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Inside my building and the closed store of Deviamon Guild.


I was alone with Diego.


“Is this, too… a necessary process?”


I asked with trembling eyes as I saw Diego approaching me.


[The God of Love, Odyssey, nods.]




He turned his head and barely kissed me.


I was pushed against the wall and my back touched, then I could feel his breath deeply.




He put his hand in my hair. The touch of the fingertips is quite dizzying.


After a while, when he took his lips off mine, I suddenly felt regretful.


“Although I’ve never heard that distributing holy power in this way can help find the monsters’ gate, well, it’s not wrong to say that you’re the Dmon King in name and appearance.”


At my words, he nodded his head, his purple eyes twinkling a little uneasily.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, smiles happily.]


Haa, the Demon King can’t even lie like this.


“Well… Shall we do it one more time to be sure of the effect? I think it was a little weak just now.”


At my words, he nodded his head, glowing with greed like a silver puppy.


This time I placed my hand on his cheek, lifted my heel, and kissed him.


He wrapped himself around me, and we kissed deeply again.


So, it was a month ago when I found out about Diego’s lie.


“I’m going crazy because of the Demon King. You entrusted all the work to me. Really, the public sentiment is going crazy because he cuts off all X with the demons. You know what? It takes more than a hundred years for them to even grow back. Phew… I’m going crazy trying to fix it. I can’t help but to drink because of this. I’m doing it because I have a grudge, but would you like me to tell you a secret of the Demon King?”


Cero, who came in a cold state, spoke gibberish as if he had been drinking and revealed the truth about Diego.


“So, it’s a lie that he told you in the first place. Just kick him away. Don’t human women hate men who lie? And he’s a fool who hasn’t even met a woman in 792 years although he pretends to be sly on the outside…”


“Rather than a lie… I think a trick is a more appropriate expression?”




“That’s also a clumsy schemer. Ah, I will keep today’s matter a secret from the Demon King.”


Cero opened his eyes wide at my words.


‘So you’re saying he told such a shameful lie just to get to meet me one more time?’


Somehow I thought it was a little strange.


Even though he is the Demon King in name, he is unable to properly control the demons in the basement, and is stuck with me because he needs holy power.


‘Then let’s pretend to be deceived.’


How dare you try to tease me?


I chuckled.


And again in the present.


“Ah, we need to quickly find the entrance where the monster comes in. It’s hard to come here every two days.”


“I don’t think it will end easily.”


The sight of him raising one corner of his lips and shaking his head was quite cute.


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, says that it’s time to freshen up relationships with whips and handcuffs.]


By the way, if he’s a 792-years single, how old is he?


But I think it doesn’t matter as long as he’s handsome and cute. Well, he has a better body than a 22-year-old, so 792 is no big deal.


“I can’t help it.”


I sighed boldly.


He seemed both relieved and uneasy that I was being fooled.


Even though I wondered if it was okay to play with the Demon King like this, I enjoyed every day these days.


As expected… maybe I like him.


The moment I thought so, he suddenly lowered his head and kissed my lips again.


“Is this also for extermination?”


Then, after hesitating for a moment, he shook his head.


“This is just. Because I want to do it.”


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, covers his mouth.]


These days, cute things like this come in. He also gave quite a few anxious looks.


I smiled and said as I passed him.


“Don’t develop bad habits.”


“What if you allow it?”


I hear his voice from behind. A serious voice, unlike his usual smirk.


“Ariel… I…”


How did the Demon King become such a cute silver puppy? A puppy that’s thirsty for my attention, at that.


As I was leaving the store, I whispered to him instead of answering.


“See you tomorrow.”


At that moment, he twitched his eyebrows.


Wouldn’t it be okay to do it every day instead of once every two days? But he’s going to get a bit burned in return for trying to deceive me.


〈Side Story 3. End〉



Side story 4. ALTㅡAll Living Together (IF)


[Four junctions will be created under the authority of the God of Destiny.]


[1. Reihausd route]


[2. Kyle route]


[3. Diego route] ◀


[4. ALT route]


“It’s time to put an end to what has been delayed.”


“Shouldn’t there be no more conflict?”


“Saintess. Please make a decision!”


“For the eternal peace of the Empire…!”


I sat in the center of the conference hall that resembled the court and stared at them.


All the men who came out on behalf of each force were screaming with an agitated face. And the three men representing their own forces were looking up at me. It was like brides waiting for the selection of a spouse for the Imperial Family.


The Prince and Sword Master of the Illide Empire with impressive red hair and red eyes.


‘Kyle Alexis Illide.’


He was sitting in front of the officials of the Imperial Palace.


[Choose me. Otherwise…]


Suddenly, when I saw his eyes, I felt like I was hearing hallucinations. Unknowingly, Kyle’s long sword on his waist made my spine shiver.


And… the bright blonde, golden eyes, and pretty-looking High Priest, Reihausd El, who looked like he jumped out of a painting. There were numerous believers sitting nervous behind him.


[I’ve prepared a prison just for you. My goddess.]


He twisted his red lips and showed a decadent smile.


Finally, Cass Lloyd, the owner of the Lloyd Merchant with dark navy blue eyes that resembled his cold-blooded personality. Behind him were members of the Lloyd Merchant, the largest company in the Empire. It was meaningless to read Cass’ poker face that didn’t show his feelings well.


“Saintess… Please make a decision.”


I heard the officials urging me around my ears. And a message of the excited Gods was shown in the sparkling blue window in front of me.


[The God of Art, Mond, preaches about the aesthetic value of Reihausd’s appearance.]

[The God of Destruction, Ciel, argues that only those who are strong like Kyle can win love.]

[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, recites information about expensive buildings owned by Lloyd’s owner.]

[The God of Love, Odyssey, is dancing fan dance excitedly.]


It was time to decide a choice I could no longer step back.


‘How did I end up in this situation?’


A miracle occurred where the <God of Lies> became the <God of Destiny>, and my popularity among the people of the Empire soared.


As such, my position has expanded and various forces began to pay attention to me.


After delivering the Empress Dowager’s necklace, the Emperor seemed to have given up on marrying me to Kyle, but Kyle began to step forward.


‘He confessed by telling me to be a crown princess.’


He pushed me hard when I hesitated.


And Cass Lloyd with the nobles and the merchant behind him. I wondered if something had happened while I couldn’t contact him, yet he was preparing a huge wedding gift.


When a mountain of gifts was piled up in front of the temple, I covered my mouth with both hands out of bewilderment.


Lastly, Reihausd had the support of all the priests of the Empire who believed that the neutrality of the temple shouldn’t be damaged by the marriage of a saintess. Reihausd himself also kissed the top of my foot and swore eternal love.


Various forces were clashing to take over me, and the male leads were anxious to take over me.


And because they were such big names, the fight over me had thrown the country into disarray for the past three months. The people of the Empire submitted countless letters to the temple, hoping that I would choose a marriage partner.


“I’m sad. To think that you left me out.”


As I was thinking about how to overcome this situation where everyone was gathering and urging me to get married, one more man appeared.


[The God of Justice, Hetuse, barely conceals the raised corners of his lips.]


A magician with beautiful silver hair and bright purple eyes… who is actually the Demon King. It was Diego.


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