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Back to the present,


“What happened to the Primordial God?”


After reuniting, we took a walk around the pond of the temple together.


“To be honest… I don’t remember too well.”


Cass explained what had happened.


It was only recently that he felt a bit odd, he said. He was being watched, and it was a very warm and benevolent feeling, he said.


There was no feeling that the aura was meant to harm, so he passed on, assuming it was a phenomenon caused by divine power. But when I asked Cass to call up the Paladins, his memory snapped.




“I feel like he has left now. I don’t feel anything. I can still use divine power.”


It seems that the Primordial God went back after using Cass’ body.


“However… Why did he choose the Marquis?”


I muttered something curious, and Cass walked away without saying a word.


“Do you know about the Golden Kingdom?”


Then, when I sat down on a bench to rest for a while, the story I heard from Cass was amazing.


As I saw in the book, the royals of the Golden Kingdom, which were prosperous but cruel, were cursed by a God, he said. The kingdom was destroyed.


That God is none other than the Primordial God. And the last name of the royal family was ‘Lloyd’.


It would be more like a punishment than a curse. They were limited in feeling human emotions for generations and tens of generations. And when they have aged to some extent after middle age, they die at an earlier age than average.


He said that the muscles of the body slowly become paralyzed, unable to move, and they eventually die because they can’t even breathe.


And Cass’s father, the merchant owner, also fell into the same illness, then Cass believed that that would be no different from his own destiny.


The lineage of many royal families was completely cut off, and Cass was the last descendant.


“I didn’t want to get married. Unlike my superiors, who tried to pass on the generations somehow, hoping for the God’s forgiveness, I thought I should end the curse here.”


When he said that, his expression was calm and sad.


“H I start to care about you.”


Cass’ dark eyes were looking at me.


“Although it’s impossible as long as Lloyd’s blood flows… I kept looking at you and wanted to talk to you. Afterward, I thought I wanted to stay with you.”


I could see the sincerity in his eyes.


I looked at him and opened my mouth.


“I misunderstood you… I thought you don’t feel emotions.”


In Raid’s prophecy I saw, he was clearly a sociopath. It’s only now that I know that it’s because of the curse.


“But I guess that was also my prejudice.”


I thought back to when I met Cass.


He wasn’t an emotionless block of wood.


Since when was it, I wonder. He stayed with me, who had fallen out of the movement magic to Ares, and was blocking the gate while exhausting his energy for me.


Maybe it was before that. That’s what made him not a sociopath.


“The Marquis is such a kind person.”


I raised my hand and stroked his cheek.


When the walls of his heart were removed, his sincerity was shining brightly.


“It’s true that I was once insensitive, but seeing how precious you are for me now.”


Cass’ ultramarine blue eyes gleamed with delight.



“Perhaps you have broken my curse.”




His softly curved eyes and low voice were still vivid in my head.


‘As expected, it’s good that I chose Cass.’


Did I really become the key to unlocking the curse on him, as he said?


I don’t know the will of the Primordial God, but I felt a strong destiny connected with him.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, is delighted to see the smile on your lips.]


Meanwhile, Daisy was struggling with the catalog of dresses.


“Hmm… Do you have a style you want?”


The other day he took me there and invited me to the mansion one more time.


“Father… is curious about you. He started to recover from his illness after the Primordial God visited me, and he kept asking me about you. If you feel uncomfortable, you can decline.”


The first meeting with my lover’s family!


For me, as a first lover, it was a huge hit.


“Well, as long as it’s not some kind of night moth dress.”


“Ah, how did you know I was looking at that style?”




“I’m just kidding. I will decorate you with the most elegant and beautiful one, Saintess.”


Daisy’s eyebrows furrowed and she looked at the dress list again.


“You’ve become sly. It was cute when you were disciplined at first.”


“Hehe, is that so?”


Daisy grinned.


I looked at her and smiled.


“I’ll trust Daisy’s senses.”


Daisy is working on the dress, so let’s read a book.


But as soon as I sat down on the chair, Kyuu jumped up and sat on my lap, startled.




