franc!”


I hurriedly picked up the plate with 100 franc written on it.


People’s eyes turned to me, and some of them smiled. I seemed to be an ignorant girl who wasted money. Even the nobleman who called 50 franc out was smiling and whispering to the person next to him.


“100 franc! 100 franc! 100 franc, sold!”


Fortunately, no one called out more than me. So I was able to win the dagger.


I could feel Dwayne looking back at me with a puzzled expression on my happy face.


‘I’m telling you that I have plans for everything!’


I stood up with a triumphant expression on my face.


After a while, I paid the price and received the dagger and headed straight for the downtown area.


“I have a place I need to stop by. It won’t take long.”


“Yes, I will go with you.” Dwayne replied without saying a word, nodding his head.


“Mond. This is really expensive, right? It looks cheap.” I put my hand to my mouth and covered it, then asked in a low voice.


Soon, the chat window flickered and a text came to mind.


[The God of Art, Mond, criticizes your eyes with an arrogant expression.]


“If it’s not true, just wait and see.” I muttered to myself and continued walking down the road with the dagger in my hand.


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