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I stared at him for a long time with wide eyes.


The cruel man who once abandoned a dying bird was now conveying his feelings in a desperate manner.


As much as he made me nervous, I even thought about bouncing, but decided not to.




It was the feelings that I realized the hard way.


I liked Cass Lloyd.


“I like you. me too.”


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, loves your simple answer.]


He soaked my heart little by little like a drizzle, and I fell more and more into him.


The moment of danger, and the moment he protected me. Every moment we had together was vivid in my mind.


He opened the door to new emotions for me.


“Actually, I like you very much.”


Maybe that made me love this world even more.


He kissed my lips at my words.


I was absorbed in the sensations enveloping me, feeling his deep breathing.


[The God of Art, Mond, clicks his tongue and boasts of ‘his junction’ to the other Gods.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, claims that he’s the final winner.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, begs the God of Fate, Bellatrix, about ‘establishing junction’.]


[The God of Fate, Bellatrix, firmly refuses Kairos’ request.]


But, what is the ‘junction’ in the dialogue between the Gods? The story goes back a few days ago, the day I accept the final mission reward.




[The God of Destruction, Ciel, wishes for you to make passionate love with Kyle and promotes his pants dance.]


[The God of Art, Mond, wishes for your close confinement with Reihausd’s ■■ for the ending.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed wishes for your rich and luxurious married life with Cass.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, wishes you to receive everyone’s love.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, adds harem and whip to Odyssey’s wish.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, wishes for special love between Kyle, Cass, Diego, and Reihausd.]


The Gods each made their own wishes.


“No, why is it that all of you make such wishes!”


Surely there must be a more valuable wish.


“You have to understand. It’s the only thing that interests them.”


I wanted to respond to what Van said, but she took one more step.


“Personally, I like the Emperor. He’s handsome, has a good body, and seems like he’ll do well at night.”


In a moment of bewilderment, Ren added.


“I like Reihausd. He’s handsome. If you gave birth to Reihausd’s child, how pretty would the blonde hair be?”


“Aaah… My head…”


Eventually I touched my forehead.


Both the Gods and the administrators were sincere in choosing my men.


But the problem was that there was only one me, and there were many male leads. And I already like Cass.


So, let’s make this wish…


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, is deeply troubled.]


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, proposes to the other Gods how about creating ‘junction’ with the power of her own ability and the wishes.]


I furrowed my eyebrows at the message.


If it’s a junction isn’t it the starting point in the middle where there is an option to decide the ending in a dating simulation game?


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, gathers the Gods and explains the junction.]


I also listened to Bellatrix’s explanation.




This was the junction described by Bellatrix.


Making several branches on a line of time that branched out in one direction, as the Gods each wished. Perhaps it was a concept similar to parallel worlds.


[All the Gods twinkle their eyes.]


“Isn’t the scale too big? What do you mean making parallel worlds! I think it’s a waste of power!”


[The God of Art, Mond, asks you how you will take care of the fragile Reihausd’s heart.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, barks at you to take responsibility for Kyle.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, is licking his lips.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, tries to stop Ciel, but Ciel bites him on the butt.]


The Gods seemed desperate while thinking that their stocks couldn’t go bankrupt.


I let out a small sigh and rested.


“Then the me at that junction… Will I fall in love with the person the Gods want?”


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, winks.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, opens his junction, saying you can come over at any time.]


In the parallel world of the junction, time passes on the premise of my other choices, and I can go to that point at any time if I wish.


In a word, if the current me is the main story, it would be correct to say that the me at the junction is ‘a side story’.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, orders Bellatrix for ‘Nuclear Fire Spicy’ as the spiciness of his junction.]


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, blurts out the answer that she will think about it carefully.]


However, if you think about it a little deeper, it was a strange thing. So, in another dimension, I become… Reihausd and Kyle’s lover, isn’t it?




I put both hands on my cheeks.


My cheeks were hot.


Of course, the two men are handsome and talented, but I couldn’t imagine becoming lovers with them. It’s also still awkward with Cass.


[The God of Fate, Bellatrix, asks you to tell her whenever Cass gets upset.]




Aaah, I can’t stop now.


When I suddenly thought about Cass, whom I hadn’t heard from, I got a little nauseous and eventually nodded.


“What the Gods want… I can’t help it. But did you get consent? Reihausd or Kyle might not want it.”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, expresses his condolences to you.]


[The God of Art, Mond, says that Reihausd will be willing to cross dimensions to have you.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, weeps, saying that this is the only way to prevent Kyle’s love from turning to ashes.]


Suddenly, the chat window flashed.


[Four junctions will be created under the authority of the God of Destiny.]


[1. Reihausd route]


[2. Kyle route]


[3. Diego route]


[4. ALT route]


I was puzzled when I saw the four options.


“Wait! Diego is the Demon King. But regarding Diego… Who made that wish?”


Although Oman added Diego to the words of Odyssey earlier, it seemed that there was no empty hope for a happy ending for me and Diego.


[The Gods glance at the God of Justice, Hetuse.]


‘Huh…? No way…?’


[The Gods mutter whether they should be discussing the ‘disqualification of divinity.’]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, excuses himself for secretly wishing for the repentance and penitence of the Demon King Diego.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, explains in detail that he cheers for your steadfast solo life, but it seems useless since you chose Cass, so he changed his direction.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, reports that Hetuse was blushing behind his ear while grumbling as if he was contemptuous of Diego.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, says that it’s more than enough, and the atmosphere is calmed down.]


At this point, in my oracle room, the ‘God of XX’, XX seemed to be just an ornament.


“However… Could Diego belong to a junction?”


The Demon Realm wasn’t influenced by the Gods. Diego is a demon.


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, says that ‘Great Wish’ is the power of the Primordial God, and since the Demon Realm is also a world that originated from the Primordial God, the Great Wish is possible as long as they don’t disturb the order of the world.]


…I don’t know what she’s talking about, but it seemed like it was possible.


‘I can’t imagine a route where I get along well with Diego.’


I frowned for a while and glared at the chat window.


“However… What does ALT mean?”


It was time to ask one remaining question while watching the last four routes.


[Oman, the god of benevolence, raises his index finger on his lips and notices the other Gods.]


“It’s not even upskill, but ALT…? Is that the name of a meat part?”


(업진살 ‘eob-jin-sal’: upskill. 다같살 ‘da-gat-sal’: an abbreviation of everyone living together)


Even in Raid’s prophecy [The Return of Saintess Camilla], I think I saw a comment saying ‘ALT’, but I didn’t search for the meaning.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, tries to reassure you that it’s a similar concept to a feast.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, pokes Kairos in the side, telling him to go on a rampage.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, complains to the God of Fate why she didn’t create a BxB route.]


[The God of Fate ignores Kairos’ request.]


The chat window was getting noisy again. In the end, I decided to put the idea of ‘ALT’ on hold.


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  1. I’ve never seen an in-universe justification for alternate route side stories before!

  2. [The God of Death, Kairos, complains to the God of Fate why she didn’t create a BxB route.]

    OMG! I love you, Kairos! Haha!