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After passing a few winding alleys, I saw a huge three-story building with a sign saying, ‘Lloyd’s Merchant’.




I remembered this name in the original story very well.


‘Cass Lloyd’ is the name of the empire’s biggest merchant and one of the three male leads of the original story.


Because he was the heir to this merchant.


It is said that he’s the heir, but he was like a real manager who had already inherited the merchant management from his father, the Great Merchant Owner.


Of course, I didn’t come here to meet him.


He was the only one of the three male leads who had no contact with Ariel at all, and I had no intention of making that contact.


It was just to take advantage of the fact that ‘Lloyd’s Merchant’ is buying a variety of rare items, and they have a lot of skilled appraisers. Because I had to get the price for this dagger properly.


“How did you get here?”


As I entered the lobby on the first floor of the merchant, the guide asked me politely.


“I came here because I have something I want to sell.”


I showed the old dagger.


“If you go up the stairs, there is an appraiser, so you can get an appraisal and decide whether to sell it or not.”


It seemed that there was indeed a systematic manual.


I went up the stairs he showed me and entered the large room leading to it.


Upon entering the room, a turban-wearing appraiser with exotic dark skin was sitting at the desk. I greeted him and handed the dagger.


“I want this dagger to be appraised.”


“If you don’t want to sell it after being appraised, is it fine for me to get 5 franc as an appraisal fee?”


“Yes, that’s fine.”


He placed the winning dagger in his hand and began to examine it carefully. The dagger held in his crude fingertips looked ordinary no matter how I looked at it, but I decided to trust Mond.




There were several tools on his desk, such as a magnifying glass and a level, which he used to inspect the dagger several times.


It was a meticulous observation that was worth 5 franc as an appraisal fee.


“It’s a good item.” Soon his voice was heard.


My heart started pounding.


I thought that a life-changing opportunity might be right in front of me.


The overseas cases I saw on the news flashed through my mind.


“The purity of the dragon bone is quite high.”


“Is that so?”


[The God of Art, Mond, shrugs.]


I asked, thinking that if I make a lot of money, I should also set up a new Mond statue.


“So how much is the appraised value?”


With the dagger set down on the desk, the appraiser opened his mouth.


“The model year isn’t that old, so the value of a dragon bone is greater than its value as a dagger, and I think we can blow up to 300 franc with this weight.”


“300 franc?” I opened my eyes wide and asked.


In fact, I would be lying if I said there was no slight disappointment. However, it wouldn’t be easy to come up with a work of art of great value that is life-changing at such a charity auction.


Still, 300 franc is not a bad price.


“What would you like to do?”


I bought this dagger for 100 franc, so if I sell it for 300 francs, I get 200 franc. The amount of money that was 300 franc became 500 franc when it came out.


“I will sell it.” I answered straight away without hesitation.


Then the appraiser took a gold coin from the bag next to him and handed it to me. It was a very neat deal.


The moment I accepted it, a new blue window appeared.


[You have accumulated wealth through the help of God.]

[The ‘Shop’ feature has been unlocked.]


I wondered what it meant, but there was an appraiser in front and Dwayne behind me, so I pretended I didn’t see it and put the money in my pocket.


“Go back.” And I ordered Dwayne.


As I was leaving the merchant building, I heard Dwayne’s voice.


“How did you know its worth?” Perhaps in his eyes it would appear that I knew the value of the dagger and acted that way.


It was natural for him to be puzzled. Ariel had a complex birth environment, where her mother was a baroness and her father was a servant.


Thanks to that, she spent her childhood in the slums without knowing her mother’s face by the family who tried to hide the infidelity, and if Reihausd hadn’t selected her as the Saintess when she was 15, she would be working at a bar by now.


“God told me.” I answered Dwayne with a brazen face.


In fact, what I said was also true. It’s because God really told me.


[The God of Art, Mond, is satisfied with your sincerity.]


‘Now the only thing left to do is sweep away valuable auction items with Mond.’


I’ll probably do it many times better than just saving money.


If I continue to receive help from God, is it a big deal to be tens of times the money I earn?


Thinking of the future where I quickly became rich, I smiled contentedly as I walked. The steps back to the temple were very light.




“You’re here. Saintess.”


