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“Saintess! A guest has arrived.”


It’s been a week since I returned to the temple.


While I was busy recalling the events of that day, I came to my senses when I heard Daisy’s voice outside the door. And without realizing it, I moved my index finger away from where my lips were.


‘Why do I keep thinking of this?’


That moment was dangerous.


The lightning that continued to strike, Diego’s cool eyes illuminated by that light, and his red lips kept lingering in front of me as if they were vividly reflected in my eyes.


‘Get to your senses. I’m a saintess, and Diego is the Demon King. Since when did bad men become my taste?’


Yet those thoughts were scattered by Daisy’s next words.


“It’s Baron Diego.“




“He said he’s here on personal business.”


After composing myself, I hurriedly looked in the mirror and straightened my disheveled hair.


“Ahem, tell him to come in.”


Then I spoke to Daisy in the calmest and noblest voice possible.


After a while, the door opened and Diego came in.


[The God of Justice, Hetuse’s lips corners go up automatically.]


I was very nervous at the sight of his tall height, neat wizard attire, silver hair as pretty as snow, and eyes as beautiful as amethyst.


However, on the outside, I didn’t show these feelings and stood up calmly.


“The Eight Gods’ bles… Ahem. What brings you here?”




Diego’s lips moved and he made a low tone.


For a moment my face became hot.


To think that he said good. What is?


“You, who were always so anxious to chase me away, now welcome me, at least with words.”


“What welcome. Who…”


“Aren’t you trying to say ‘blessings’? Well, the blessings of the Gods are a no-no, but now that I think about it, I think it might be okay.”


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, tries to bless Diego, but it doesn’t work.]


As expected, he’s sly.


I said to him with my arms crossed.


“Why don’t you tell me your business first, Demon King?”


“Ah, business.”


The corners of Diego’s mouth rose.


“The Deviamon Guild has taken over a store. And I’m thinking about running the store for the time being. The Demon Realm is so gloomy…”


I didn’t understand what was being said.


Then something suddenly occurred to me.


“Surely, the store you took over isn’t in my building?”


However, Diego didn’t deviate from my guess.


“I’m glad you noticed quickly.”




A black magic guild is operating in a saintess’ building.


I said, shaking my head.


“You can’t. Never. Never.“


I bought this building with all my hard-earned money, but what if a bad rumor spreads and the property value drops?


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, has a serious expression on his face as he is concerned about the loss and tells you to expel Diego quickly.]


“The contract period in the contract is 5 years, and the contract is maintained even upon acquisition. If either party terminates the contract, double the down payment needs to be paid.”


However, Diego casually recited the contents of the contract.


How much was the down payment?


“10,000 franc.”


He answered as if he read my expression.


So I have to pay 20,000 franc to let him go? Where is such a thing!


“Here it is.”


“Do you read minds?”


“It’s because you have an expression on your face that I can tell without you saying a word.”


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, swears that he’s a fraud and prepares lightning.]


I glared at him.


“Do you really have to do this?”


“I’m not sure. There’s no need to do this, but…”


He said with a relaxed expression.


“I thought it would be better to take full responsibility for the gift I gave you.”


I looked puzzled at those words.




“The basement. There were a lot of dangerous items. It was even infested with monsters. Abella’s medium was a gate.”




He continued speaking to me, eyes wide open.


“First, the Thief Guild that sold such defective goods. It seemed like there was a passage connected to the Demon Realm through which demons could flow, but they couldn’t find it, and they were having trouble dealing with it, so they passed it on.”


I was shocked by those words.


If I hadn’t known it was in the basement, monsters could suddenly come out and attack my store.


“Next, the monsters. But I couldn’t find whether it was a cave or a passage, and we couldn’t stop the monsters from flowing out.”


“Then what should I do!”


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, praises Diego’s justice.]


My 90,000 franc building wasn’t a famous place but a yard.


“Don’t worry. As long as I’m in your building, the cause will gradually be eradicated.”


At that moment, he seemed like a wonderful exorcist defeating the devil.


I gave up my thoughts from earlier and nodded.


“I suppose so. It’s not that I don’t feel uncomfortable at all, but…”


Fight heat with heat. No, it’s fight demon with demon.


“Then please.”


Diego moved his head.


But is it okay to use the Demon King in this way? It was when doubts arose.


He blurted out.


“Please come to the store once every two days.”




“It looks like your holy power will be helpful in finding the monster passageway.”


