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He remembered. I could tell by his eyes, by his voice.


“As expected… it wasn’t a dream.”


What happened that night… he didn’t forget


I could see the bruises I had bitten on his neck. The shimmering gold eyes were pleading with me, and a light blush appeared on his cheeks.


“I’m your slave, your sword, your… your…”


His hand caught my ankle.


“I’ll do anything for you.”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, is very fond of Reihausd’s remarks.]


Like a noble saint pleading with God, he longed for me.


The trembling end of Reihausd’s voice pierced deep into my heart.


After a while, I lowered my body and sat down in front of him.


Reihausd’s beautiful face was in front of me.


Thump, thump, my heart pounded.


When I faced the reality that he could die from the curse, I realized my feelings for Reihausd.


This beautiful man who has been looking at me anxiously from the beginning until now, I wish that he would stay by my side for a long time.




I realized the subtle sadism inside me after that night with Reihas.


‘Is wanting him to cry also love?’


If others hear it, they might call it crazy. To think that I want to make this pretty guy cry.


However, that face that seemed to be about to cry and his painful breath remained in my mind like an imprint.


All along… I wanted to deny my condition. Yet he was changing my disposition. Slowly, like drizzling rain soaking one’s clothes.


I put my hand on Reihausd’s cheek. He flinched and his shoulders shook.


“It’s warm. Sir Reihausd’s cheek.”


[The God of Benevolence, Odyssey, sets his own heart on fire.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, refutes that he won’t be on fire as much as himself.]


[The God of Art, Mond, says to get out of the way and runs with a fire pit in both hands.]


My words brought a smile to his slightly parted lips.


I had a slightly trembling voice.


“Do you want to be mine?”


He nodded his head as he cupped the back of my hand on his cheek with one hand.


The golden eyes, which seemed to be pleading, were wet.


I looked at him for a while and let out a small sigh. I could see his eyes quivering anxiously.


Looking at it, I licked my lips with a light smile.


“Your neat uniform might get crumpled again.”


At that, he looked up at me. A smile filled with joy appeared on his lips that had hardened for a moment.


“It doesn’t matter. Even if it gets dirty.”




[The God of Art, Mond, presents a mat for the portrait of Reihausd he made to all the Gods.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, lies down, claiming that this is his place from now on.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, follows and lies down.]


[The God of Death, Kairos, lies down.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, sits on his stomach and growls.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, lays his back on the floor leisurely.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, grumbles and lies down with an eyepatch on.]


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, is already lying down.]


[Most Gods love the scenery of a cozy prison.]


At the villa by the lake, our time began again.




Time goes by fast. Just as bitter green fruits become fragrant and sweet red fruits, our emotions are ripe.


And one day after going for a walk with Daisy, I was listening to her fuss.


“Saintess! These days, among noble women, the buzzword, ‘Live like the Saintess,’ is spreading.”


I asked pretending not to know as I scattered the leaves of the beautifully blooming White Rotunia.


“What does that mean?”


“You have it all. You’re the owner of the temple, rich, loved by the Gods… and most of all, the most handsome man in the Empire will soon become your husband.”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, thinks about the true meaning of ‘have it all’ while thinking about the other route.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, gulps.]


A smile crept across my lips involuntarily.


It was the first time a saintess has had a high priest as her husband, thus the main building was under construction. To secure our independent space.


Well, even though we’re not very independent, it doesn’t matter because we have the prison… no, villa that we go by every weekend.


“A good bond will appear for Daisy as well.”


I know she has been exchanging letters with a middle-class priest lately, but I smiled unnoticed.


“Hehe, I suppose so.”


Daisy, who had been smiling at me, suddenly took a deep breath.


Gasp, it’s the High Priest.”


Then she took an angle and slowly retreated behind me.


Turning my head to the side, Reihausd was walking this way.


A refreshing breeze blew between us, and the scent of Rotunia touched my nose. Reihausd came up to me and faced me, raised my hand and put his lips on the back of my hand.


[The God of Art, Mond, lies down with conditional reflex.]


“Is the holy crusade over?”


“Yes. Just now.”


A choker hung from his neck.


“I missed you, so I ran right away.”


Watching him speak without hesitation, I smiled lightly. I liked his sparkling eyes, his soft lips, and his honest confession.


