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“I can feel that they care for Mother. Please listen to us.”


Bellatrix’s eyebrows furrowed at the sudden burst of light.


The sound of the second hand of the clock, which had been heard at regular intervals, began to go very quickly. And when she looked straight ahead again… A familiar voice was heard.


A dark blue shadow was visible there.


There was a sphere of light next to the shadow, but the light was gradually fading, perhaps because of the dark energy coming from the shadow.


“Stupid Bellatrix. She believes in the saying that a soul born from a union with a human will become a ruler. The most stupid and naive God.”


The voice continued.


“It’s a shame to even call her a God. If you’re the ruler of the world… It should be like this.”


A black soul similar in size to the dying soul began to take shape and took the form of a young woman.


The bright blonde hair absorbed and scattered black energy, and deep darkness dwelled in the center of the green eyes.


Bellatrix’s eyes twitched.


Raid… That voice was Raid.


He was a strong and beautiful God, and Bellatrix had no doubts about him.


It was regrettable that he, who was protecting Camilla, was deprived of his divinity while serving as the Demon King, but she thought that she would protect Camilla more as Raid wasn’t there.


But what the hell was he talking about?


“You can judge truth from lies. Mother, please judge whether my memory is really false!”


Rita’s words hit Bellatrix right in the middle.


The bright light from the sphere was flickering.


“No… No…!”


Bellatrix could tell. The memory from the woman in front of her is the truth.


Then she saw a seven-colored radiance flash in front of her.




Bellatrix twitched her eyebrows.


She shook her head as she gazed blankly at the seven radiances that resonated with her and whispered a language only the Gods could hear.


“It can’t be! Impossible!”


Raid’s voice continued without hesitation.


“If I infuse it with an aura similar to that of this dead soul, Bellatrix would never have imagined. That the real soul of her child had been extinguished.”


The faintly flickering sphere of souls has now completely lost its light and entered a state of extinction.


“She just needs to faithfully protect and bless you according to her purpose. Then, according to the prophecy I write, humans will follow you and be enchanted by you. Don’t worry about getting caught by Bellatrix. My power will cover your lies.”


It was the God of Eternity, Raid.


The power of eternal was vast and wide enough to fool Bellatrix.


A dark hand stroked the girl’s blonde hair.


“Did she say Camilla, I wonder. The name of that weak soul. Now it’s your turn to take over. Camilla.”


The girl Raid had created smiled with her dark eyes.


“I will stand behind you, and you will rule the world and make it bow at my feet.”


The girl opened her mouth to answer.


“Yes. Father.”






I jumped out of Camilla with a shriek. As soon as my back touched a hard chest, I looked behind and saw Cass supporting me.


I looked ahead. Camilla’s screaming voice was heard.


“W-What is this…!”


A mighty wind was blowing.


“You… What did you do!!”


Camilla’s fingertips were turning to ashes. Every time the strong wind blew, the ashes were scattered in the wind.


‘Bellatrix… finally realized it.’


That Camilla isn’t her own real daughter.


My heart was beating fast. I have put in countless efforts to reach Bellatrix, and it has paid off.


Taking a clue from Professor Draive’s book, I met Rita at the Salerium. Then, I summoned Rita’s soul with black magic and was able to reach Bellatrix’s world through the influence of the Gods.


Eventually the truth came out.


This was Bellatrix’s punishment for the evil demon who deceived her with Raid.


“Aagh! Mother! Hear more of my story! This is all a trap of those wicked people!”


Although Camilla screamed as she saw her own body reduced to ashes, the storm grew stronger.


Bellatrix was no longer fooled.


“Is it the end?”


I heard Kyle’s voice behind me. Reihausd was also looking at the end of Camilla with a firm expression.


“I will hate you even in death!”


At some point, her loud voice stopped coming out.


“A mere human being…”


As if a sandcastle had collapsed, her body was disappearing into the raging wind.


An evil spirit created by Raid, the fake Camilla. Now she has completely ended. It was a disastrous ending for her, who was once a ‘main character’.


After a while, there was nothing in the place where Camilla was. Just like a spot that was empty from the beginning.


With the relief that it was all over, various emotions soared.


“But the wind doesn’t stop.”


“Rather… It’s getting stronger.”


I heard the voices of Kyle and Reihausd.


As they said, the sky was covered with thick clouds, and the storm intensified. Besides, it started to rain. Just like a typhoon was coming.




At one point, lightning strikes. One of the trees in the temple was seen on fire.




Rumble, rumbleㅡ!


I saw lightning strikes outside the temple in succession.


I looked at the scenery with a serious expression.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, says a little of Bellatrix’s divinity remains.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, says that Bellatrix seems to be trying to annihilate herself.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, feels Bellatrix’s deep despair.]


The thick dark clouds in the sky started spinning like a whirlwind, creating a tornado.


‘Now… What should I do?’


Camilla had already turned to ashes and disappeared. Now there was no way to know how to stop Bellatrix.


I could understand why Bellatrix wanted to annihilate herself. Her daughter, who was her only loved one, was a lie, and her real daughter was already in the underworld because of Raid.


She was betrayed, betrayed, and betrayed again. As for Bellatrix, she must be experiencing a sense of maddening despair.


“Gods, is there any way?”


[The God of Art, Mond, says it’s difficult to summon a God who refuses to talk.]


I bit my lip nervously.


She can’t disappear like this. At this rate…


“Extinguish the trees on fire!”


“The east side temple hall was destroyed by a lightning strike! Send the Paladins!”


“Lightning strikes continue to fall in the city.”


The busy and urgent voices of priests could be heard far behind.


“Disaster! Disaster is coming!”


“Soldiers have been dispatched from the Imperial Palace in a hurry!”


After standing still for a moment, I turned my head to the side and met eyes with Cass, who was holding me from behind.




“I see a pillar.”


It seemed belatedly that I knew what Diego’s words meant.


“I don’t know why you’re in his body.”


[The Gods are silent.]


Cass was looking at me with his usual nonchalant face.


“What do you mean?”


“Saintess. Are you okay?”


Kyle and Reyhausd tried to approach me with a wary expression, but I raised my hand and signaled them to stop coming closer. Then I told Cass.


“I know you’re the only one I can ask for help right now.”


[The Gods look at Cass with firm faces.]


A strong wind came and blew again.


I persistently met his eyes.


After a while, a small smile crept onto Cass’ lips.


“You’ve been doing well so far.”


And after patting my shoulder once, he moved forward.


“Everything will go back to normal.”


I held my breath and watched his steps.


This place, where lightning strikes and storms strike without rest, seemed like the scene of a great disaster.


But all of that bypassed Cass. And when he stood where Camilla had stood earlier, the sky opened and a beam of brilliant brilliance penetrated him.


“My imperfect piece.”


I froze at the tremendous flash, and Kyle pulled me into his arms to protect me. It was hard to open my eyes as if a flash grenade had exploded.


“Your trials will make the world stronger.”


Even with my eyes closed, the chat window came to mind vividly.


[The ancient being pats his lost daughter.]


[The God of Lies, Bellatrix, is screaming.]


[The ancient being embraces the God of Lies, Bellatrix.]


[The divine energy heals the wounds of the God of Lies, Bellatrix.]


Although they were Gods who weren’t in my oracle, their actions were being relayed through the chat window.


‘The ancient being’ would be a word referring to the Primordial God.


The source and providence of all Gods.


[The God of Lies, Bellatrix, kneels to the ancient being.]


[The ancient being grants a new status to the God of Lies.]


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    The Primordial God hugging his daughter and she is finally free from the lies in front of herself.

    How ironic it was, the God of Lies was the one who was deceived again and again.