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[The God of Love, Odyssey, nods, understanding the mechanics of how Diego spoke.]


Complex thoughts flooded in.


Putting my hand on my forehead, I spoke to Diego after a while.


“I see… Thanks for letting me know how.”


Diego, who had been looking at me for a long time at my complex expression, twitched his eyebrows.


“But is it true that the curse really fell on that priestess Daisy? A human who would sell their soul to curse a mere little girl…”


“Goodbye, Diego.”


I ended the crystal ball. And I cleared my throat.




I knew that the divine power from the Gods couldn’t be a clear method for the curse containing the power of a demon king. But I was well aware of the weaknesses of the Gods.


I remember what Diego said.


[I don’t know if it was a demon just like me, but if it was a human body, it would be close to impossible.]


My body is just a human body. But what was clear was the certainty that the transcendental beings of my oracle window would somehow hold on to my life.


I asked the Gods for help.


“At this rate, I might die trying to save Reihausd.”


[The Gods enter the meeting.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, says that it’s not right to go against the providence.]


[The God of Art, Mond, bites Hetuse on the shoulder.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, stops Mond with Hessed.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, suggests that each of them take out the items in their pockets.]


[The Gods arrange all sorts of relics related to ‘life force’ in the relic shop.]


[The God of Art, Mond, snorts in anticipation of a hopeful future.]


This is why it’s good to receive absolute affection.


After a while the meeting ended.


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, limits the limit line according to the causal rate and proposes a method.]




It was probably the best way for Ariel to somehow lift the curse on Reihausd with the help of the Gods.


However, when she saw Bellatrix of the past, who even consumed her divinity for the sake of the cursed Camilla, it was a way to go too far even for the Gods.


It deviates from causality, balance, and providence.


So Ariel had no choice but to choose the lesser evil.


[You purchased the holy relic ‘Cursed Butcher’.]


It was a message from Ariel earlier, and she was wearing high-heeled shoes worth 20,000 franc.


Although Oman has them in the store at 99 percent off.


Clack, clack, if she wears these killer-heels like shoes, the holy relic of Oman, the curse that has moved will be eaten by the holy relic. Because it had strong anti-magic properties.


Also, sacred necklaces and bracelets that had a similar effect or added to the efficacy of the shoes were hung from her neck and to the top of her feet.


Now, even if the curse moves, it won’t be able to permeate her body.




Reihausd, whipped by her as he knelt at her side, looked up at her with an ecstatic face as his face flushed.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, is giving an interview with emotion, saying that he feels like he has become a god for today.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, deeply sympathizes with the various aspects of love and supports you.]


[The God of Art, Mond, changes his mind, saying that curses seem to have advantages.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, looks at you with a blushing face.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, confirms his intuition by saying that Reihausd is a natural.]


To save his life… Ariel had no choice but to transfer the curse onto herself.


Ariel’s expression hardened with shame and nervousness.


“Oracle terminated.”


[The Gods beg for a little more…]


Ariel, in her red dress, had her hair tied up high in ponytail, and even that looked blindingly beautiful in Reihausd’s eyes.




Reihausd gripped Ariel’s legs with shackles on his wrists and his hands. A thrill ran down his spine as her cold gaze turned to him.




Ariel kicked him down on his back, then she placed one of her feet on his chest.


‘It must be a dream.’


This can’t be real.


Reihausd thought so as he watched his own white uniform being trampled by the high heels.


‘I’d love to die like this.’


A fierce-looking Ariel trampled Reihausd for a long time before she climbed onto his torso. Then she reached out her hand violently and brushed back his soft blond hair roughly.


As Diego said, a high-density relationship with a loved one was the key to the curse. Even if it’s not just one night, it’ll probably give him the best pleasure.


And with the advice of Mond and Oman, Ariel was able to learn what would be the most ‘high-density relationship’ for Reihausd. That’s why she used whips and chains, such men’s items.


“Ha, you like that?”


”…It’s driving me crazy. Master.”


“Ugh! Shut up!”


