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At that moment, a group of light came out with a roar like something exploding again.




I turned around and cried out, worried about Cass’ body, yet all I could see was a strong light that seemed to blind me.


Primordial God.


It was said that he is the higher rank of all the Gods and the creator of the world, and is the ‘Providence’ itself, which is in existence of nothing, leaving everything to the Gods and administrators.


[You’re the one brought by Providence, perhaps for a balance that is probably on the verge of being destroyed.]


What Van said was still fresh in my ears.


Now he appeared borrowing Cass’ body. Maybe it’s to embrace the God he’s lost to because of betrayal. If that is also for the balance of the world.


He, the father of all Gods and the source of the world, was now before us.




I heard Kyle’s growl.


“I don’t know what’s going on.”


Certainly, what is happening right in front of our eyes is no longer the realm of humans.


For the first time, I closed my eyes and prayed sincerely to the Gods.


‘Please make sure everyone is safe.’


Because that was all I could do.


At that moment, a light flashed in the chat window.


[‘The God of Lies, Bellatrix’ has been granted a new status and has become ‘the God of Fate, Bellatrix’.]


And some information started pouring into my head.


“It’s a message! It’s a message from the Gods!”


“Oh! Gods!”


I saw priests with divine powers sitting down in their seats. The information seemed to be entering their heads as well.




Reihausd’s voice was heard as he placed his hand on his forehead.


I sorted out the information that was pouring in.


Just in time, a summary appeared in the chat window.


[The ancient being shaped Bellatrix’s soul to resemble human frailty. It was to create a human-like god.]


[The God of Lies, Bellatrix, gained the qualification to control human destiny by knowing the joys and sorrows of humans.]


[The God of Lies, Bellatrix, becomes involved in human destiny as the God of Fate. Rejoice, ye good; grieve, ye evil. Those who suffer misfortune, shoulder the weight of your life with the Gods.]


[The causality of the world will be newly applied through the God of Destiny.]


[A new God has been born.]


At that moment, a strong flash soared upward as if piercing the sky.


‘God of Fate…’


The gods will never fully understand humans.


There is a difference between observing how helpless humans are and experiencing what kind of pain they live through firsthand.


Bellatrix has lived a human life through various trials.


Loved, betrayed, ambitious, betrayed again. And she, in true despair, tried to extinguish herself.


I thought it was a fitting title for Bellatrix, ‘God of Destiny’.


As the flash of light that had been shooting up toward the sky for a long time disappeared, only silence fell around. And in front of my eyes, a golden chat window flashed, announcing success.


[‘Oracle LV.6’ is open.]


[You have reached the highest level of the oracle.]


[The God of Fate, Bellatrix, enters your oracle.]


[Capacity 8/8]


[You have completed the final mission. The reward for the final mission will be automatically accepted after three days.]


I, who was by Kyle’s side, stared blankly at the chat window and then started walking forward.


It has ended.


Finally, everything is over.


My body trembled.


“Aaah! Merciful Gods!”


“Thank you…!”


“Come on, put out the fire in the wood!”


“Support the High Priest and the Saintess!”


“Your Highness the Crown Prince!”


I could hear people buzzing behind me.


But my attention was focused on one place. Cass was lying where the flash had been.




I felt like I was going to fall down as I ran, and the end of my voice trembled.


Will he be all right when he was in the center of the intense flash that was difficult to approach? It seemed unlikely.


“Marquis. Marquis!”


When I was in front of Cass, I hurriedly bent my knees to check his condition.


When I put my hand on his cheek, it felt warm. His eyes were closed, yet I could hear his gentle breathing.


Tears welled up in my eyes.


“Marquis…! Cass…!”


Kyle, who came next to me, looked at Cass’ condition and said.


“He seems to have passed out.”


I didn’t feel the divine energy I felt when Cass appeared earlier.


I guessed that the Primordial God might have temporarily dwelled in Cass’ body and then escaped again. Or maybe it hid behind him again so I couldn’t feel it like before.


Fortunately, tears kept running down my cheeks as he looked fine.


Kyle looked at me, his eyes hardened for a moment, then he helped Cass up. And I heard Daisy running. She had run so fast that one of her shoes had come off.


“Saintess! Are you okay? I chased you earlier and was rolled away by the wind.”


Daisy looked at me in amazement at the limp Cass.


Then she saw my eyes full of tears and hugged me.


“Saintess. Hic, hicc, the Marquis will go to a good place.


The priests who hadn’t been able to come close to the strong energy wave and now ran to see Kyle, Reihausd, and Cass come out, shouted.


“The Saintess has completely defeated the evil demons.”


“My goodness! Marquis Lloyd! Why has he gone like this.”


‘He’s… not dead, though.’


