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I stiffened my eyebrows and looked at Abella.


“As expected, you were the one who brought me here.”


[The God of Art, Mond, clicks his tongue.]


It seems as if she had created such a scenario to gain favor from me, who was in danger due to a slave trader in the Demon Realm.


[The God of Love, Odyssey, complains that if she wants to have you, she must use fair means and register as a candidate through the correct process.]


Abella’s silence gave confidence to my words.


After a while, Abella spoke to me with cold eyes.


“Live with me, Sister. I will provide you with delicious food forever… I can do whatever you want. So…”


[The God of Love, Odyssey, stops grumbling and looks clearly at the desserts on the table.]


[The God of Art, Mond, growls.]


Still, that won’t do.


I felt the divine power rising from deep within my body and gathered Ciel’s power in my hands. Then I bent down, grabbed Abella’s lace, and simply cut it. Abella’s eyes were seen shaking.


After a moment, I stretched out my hand, and dark blue magic energy came out from my hand.


It was when I was trying to deploy my holy power to protect myself from Magi, which was weaker than Diego’s but had a power that couldn’t be ignored.


The door burst open and a bundle of intense magic gripped Abella’s neck, levitating her into the air.




And I was very happy to see the man coming through the door.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman’s lip corners, rise.]


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, smiles brightly and then clears his throat.]


Diego, whose usual slightly sly demeanor had completely disappeared, had a cold, stern expression on his face and was extending his hand towards Abella.


Cero behind him was winking at me.


“Countess of Taste, Witch Abella.”


“Ugh… Cough… Cough… Demon King…”


Abella, her face pale, was moaning while hanging onto Diego’s Magi.


[The God of Bevelonce, Oman, enjoys alone while imagining the unique love between you and Diego.]




Even though Abella kidnapped me and kept me from going, I still thought that’s not something to do to a child of about twelve.


“Diego. Still, she’s a child, so I want to resolve this through conversation.”


Even though it was stuffy for a few days, I ate so much delicious food that I couldn’t resist thanks to that girl, so I thought it was enough to shake it off and go back to the temple.


“Child? Was 600 years old a child in human terms?”


But Diego’s next words gave me goosebumps on the back of my neck.


“600… years old, you say? Crazy!”


I mean, did I tell a 600 year-old to call me sister?


But with a happy expression,


She’s calling me, Sister?!


[The Gods clear their throats as they see you reacting so strongly to age.]


With a slight movement of Diego’s hand, Abella was thrown to the floor like a person being shaken by a whip.


“Demon… King… Ugh…”


That fragile-looking kid is 600 years old… 600 years old… It’s a culture shock.


“You can’t take Sister away!”


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, fiddles with the lightming.]


[The God of Destiny, Bellatrix, calmly stops Hesed.]


When Abella’s red eyes flashed, what appeared to be monsters on the ground instantly surrounded Diego and Cero.




The moment I gasped in surprise, masked knights outnumbering the monsters jumped out from Diego’s shadow without blinking an eyelash.


And after easily overpowering and attacking the monsters that were trying to attack their master, they returned to the shadows when all the monsters disappeared.


‘Whoa… What did I just see?’


It was a moment where I realized how strong Diego was.


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, openly likes it.]




Abella was bleeding from her mouth as if all the monsters had hit her.


As the hall was cleared, Cero’s further explanation was heard.


“Abella, the Witch of Taste, likes fattening humans. She fattened them so much that they could no longer walk and eat them… I mean, instead of doing so, she lets them go. Her hobby hasn’t changed for hundreds of years and she has always been successful. Except for one human being.”


When I think about it, one of the seven deadly sins of humans is gluttony. She has a hobby worthy of a demon.


Also, the words ‘one human being’ made me think of a picture that resembled me that was hanging in the hallway.


“Maybe 200 years ago. There was a human woman who enjoyed eating food. She brought her in and started feeding her lots of delicious food. Yet no matter how much she ate, she didn’t gain weight. Abella gave her more food, but… she didn’t gain weight.”


A criminal who eats without paying who resembles me…


Remembering what happened in Salerium, I frowned.


[The God of Death, Kairos, looks through the list and nods his head.]


Could it be that you’re that… Haa. She had a blessed constitution.


“She was Abella’s longest pet and later became her friend. It seems like they had quite a friendship, but is there any difference in the human lifespan? I heard a rumor that she was heartbroken after that. It looks like you still haven’t forgotten her, Abella.”


“Who cares about humans…!”


However, Abella’s eyes were red as she said those words.


“I can’t forget such a weak human being who betrayed me when she said she would eat my food forever!”


[The God of Love, Odyssey, looks at Abella with sad eyes for a moment.]


Her eyes were filled with tears.


‘She really can’t forget her…’


Diego’s hand turned to Abella again and his whip-like magic energy wrapped around her neck.




Abella let out a pained groan.




I called Diego’s name.


Diego, whose expression was unusually angry and stiff, looked at me with a cold gaze.


I shrugged and smiled.


“I’m fine now.”


“I’m not fine. How dare a witch who doesn’t know her place.”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, furiously repeats Diego’s words, ‘I’m not okay.’]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, turns his head with a blush on his cheeks.]


Cero added.


“Right. Miss Ariel is Sir Diego’s prey! Only Sir Diego can fill Miss Ariel up.”


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, is shocked by Cero’s explicit words and his face blushes.]


His lifeless purple eyes were looking at Abella, then I took long strides and hugged Diego’s back.


I felt Diego stiffen in surprise.


The Magi that came out of his hand and wrapped around Abella’s neck disappeared.


Cough… Cough…


Abella was coughing frantically.


I released my hand holding Diego, and he looked back at me with a red face.


Then I put my index finger on Diego’s lips, said,




His eyebrows twitched.


I approached Abella and grabbed the tip of her chin with my holy-power-filled hand, making her look at me.


Abella’s red eyes shook.




“I’m not the person you were looking for. And I’m not your sister.”


“If they’re cool, they’re all my sisters. Whip…”


“Shut up.”




[The God of Death, Kairos, tells Abella not to worry, as she’s working hard at the forced labor site and is paying the price for her food.]


Ignoring Kairos’ words, I continued speaking.


“Anyway, if you trouble me like this again, I won’t let you.”


Her eyebrows shook, as if her chin was quite dizzy from my holy power.


Abella, her tears welling up, nodded her head.


“Yes… I’m sorry.”


What is this heartbroken, hurt look on his face when she’s 600 years old?


I sighed inwardly.


“Well, the food Abella gave me was delicious, so you can visit the temple sometimes. We’ll have tea time.”


[The God of Love, Odyssey, asks you to tell her to bring a dessert recipe.]




I have never been pregnant, but if I ever get married and become pregnant, it was definitely a taste that would remind me of morning sickness.


Damned delicious. Shit.


Abella’s eyes sparkled at my words. Looking at her face overflowing with emotion, I was able to get a glimpse of her friendship with Salerium’s free-eating criminal.


“It would be nice to bring a dessert recipe and make it together at the temple.”


[The God of Love, Odyssey, applauds.]


Diego’s eyes met mine as I stood up, leaving Abella to nod, her eyes showing hope again.


His deep gaze was focused on me, as if he was going to eat me.


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