All of them were completely mine.


“Let’s go for a walk together.”


Reihausd wrapped his strong arms around my shoulders.


“I’d love to. Master.”


A sweet voice sounded sweetly in my ears.


It was a bright golden afternoon.


[And paradoxically, as if representing the boy’s intense love, the second flower language of Rotunia is as follows.

‘Eternal possession.’

-From 101 Common Sense of Roses]



<Side Story 1. End>



Side Story 2. Kyle (IF)


[Four junctions will be created under the authority of the God of Destiny.]


[1. Reihausd route]


[2. Kyle route]◀


[3. Diego route]


[4. ALT route]


[All junctions start from the point where the God of Destiny newly established each junction.]


[Each junction is an event of an independent dimension and doesn’t affect the current or other junction.]


[There is only one thing I want. It’s my life’s guarantee.]


[You won’t kill me unless I turn my back against Your Highness.]


Kyle opened his eyes. The morning sun was pouring in from outside the window.


He had a dream of that day, not too long ago.


The blue-eyed woman who looked at him with wary eyes. Ariel, a name that tastes bitter the more you put it in your mouth.


She, whom he had once thought was just a fake saintess in his own calculations, became a noble saintess praised by the people of the Empire one after another.


[Your Highness always thinks of my usefulness, and you don’t even like me enough to marry me.]


he couldn’t even make excuses. For in the beginning, it was clearly like that.


It wasn’t long before Kyle himself realized his own feelings.


The greed that began to swallow his heart step by step when he dealt with the Empress, during the hunting festival, and at Ares grew beyond swallowing.


But Kyle couldn’t push the national marriage to her with his own feelings alone. Because he learned from watching his father and mother that he should protect as much as it is precious.


He was at a dead end. Yet that tug-of-war veered to one side whenever he heard rumors about Ariel and the others.


“Your Highness. Rumors of an affair between Marquis Cass Lloyd and the Saintess are spreading. She could really be taken away!”


His heart skipped a beat at Shane’s words.


Kyle looked down at his feet, which had stopped for a moment.


Can he step back? No. If someone else tries to take Ariel… Just thinking about it made him want to kill someone.




Ariel is busy. More than the Crown Prince, Kyle himself.


From the day Camilla disappeared and <God of Lies> became <God of Destiny>, she became even busier.


She had opened a shop on the main street, as he was told. It handles inexpensive holy stones that have a defensive effect against external attacks, and it’s popular with knights, he heard.


‘The knights aren’t playing tricks, are they. Else I will kill them all.’


Although he had already taken action once, he was uneasy. He thought uncharacteristically for an Imperial prince, and his red eyes glowed.


Then he came out of his quarters and walked towards the training ground.


‘Come to think of it, it’s in three days.’


There was the founding festival at the Imperial Palace. Martial arts, in which monsters are released into the martial arena and hunted, were a great delicacy, and Kyle was practicing hard to get the knights to participate in the martial arts.


And on that day, Ariel will come to the Imperial Palace.


How long has it been since they met, he wondered.


As he left the palace, a bright light shone brightly in front of him.


‘I’ll meet Ariel.’


His eyebrows were fiercely stiff, like those of a man ready for battle.


He seemed to be mesmerized by what Shane, a self-proclaimed love interest, had said, but Kyle was listening to him.


[I heard that women are naturally attracted to strong men. That’s why you push her and then hit the wall hard. It’s from the ‘Latest Love’s Secret’ that has been handed down since my grandfather’s grandfather, so you can believe it. I heard that Marquis Lloyd also learned about love with this book.]


Kyle thought of himself confessing his feelings by hitting the wall strongly next to Ariel, who had a wall on her back.


Because he had the power of a sword master, the walls would go hollow and incontinent.


But how does he get the answer?


It was clear that hitting the wall was a non-verbal way to express his liking. If so, he guessed that the corresponding answer would be in a similar way.


In Kyle’s head, Ariel, who blushed at his confession, raised her hand and hit the wall as if she was happy. Then he imagined the wall collapsing.


From the memory of him seeing her at the Ares lake, Ariel’s fist was certainly stronger than his own.


If she raised a sword, the victory or defeat would be different.


Kyle stopped his steps for a moment and then pursed his lips.


“My heart is pounding.”


The tips of his ears were a little red.


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