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Side Story 1. Reihausd (IF)


[Four junctions will be created under the authority of the God of Destiny.]


[1. Reihausd route]◀


[2. Kyle route]


[3. Diego route]


[4. ALT route]


[All junctions start from the point where the God of Destiny newly established each junction.]


[Each junction is an event of an independent dimension and doesn’t affect the current or other junction.]




[Rotunia has two flower languages, and both are derived from the tragic legend of the Alteion fairy. The first well-known flower language is ‘love of ruin’. The boy’s misguided desire to have a fairy, even by breaking the fairy’s wings and destroying the people the fairy cherished, brought terrible ruin to everyone.

-From 101 Common Sense of Roses]


In the backyard, there is a rose garden made with probably the most expensive flowers in the Empire. A flower garden of white roses with a mysterious beauty in light pink and purple.


White Rotunia, a mysterious flower that only those with divine power can see the light…


I liked that flower. I also liked this Rotunia flower garden that Reihausd made for me.


[If Ariel stayed here all your life, I wouldn’t be picking flowers.]


When I closed my eyes, his voice still seemed to linger.


[But if Ariel were to go somewhere, I would have to pick up these flowers one by one and go find you.]


When I opened the shop, he gave me a bouquet of Rotunia as a gift. But the reason he doesn’t come every day is probably because he doesn’t need to.


‘Because I’ll be in the temple for the rest of my life.’


And I’ll probably live with Reihausd and his face for the rest of my life.


But these days I have been having lonely days. Reihausd was too busy, and I couldn’t even see his face.


In the meantime, complicated thoughts like this kept cluttering my head.


The day I met Camilla at Elium, Reihausd asked me, he was curious about my honest feelings about him. At that time, I couldn’t answer properly and just evaded that I was cool as a high priest.


[I’m sorry. I overreacted again. Even with your little attention, to the point it’s burdensome.]


The reason why I couldn’t say that it was fine with Reihausd’s bitter eyes was probably because I couldn’t make up my mind at the time.


However, even after that, Reihausd remained on my side.


As I ran away after homing the statue in Camilla’s room, I recalled how he was captured by Camilla.


‘He didn’t yield to Camilla’s torture and the temptations of the God of Lies.’


On the contrary, the way he attacked Camilla when I went to rescue him in the dungeon showed his grit.


He was always behind me. He took a step back in case he was a burden to me, and he always watched over me and protected me.


The reason he’s so busy right now is probably because he’s taking on everything, even regarding me, the Saintess, himself.


And that time and effort gradually opened the door to my closed heart.


How long will I have to ignore him?


It’s already been about three months since we defeated Camilla and the God of Lies became the God of Destiny.


When he was there, I pushed him away, yet when he was too busy, I caught him in my eyes. In fact, I couldn’t understand my grumpiness either.


But I thought that if he asked about my feelings again, I would be able to give a different answer this time.


I suddenly blushed a little.


The gentle breeze swayed the petals of the White Rotunia.




My chat window was crowded today as always.


[The God of Art, Mond, welcomes Reihausd.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, looks at Reihausd with shimmering eyes, then sends a desperate look at Bellatrix.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, hates the tastes of Mond and Kairos.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, is sitting leisurely with his legs crossed as if he had seen all of the intimate relationship.]


Well, Reihausd’s taste is kind of dangerous, but his face is downright handsome.


Perhaps, no matter which painter comes, they won’t be able to capture his image properly. Brilliant blonde hair and golden eyes made him look like a male God of the Sun.


“Saintess, may I kiss your feet?”


It’s been a long time since I’ve been drinking tea while talking about the temple in his office, and he said it out of the blue.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, snorts.]


He was praising my credit for annihilating Camilla and making Bellatrix the God of Destiny, and suddenly the words came out.


I looked at him with a little puzzled look.


“If you’re offended, I won’t.”


His golden eyes were shaking.


I suddenly felt dizzy, but I shook my head.


“I’m not offended.”


As soon as I spoke, Reihausd stood up and knelt down near me.




Wearing a straight white uniform and carrying a long sword, the High Priest kneeling in front of me like this aroused a strange sense of immorality.


Since when did he come into my heart?


It must have been from the day he picked up the dropped congratulatory speech from the floor. Or maybe he was the day he was held up against Camilla for me.


‘Or else… I wonder if it was the day that he said he would pick Rotunia for me forever.’


It was a bit burdensome as I knew his slightly unique taste, but it’s a matter that needs to be edified.


Reihausd’s hair, like golden threads, came closer to my eyes. Then he fell down and wrapped his soft hands around my feet. As I lowered my head, a soft sensation touched my instep.


My legs flinched.


“Eternal praise to the Saintess.”


Then his hands wrapped around my ankles to keep my legs from moving.


“The blessings of the Eight Gods to the saintess.”


And Reihausd kissed the back of my foot again.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, giggles.]


“Sir Reihausd, it’s tickling. You can stop now.”


At my words, he raised his head and looked up at me.


Those eyes were like those of a child in danger of losing a precious toy.


‘What’s so special about my feet, I wonder.’




After a while, Reihausd stood up from his seat with a regretful expression on his face as if he couldn’t help it. And he sat down across from me again.


My heart was pounding.


“I’m sorry. I think I acted excessively out of her natural respect for you when I think about your performance.”


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, spat at Reihausd’s shamelessness.]


Although I also wanted to throw up at the word ‘natural’, I decided to quit.


I looked at the choker that was still dangling around Reihausd’s neck, and then changed the topic to the other side.


“By the way, will you really be okay tomorrow?”


The Imperial Palace requested me to give a congratulatory speech at the founding festival, yet Reihausd replied that he would go instead.


“Don’t you have something to do?”


“Even so…”


“I’m fine. Lately I’ve been buried in paperwork and haven’t had time to catch my breath, I can catch some fresh air.”


I looked at his dangling choker and nodded.


“In that case. Have a nice trip.”


It wasn’t even that big of a job to do.


I opened an accessory shop in the building I had previously bought from Hegen. It wasn’t my intention from the beginning, but from some point on, it became a location tracking choker specialty store, and my store was making a name for itself in the downtown area.


And I left a clerk and go there twice a week to tidy up the store and look at sales, but tomorrow overlapped with that day.


“Goodness, this.”


While thinking about the store, I handed out a gift I had forgotten about.


I got it from the store to give it to Reihausd, but I almost couldn’t give it to him.




His choker dangled again.


That design is also fine, but it seemed a bit frivolous for a high priest, so I chose a black choker with a pattern.


As if he was thrilled, he accepted the choker.


“Is this the new leash Master… no, the Saintess is giving me?”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, praises Reihausd’s language life.]


Though somehow it sounded strange, I nodded. 


“Yes. You’ve been wearing the same one all the time, so I think you’d get sick of it.”


If you’re going to wear it anyway, wouldn’t it be better to look good on it?


Reihausd’s shimmering golden eyes were pointing at me. Then he grabbed the choker with both hands and kissed the medallion with his lips.


The eyes that gave me a faint smile were rather decadent.


“I’m very happy. Master.”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, offers to choose a string to connect to the choker.]


[The God of Art, Mond, says he has already prepared a list of leashes that match Reihausd’s skin tone.]


Looking at his red lips, I smiled bewilderedly at the same time.


I somehow seem to be getting used to hearing the word ‘master’.


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