Reihausd said, holding Ariel’s wrist as she tried to slap him in the face.


“Like Master said, I’m a crazy bastard.”


Reihausd’s beautiful golden eyes flashed with thick madness.


“So, please ■■ me ■■-ly.”


Ariel’s breathing was getting rough.


She looked down at him, her cheeks so red it couldn’t get any redder.


“I know… I know, but…”


Her sparkling blue eyes were beautiful.


Ariel continued, her voice shaking.


“I know that you’re a perverted crazy bastard whose pretty face is enough to slap the Gods hit on… but I…”


Ariel, who looked at him with teary eyes, roughly took off his crumpled uniform jacket.


Her hand gently cupped Reihausd’s cheek. Even the twitching of her red lips felt unreal.




She twisted her pretty brow and looked at him with a swearing look in her eyes. Ecstatically.


“No matter how much I think about it, I can’t be without you. Reihausd.”


The thrill of her voice pierced Reihausd’s heart.


“So don’t die.”


His beautiful eyelashes fluttered and quivered.


“I love you. Master.”


The pretty eyes, the tall and sharp nose, the fair skin, the red lips, even the collarbone… There was nowhere on Reihausd that wasn’t beautiful.


But what drew Ariel’s heart more than that beauty was his constant presence, always waiting behind her.


If she could no longer see him in the temple, she wouldn’t even be able to imagine the emptiness and loneliness.


It was her turn to save him today, her corrupt priest, who had been restrained over and over again, while shining his eyes full of desire.


Ariel pressed her mouth lightly to his lips. His red lips were as sweet to touch as to look at.




She parted her lips for a moment and fiercely glared at Reihausd, then bit his neck with her teeth.


She could hear him gasping for breath.




Reihausd raised his eyelids.


The warm sunlight pouring in from outside the window was illuminating the bedroom. Raising his body, he stood still. He can’t remember how long he slept.


He was attacked by assassins on his way back from the founding festival, and he remembered his body burning with pain. He lost his mind after that, and sometimes he seemed to have had dreams.


“My body seems to be fine.”


He glanced at the bottom of his pants, which signaled morning, and muttered bitterly.


The dream he had for a while was ecstatic.


“Master, that ■■ is ■■, so please rule ■■ with ■■.”


He whispered things he wouldn’t dare in reality and begged. And his master gave him all the punishment he desired. He was so happy he didn’t want to wake up.


Yet the reality is…


Recalling the divine being, whom his shady desires dare not approach, Reihausd rose from his seat. And he suddenly felt empty.


‘What is it?’


As was his custom, Reihausd put his hand on his neck and twitched his eyebrows.


He hurriedly searched around the bed.


It’s gone.


The precious leash, no, choker she gave him… was gone. He rummaged through the covers and searched the bedside, yet it wasn’t there.


“This can’t be…”


Reihausd searched the room for a while again, his face pale. Nevertheless, his precious choker was nowhere to be seen.


Was it lost when he was attacked?


He remembered the shape. He felt compelled to stop by her shop with the robe on and buy the same.


The choker was a reminder that he belonged to her.


That can never be… gone.


As he hurriedly grabbed his robe and was about to leave, he happened to see a mirror hanging on the wall. And I caught a glimpse of his own white neckline, which was revealed in his actions.




That was the moment. Reihausd stopped standing.


He turned his head and looked straight into the mirror. Then he slowly raised his hand and placed it on the nape of his neck.


‘Bite… marks…’


The woman who bit his neck existed only in his dreams.


‘But why are there teeth marks on my neck…’


Reihausd touched it several times in disbelief. The bruises, which were a little bit blue, brought joy to Reihath.


“No way…”


The light began to come alive in Reihausd’s golden eyes as he looked in the mirror. The blood returned to his pale cheeks, and his golden eyes shimmered.




Reihausd touched the mark on his neck again and again. It’s more divine and beautiful than a choker.


“Saintess… Master…”


His lips parted and he let out a voice filled with joy.


It… wasn’t a dream.


He quickly covered his face with both hands. The tips of his ears were red.


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