It looked at me once, its cute eyes shining, and rubbed its fur against my lap.


“Yeah, I haven’t been able to play with you lately, have I?”


I smiled and stroked it.


‘I don’t know if it’s a dog or a hamster.’


No one would have guessed that this cute little animal is incredibly powerful.


As I radiated soft holy power from my hand and wrapped it around Kyuu, Kyuu let out a happy sound.


“Kyuu, kyukyukyu.”


I was petting Kyuu several times with divine power, but Kyuu suddenly got up from my knees and straightened its fur.


“Why, what? Did a strange guy show up somewhere?”


Then a knocking sound was heard.


When I told them to come in, I saw Reihausd with a bright halo.




I stroked the fur of the wary Kyuu.


‘It was wary of Cass before, but now it’s wary of Reihausd.’


“I’m stopping by for a while, Saintess.”


“Nice to meet you, Sir Reihausd.”


Daisy also greeted politely with a catalog.


I set Kyuu down in the hamster cage and sat down with him at the table.


“I will prepare refreshments.”


Daisy put the catalog on the desk and went out to get tea as usual.

Bright light was pouring through the window, and his blonde hair shone even brighter.


“I’m here to tell you about this year’s annual dignity maintenance cost estimate, as well as the allocation of donations from the Imperial Family and nobles.”


I nodded at Reihausd’s words. It felt like my ears were being pierced. Whenever I hear the news about money, I feel good.


“Has His Imperial Majesty sent another donation?”


“Because of the miracle of the ‘God of Lies’ being changed to the ‘God of Destiny’, the country is in an uproar. The believers and temples are undergoing tremendous changes like never before. Everyone is praising the Saintess.”


It was also a bit embarrassing.


Even though I’ve done such a great job, I still feel awkward and worried about receiving attention. Because I wanted to live quietly as a sainttess from now on.


“There will be no bigger incidents for the time being. All Gods… I don’t know if this expression is appropriate, but they’re considered to be in a ‘steady state’.”


I told him, thinking of the eight Gods who had all entered my oracle.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, admires Reihausd’s beauty and expresses dissatisfaction with your choice.]


“This is good news for those who fear that their Gods will disappear.”


At Reihausd’s words, I nodded.


He spoke again.


“We will deliver the budget to be allocated to the Saintess as soon as possible out of the donated amount.”


He held out the document and showed the amount signed.


Wow, that’s a few thousand franc.


I smiled brightly and told him.


“Thank you for taking care of it.”


“No. It’s a matter of course.”


A choker still dangled around his neck.


“Now, that…”


I stopped trying to get rid of it.


Yes, it seems that he’s serious about his taste, there’s nothing I can do about it.


“It’s nothing. By the way, how are you these days?”


This is what the Gods said in the explanation of the ‘’junction’.


They said that things such as ‘blackening’ or becoming ‘villains’ may occur to other male leads who don’t acknowledge that I’m connected with other men in the junction.


‘I can’t find a man who likes me that much besides Cass…’


I didn’t understand the Gods’ pointless worries, but I decided to just accept it.


So, Bellatrix said that by adjusting the cause and effect of the male leads, not her own junction, she would keep busy and reduce her contact with me.


I heard that of course, that the essential feelings that each person has doesn’t change.


“Sometimes I stay up all night because I have so many things to do.”


“If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.”


“It’s still okay because it’s something I can handle on my own. Even in the midst of my busy schedule, I still have time to pray to the Gods, so don’t worry too much.”


[The God of Art, Mond, smiles sinisterly.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, is in high spirits, raising the corner of his lips, saying that it’s good.]


I nodded.


“Alright. Don’t push yourself too hard.”


Soon after, he smiled as pretty as a male god again.


“It feels like my fatigue is relieved by your words of concern for me.”


After a while, Reihausd stood up from his seat.


“Then I will go out to prepare for the crusade.”


I got up and greeted him.


“May Sir Reihausd be blessed by the Eight Gods.”


Daisy hadn’t even brought tea yet, but I didn’t bother to hold on.


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