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A month had passed since I returned to the temple after finishing my trip. Today was the day I finally achieved the goal I had when I first came to this world.


Inside the carriage, I proudly gazed at the money in my All-Purpose Pocket.


[Your Money: 99,000 franc]


In addition to the Emperor’s bountyI received at the Imperial Palace, donations flooded in when miracles about the God of Lies and what had happened became known. Reihausd gave me part of the donation.


“Aaaah, so good.”


I hugged the All-Purpose Pocket and laughed.


If you convert it to Korean money, it’s a little less than 1 billion, but I could buy a decent two-story building in the capital with this amount.


If I, who was officially engaged to Cass last week, became Lloyd’s mistress one day, I might be able to step on a small building.


But even so, the wealth isn’t wholly mine. I didn’t get it through my own efforts, so I didn’t have the confidence to spend money on it.


Even if I end up marrying him, I will still be a saintess, and I will value my work and my life. It was also something Cass agreed to about that.


‘And this is a small but beautiful dream life.’


In addition to the somewhat boring temple life, I wanted to do something that would energize me. If the temple is a little free, it would be nice to produce flowers with divine power and run a flower shop. Or should I open a veterinary clinic 2 days a week?


If it’s ambiguous to do something, I think I will be full even if I pay the rent and receive the monthly rent.


“We’re here.”


After a while, the carriage stopped in front of the Hegen Agency. Actually, I was worried about whether or not to go, but at that time, the rudeness was alleviated by a lot of donations with the noble ladies… I decided to go in once. Because there was no agency with as wide a foot as here.


I saw Hegen, who had been dozing off in his seat, when he heard the bell ringing, he opened his eyes and jumped up.


“Ooooh!! Sai… Saintess!!”


And he quickly ran over and greeted me.


“Wh… What brings you here…!”


I could see his eyes flashing rapidly in anticipation that I had come to take care of the temple business. Relief work and all, I remembered what Cass had been talking about the other day.


“I came for personal reasons.”


“Ah… Ah, personal reasons.”


The light of hope quickly disappeared in Hegen’s eyes. A few thousand franc gone, and he’s still quite upset. Even so, he couldn’t even ask the Saintess.


But I pretended not to know anything and smiled lightly.


“Show me a two-story building. A nice one. The price is less than 100,000 franc. Ah, except for District 10?”


At the last word, Hegen twitched his shoulders.


Why is it so much fun harassing people who have weak points because they made mistakes? I must have been stained with arrogance.




“Let’s do this.”


After a while, I stood triumphantly in front of a well-located two-story building. The equilibrium was about 40 pyeong (132 square meters), so it was suitable for a small shop. But, to think that a building in the downtown area of the capital is at this price, it’s really plentiful, how cost-effective.


“If you include tax on 90,000 franc, it’s a little over 92,000 franc. There’s help to pay the taxes.”


“I want to buy it. It’s pretty good.”


There was a large-scale daily necessities store in front, and the Euclipse Academy was also nearby. It was about a block or two away from the square, so I felt like I could do well no matter what industry I was in.


I immediately signed the contract and handed over the money.


[Your Money: 6,700 franc]


Originally, the ownership of the building belonged to a small and medium upper class, and it was said that Hegen had been delegated the authority to dispose of it within a fixed price.


Hegen, who quickly inspected the contract, gave me the contract and said.


“They originally said not to sell for less than 100,000 franc. I urgently contacted them and tried hard to persuade them, and they said they would do it for 90,000 franc.”


I was wearing casual clothes, just like when I met Hegen. It was because there was a risk of being surrounded by people who admired me if I went out wearing a saintess’ uniform. Ever since I was kidnapped by Raid’s believers before, the temple crest on the carriage has also been erased.


“I see. Thank you. However… How much is the fee?”


There is a brokerage fee when trading the original building. Hegen is also a person who makes a living on brokerage fees.


“That is…”


After a little hesitation, Hegen spoke to me.


“I won’t take any fees from the Saintess.”


At that, I moved my eyebrows.


After a while, Hegen spoke to me.