As I entered the temple, Daisy in the uniform of an apprentice priestess greeted me with a welcoming smile. Dwayne no longer followed me, and I walked down the hallway with Daisy towards my room.


“I received education for five days to serve the Saintess. I have the confidence to do well, so please leave it to me.” She blushed slightly while looking determined.


“Daisy, bring me some violet cookies. The tea will be apple tea.”


At my words, Daisy was silent for a moment, then she looked at me and then bowed her head in surprise. Her eyes were twinkling as she raised her head.


“I understand. Saintess. I’ll bring it to you right now!”




“Really… thank you!” Daisy seemed happy that I had ordered her something.


I smiled, nodded my head, and went into the room alone.


‘Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to feel like raising a younger sister.’


Soon after, I sat down at my desk where the sun was shining, and the chat window that had been made transparent was made darker.


[The ‘Shop’ feature has been unlocked.]


I thought this time, I should know what this is.




If I could summarize what I found out after possessing the fake saintess in this original story, it was as follows.


First of all, I had an open function called [Oracle], similar to the principle of Internet broadcasting, and the Gods could enter the oracle and provide training or help.


The oracle had a garden, and there were levels. There were probably other Gods besides the three Gods, but it seemed that the garden was full and they couldn’t enter.


And among the help they could give, there were ‘Sensitivity’ and ‘Blessing’.


The ability related to the Gods temporarily rose when ‘Blessing’ was received because ‘Sensitivity’ was low in terms of oracle level.


Also, I don’t know why, but the Gods of the oracle were all kind to me.


To the extent that it was awkward for me, who had never received much favor from others.


So, I decided to make money by distinguishing valuable art works as an oracle with the ‘God of Art, Mond’. Probably, in terms of the game, it’s like receiving a huge buff.


And another feature that was unlocked… ‘Shop’.


I muttered quietly.




Then, the blue window in front of me shimmered and opened wide.


[You can use the Shop function.]


Even when I was given an oracle in the form of a game chat window, I was like it’s possible, but to this extent!


All games have a feature called ‘Shop’. It’s also an essential function to buy and sell necessary items.




A window like the shop page of the game interface appeared in front of my eyes. The currency was franc as expected, and 500 franc appeared on the balance.


Most of the items were marked with locks, so I couldn’t even see what they were.


A small amount of health potion or divine potion, and a few material items were also seen in the miscellaneous goods category. Such potions and simple ingredients were activated so that even a person with a level one oracle could purchase them.


It didn’t look very useful, but because it was sold in a store, it was all endowed with divine power.


‘Saying it, I would call it [Holy Relic Shop].’


I moved my gaze to look around the shop, and then shut down the shop function after a while.


There was nothing to buy yet, but as the oracle level rises, I will gradually see useful items. The more buffs that helped me to adapt and live in this unfamiliar place, the better.


[As a reward for opening the Shop, you will be given an ‘All-Purpose Pocket’.]


And as soon as I closed the shop, another message popped up.


I found a red pocket on my hand. It was designed like a lucky bag on New Year’s Day, and it seemed somehow mysterious.


When I opened it, another blue window in front of me flickered.


Without hesitation, I put my franc in my pocket.


All 500 franc were in the small pocket, but from the outside it didn’t look like there was money in it. However, there was a change in the blue window in front of me.


[Your Money: 500 franc]


Oho, it’s great.


Knowing the wallet function, I stared at the window with a satisfied expression.


‘Let’s run until the day when this wallet is full of my wealth.’


[The God of Art, Mond, shakes his head at your material desire.]


“You can’t do this as an accomplice.”


[The God of Art, Mond, asserts that art can’t be judged by material values.]


‘You were the most excited one during the auction.’


I pouted my mouth.


But at that moment. A new blue window appeared before my eyes.

[The Gods have activated a hidden mission for you through a meeting.]

[Hidden Mission : Prove your faith through donation.]

[Reward : ???]


It’s a hidden mission.


‘What is it?’


I narrowed my eyes and looked at the message.


“Mond? Hessed? Odyssey?!”


[Are you sure you want to donate all the money in the All-Purpose Pocket?




At those words, I jumped.




My hands were shaking and my lips were dry in an instant.


No, I earned all of this money but suddenly you want me to donate them?


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