I asked Kyle, whose eyebrows were still stiff.


“Please take the Marquis to my room.”


“I’d rather take him to the Imperial Palace.”


Kyle didn’t listen to me and furrowed his eyebrows.


“It looks like Marquis Lloyd needs to rest.”


For some reason, Reihausd spoke in a low voice to Kyle, whose voice was becoming bloody.


“I’ll bring him somewhere else. Not the Saintess’ room.”


Hearing that, Kyle moved his eyebrows and nodded his head.


Gasp, is he still alive?”


Daisy’s question came belatedly behind my ears.


Then I heard Kyle’s voice.


“Earlier… Was he really… Marquis Lloyd?”


His gaze was very sharp.




I answered Kyle’s words obediently.


It was enough for me to even notice it, so Kyle, the Sword Master who can read sensitive energy, must have noticed it.


“We will know everything only when the Marquis wakes up.”


Dawn was coming. I saw some of the priests yawning after staying awake all night.


I said, wrapping Rita’s necklace around my neck.


“I can’t believe that… everything is over.”


The evil god Raid was annihilated, and now the evil spirit he created, Camilla, was also annihilated. Bellatrix, who was deceived and betrayed by them, was reborn as the ‘God of Destiny’.


‘The oracle too… it has been quiet.’


The oracle window was as quiet as a dead rat, and only the mission reward window was shining.


Like before the storm.




I heard Kyle’s low voice. And then his hand wrapped around my shoulder.


I couldn’t touch his body, but I was close to him. I heard his voice leaning slightly towards my shoulder.


“I have many questions besides what I have seen, but… For now… I’m glad you’re safe.”


It was a voice of relief, as if restraining the bursting emotions.


I nodded and smiled at him.


He looked at me for a while. Then he reached out and put his hand on my head, stroking it. As if he was looking at something precious.




Arriving at the temple one step late, Diego entered the temple with a stiff face. HE saw the heavens and the earth shake, and a light came down from the sky, and lightning struck all over the land.


“Hello. Baron Vester.”


“May the blessings of the Eight Gods be with you.”


Leaving behind the greeting priests and heading to the place where the remnants of strong energy were felt, he saw a riotous yard.


Many trees were uprooted and the ground was dug up in places as if it had been hit by a meteorite.


“They said that Camilla’s ambition to revive was trampled on, and our Saintess destroyed that evil spirit.”


“Glory of the Eight Gods to the Saintess!”


As he stood and looked at the spot, the priests came and praised Ariel.


‘I never thought this would happen.’


It was fortunate that he met her yesterday and put the black magic on her necklace.


Anyway, Camilla was completely annihilated. It was also refreshing for Diego.


“Who was here this morning?”


“The Saintess, the High Priest, and His Highness the Crown Prince also suddenly appeared. Ah, and Marquis Cass Lloyd too.”


Looking at the destroyed pieces everywhere, it was as expected that there was the Crown Prince who was a sword master, and it was only natural that the High Priest stayed in the temple.


‘As expected, yesterday’s pillar… was a God.’


Diego furrowed his eyebrows.


In order for this level of divine power, holy power, no, even more intense and embarrassing energy to remain, God would have had to reveal himself.


For a God who shouldn’t disturb the balance of human affairs to use this level of power, it’s one of two things. Either prepared for extinction, or the balance itself.


‘Could it be the Primordial God, I wonder. Ha.’


“The crusade has been canceled due to today’s work, so there is a temporary crusade seven days later. If you want to pray, there are saints in the prayer hall over there…”




Diego cut off the chattering priest.


He had to investigate further, but it was certain that Bellatrix, the God who was prepared for extinction, didn’t disappear in the end. With the deterrence of a God with tremendous power.


“But I…”


Suddenly, Diego paused his steps.


His eyebrows twitched.


“Why am I here?”


Ariel suddenly came to his mind.


“Yeah. This is the work of the Gods.”


What kind of danger will she take this time as she crawls all the way to Salerium? That seems to have bothered him.


From these signs, he can’t be sure that Ariel won’t do anything reckless again.


“Ha, ridiculous.”


Diego shook his head.


Even if she was a saintess, what did she think, even for a moment, as a human woman at most?


‘Too much curiosity bothers one’s feet.’


He thought that he should stay in the Demon Realm for a while. He seems to have developed bad habits because he’s enjoying being among humans.


The moment he was about to turn his feet again, he looked up to his right, narrowing his eyebrows at the gaze he felt from somewhere.


‘…Is it an illusion?’


There was a statue of the God of Benevolence holding a basket.


‘I think he was looking at me.’


The basket was full of eggs, as if to be kindly distributed to people.


Diego glared at the statue of the God of Benevolence, then hurried his steps again.


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