At those words, I furrowed my brows a little.


“Once every two days is too…”


“Then there will be a delay. Monsters will continue to flow from under your building.”




[The God of Benevolence, Oman, convinces you that it’s inevitable.]


After thinking for a moment, I nodded.


“It can’t be helped. Alright.”




Diego left the temple, humming his tune.


At some point, Cero, who had been hiding in his shadow, appeared.


“As expected, the Demon King is so shameless that there is no one who can exceed you in the Demon Realm.”


Because you’ve been in the human world for too long. Diego twitched his eyebrows as the compliment didn’t sound like one.


Cero continued speaking without notice.


“The monsters in the basement aren’t the monsters Miss Ariel thinks of, are they?”


It was true that the Thief Guild had difficulty dealing with it, so they sold the basement on the black market.


But the reason was something else.


When the demons found out that the underground storage room was under Ariel’s building, they all made it a hot spot.


Ariel was famous even among the demons, as her whip-wielding appearance and how she defeated Camilla became known throughout the Demon Realm. Although she herself doesn’t know.


Abella was one of them, and the demon that bothered Diego the most was…


“Demon King, we will serve her and make her happy… and if she falls, isn’t that a good thing for us as demons?”


“Get down.”




“Get down and stretch out. You three meals.”


They were incubuses.


They were mostly handsome demons with attractive appearances and soft-spoken manners, and they were preparing to seduce Ariel.


“Demon… Demon King? What did we do wrong.”


“I’m pissed. I feel like shit just because you’re here, bastards! How dare you think of touching her like anyone?”


Cero remembered the sounds of brutal violence and the cries of the incubuses echoing in the basement.


Although they were fellow incubuses, he could only shake his head at their pitiful fate.


The basement was cleaned very simply. In just one day.


It’s possible that other demons could appear that didn’t hear about Diego taking over, but at least it wouldn’t be as complicated as Diego explained to Ariel.


To think that he needs holy power… His excuse for meeting her was really crude.


“So what’s next… Are you trying to increase contacts and lure Miss Ariel into becoming a demon queen?”


“No way.”


Cero found Diego’s words surprising. It was definitely like that.


Indeed, what would it be if the human saintess is a demon queen. It’s ridiculous.


“Diego Vester becomes the Saintess’ husband.”


Yet what he said next made Cero almost go crazy.


“Yes… Yeeeees?”


“Haven’t you done a good job in my stead so far? The role of the Demon King.”


Cero had forgotten Diego’s instinct to play and eat for a moment.


He had him act as the Demon King and just had fun in the human world.


The reason Diego became the Demon King was obviously to break the ban that Leto had placed on him. Rather than being greedy for the position of Demon King.


And now it looks like he’s going to force Cero to act as the Demon King again.


“If I ask her to become a demon queen, her position as a saintess will be difficult, so I will have to give in. Well, marriage will be after I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous steps. This is the long-term plan.”


Diego was making grand plans that included great consideration of his own.


After stopping for a moment, Cero followed Diego again and asked.


“Are you really going to marry Miss Ariel? That means… you’re now done with denying your true love.”


He felt like a human adolescent boy. Diego even admits that he likes Ariel.


Well, it was a good thing, but Cero felt a little uncomfortable.


Diego was a special breed among all demon kings of all time. Even though Leto’s prophecy had previously prohibited him from taking women, even after the prophecy ended, he had no interest in pleasure.


Among the demons, there were two cases in which they weren’t interested in pleasure.


Either a eunuch or a crazy person.


According to what he has observed as a familiar, it isn’t the former. However, he wasn’t a crazy person; he was very cool and rational.


But if you think about it, even if he was cool and rational, there was no way he wasn’t crazy. A cold-hearted crazy person is even scarier.


“When I return to the Demon King’s castle, I will promulgate a law.”


“A law?”


As soon as previous demon kings ascended to the throne, they made various evil laws to show off their reign, yet Diego was extremely lazy and didn’t make any laws yet.


One corner of Diego’s lips rose.


“I will personally cut down the bastards who warp to Ariel’s basement.”


Therefore… This is Diego’s first law.


‘Maybe he can be crazy for one woman.’


With that thought in his mind, Cero opened his mouth.


“If they’re f*cked up… like Abella.”


“Then you should at least cut off their hands or feet.”


“I understand. Demon King.”


In the place where Cero disappeared, Diego started walking, enjoying the liveliness of the downtown area.


The day was nice.


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