“I know you blocked the gates of the Demon Realm last time. My cousin was drafted and returned safely. Moreover, this time, even the demon who tried to act as a saintess was completely annihilated and the God of Lies was saved. Actually I… am Bellatrix’s believer.”


I was standing and listening to him.


“People need to be at peace to build buildings and do business, and the Saintess kept the daily life of the people like us. The same goes for my daily life. That’s why I decided not to take a fee from the Saintess. Ahem.”


After speaking, Hegen cleared his throat.


This man, I don’t think he’s just a mean person?


I nodded.


“If you’re doing me a favor, I’ll gladly accept it.”


Then, carrying the valuable building documents, I started walking to the far place where the carriage was parked. After walking a few steps, I looked back for a moment and said to him.


“The temple is going to find brokers who will delegate the land issue of the temples of Raid. The pay isn’t bad, so it would be good to apply in advance.”


Originally, it was something Lloyd the Merchant  would have to take care of, but since Cass wasn’t involved in temple transactions, small businesses were also given the opportunity. At those words, Hegen narrowed his eyes. Then he bowed his head and saluted deeply.


“Thanks for the information. Saintess. If given a chance, I will try my best.”


I smiled lightly and got back into the carriage.




The carriage started running. Looking at the building, half a day passed quickly, and before I knew it, a red sunset was setting in the sky.


As I admired the sky, I hummed. Finally, my landlord’s dream has come true. I suffered a lot, me.


[The God of Art, Mond, proposes a specialized art business.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, wants to establish a free healing center.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, recommends a pet snack shop.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, recommends the ■■■■ goods store for adults.]


The Gods were eagerly recommending shops to enter my building according to their taste.


As I looked out the window, a smile formed on my lips. A daily life that can be with the beings I love and the things I like… maybe it’s a blessing


The carriage pulled into the temple, and Daisy, with a bright expression on her face, and Kyuu perched on her shoulder met me.


This is now my eternal home. I just wish that these happy days will continue forever.




The details of the story that Ariel met Cass again that night, kissed while taking a walk in the backyard of the temple, and whispered love will be omitted. Because those days are repeated many times after that. A month later, just looking at Cass Lloyd’s carriage, the priests would say, ‘He’s here today as well.’ Rumors spread that much.


The Gods of the oracle room were bound to split up and run amok whenever they met, or sell other male leads, yet Ariel was unmoved. Befitting the woman who shaped her own destiny and eliminated the threats of the world, she always had her confidence in her own choices.


Her choice was right and Cass is a wonderful fiancé who lives up to her choice and… he became the best husband ever. ‘Marquis Cass Lloyd’’s love for his wife is enough to become famous all over the continent beyond the Empire.


Of course, the newlyweds weren’t without conflict at all. Ariel was happy with her own two-story building, yet Cass Lloyd wasn’t. He gave all kinds of precious treasures for his wife, and he would swim across the sea to get anything that Ariel had ever caught her eye on.


It wasn’t until Ariel seriously threatened that she would run away if he did this that his eccentricity stopped.


For reference, Ariel and Cass Lloyd’s honeymoon period was short. It would have been less than the time it took them from engagement to marriage. The heat of Cass Lloyd, who opened his eyes to love, was as hot as the blazing sun, and that love bore fruit in Ariel’s stomach.


Someday, there will come a chance to talk separately about this series of processes.


Cass Lloyd, once more than cold-blooded and more of a sociopath, has been one of the subjects of continental magnates talking about what kind of man he has become to his own family.


Ariel was happy anyway. All her loved ones were by her side. In particular, the Eight Gods were her most precious and eternal friends.


As she wishes, she has no doubt that she will continue to spend warm days full of the Gods’ blessings. So, by organizing Ariel’s records so far, the story will end…






[The God of Destruction, Ciel, growls.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, runs rampant with the sword of justice in his mouth.]


[The God of Art, Mond, gives a cold gaze.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, climbs onto the table.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, carefully whispers that he’s curious about other stories.]


[All Gods don’t allow ‘the end’.]


[The ‘Great Wish’ is manifested.]


[‘The Junction Ending’ follows.]


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