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“Hey. Woman.”


“Get up now.”


I was in a deep sleep when children’s voices echoed in my ears.


“The server is bombed but you’re sleeping now?”


I frowned and went back to sleep. But little hands shook my body, so I finally woke up and had to lift my eyelids.


“Damn it. The Gods are running rampant. Those crazy brats are pouring thunderbolts.”


“Hurry, open your eyes!! If the server crashes like this, are you going to take responsibility?”


I must have fallen asleep in my room, yet the space I was lying in had a completely different feeling.


‘Where am I?’


Awakened by surprise, I saw the children who woke me up and the unusual space surrounding me now.


It was different from the concept of a spaceship that I knew to be described as a spaceship, yet anyhow it was an ultra-modern space with that kind of feeling.


It was so huge and dim that it was hard to distinguish the front. Still, blue light was leaking from here and there, so I could tell what was in front of me.


I don’t know if I should call it a bed, which was something that was just a bunch of light, but the bed was floating, and the floor was as deep and black as the universe, yet solid.


And… In front of me were a boy and a girl who looked to be six or seven years old, wearing unique long-sleeved clothes, floating and staring at me.


“Who are you guys?”


As soon as I saw them, I knew right away that they weren’t humans.


Any superhuman beings and this space wouldn’t be the ordinary space I know.


“We are…”


The boy raised his chin and answered me.


“The administrators of this world. A being separated from the ancient Gods.”


‘The ancient Gods?’


I can’t believe he said administrator, what else does he mean by this?


I pulled myself together in an unknown situation.


“And the scout who brought your wandering soul into this world.”


“You said you brought my soul?”


“Perhaps it’s easier to understand the term ‘system’ in your world. We are the administrators, I’m Ren and this is Van.”


Seeing me with a bewildered expression on my face, a girl called Van spoke up first.


“Leave the details aside, as the situation is.”


She hurriedly held out a white sheet of paper and said.


“If you give me your autograph first, then I’ll get to the point.”


Then Ren hurriedly pulled out the paper from behind.


“Mine, mine too!”


As I looked at the two of them with bewildered eyes, the two children urged me again.


“Because we don’t have time!”


“Do it now!”


To my surprise, I was handed two blank sheets of paper from the children.


I read it carefully, but there was nothing written that would appear to be a contract sentence.


‘Well. Wouldn’t it be okay because it’s blank paper?’


I felt a little uncomfortable, but since they’re children and it doesn’t seem like something important, I picked up a pen.


Van, who received the autograph that I roughly scribbled out his pen, spoke with a dissatisfied expression on her face.


“It’s terrible handwriting. It’s the first time I’ve seen such an insincere autograph.”


“Which is better, a wood frame or a steel frame?”


“I’ll take steel, and you’ll take wood. That way we can tell which is whose.”


But the children chattered among themselves without even listening to me.


A light came from Ren’s hand, and a thin line frame appeared from the edge of the paper I signed, then soon the paper was neatly placed in the frame.


And the two frames floated up and were attached to the space above.


‘It’s terrible handwriting…’


I’m not sincere… What are you guys doing?


‘Besides, that autograph was an autograph?’


I thought it was some kind of contract, but it must have been like an autograph from a celebrity.


‘Then why my autograph?’


I stared at the children with puzzled eyes.




Ren, who was still blushing at that time, coughed once and opened his mouth.


“Well, let’s get down to business. No matter how much sacred power you have, you won’t be able to stay here as a spirit for a long time.”


With that said, I stretched out my hand.


The slightly translucent, glowing thing certainly didn’t look like flesh.


“Hm. I was sleeping, and you guys brought my spirit body?”


Van nodded at my question.


“Our direct encounter with the human spirit body doesn’t fit the theory of balance, but this time, we had no choice but to do it.”


And Ren continued to speak.


“Because the Gods have so much interest in you.”


“That’s right. We’re in a lot of trouble.”


I was taken aback by their words, so I folded my arms and furrowed my eyebrows.

“If you guys are really the system, I have a lot of questions to ask. Especially about the ‘interest of the Gods’.”


When I woke up, I had a lot of questions in addition to the setting that it was a world in a novel.


Why I woke up in the body of a fake saintess, and why the Gods are so obsessed with me.


I don’t think I’ll be able to go back because I’m already dead, but I still don’t want to possess such a role!


“Besides, I want to ask about the interests of the Gods.”


Of course, it would help me to live in this world.


But it was also important to keep down those children’s spirits if they were to negotiate something.


“Why is it that when the oracle has opened, the alarm rings 24 hours a day? I feel like I’m being watched all day.”


It’s not until 24 hours, but when there’s something special going on with the male leads, the oracle just flashes silently.


I exaggerated a bit.


When I said with a frown, the children looked startled.


“It’s not because of us. That’s how your soul was born… You also came from another dimension, and if you were born like that, the Gods also…”


Ren’s face, which had been refuting himself at best, turned bright red.


Van, who had been watching, coughed and said.


“Ren is a snobbish person who cares about looks, so don’t worry about his reaction. The reason the Gods are obsessed… We’re not on that stage yet.”




“The problem is, they’re going crazy right now, and they’re attacking the system with thunderbolts.”


Suddenly, there was bang, something exploded, and a small vibration was felt on the floor.


…Hessed, is it you?


I pretended not to know the familiar vibration and asked with a curious look.


“Why are they so mad?”


“Phew. Would you like to look back on what you did?”


Listening to Van, I looked back at my memories before I went to bed.


I talked to Daisy about this and that, and before that, I had met Kyle and Reihausd.




Ah, I remember the contents of the window at that moment.


[Do you want to temporarily disable the <Oracle> feature?




Ah, I remember that I had deactivated the oracle for fear of another thunderbolt strike when I was talking with Kyle.


I asked them with puzzled eyes.


“Perhaps, are they raging like that because I deactivated it?”


Van nodded her head with a tired look.


Ren, who had erased the redness from his face, opened his mouth.


“Deactivation of the oracle is a natural right of the oracle recipient. Well, no one has used that feature until now, and there must have been no Gods who cared about it.”


“If I disable the oracle, the Gods won’t see me?”


“Yes. It’s a perfect blind. If you press the disable function, the Gods who have lost interest sometimes leave.”


Van continued Ren’s words.


“But instead of leaving, there is one more person standing in line, what is that. Of course, the Gods who have entered the oracle are rioting now.”


Anyway, it seemed that these kids were in a lot of trouble because I deactivated the oracle.


“They’re attacking us, the system administrators, because we can’t make it work.”


I opened my mouth as I stared at the children.


“So, the main point of you bringing my spirit body and ignoring the theory of balance is for me to reopen the oracle?”


Van’s eyes fluttered slightly at my words.


“…Yeah. Stop making more troubles and open up the oracle. Everything is messed up.”


Ren was also looking at me with longing eyes.


As they say, this is a system and these two are administrators…


After thinking for a moment, I opened my mouth.


“What if I didn’t keep the oracle open?”


I was confident in negotiating.


I was born as a character in a soap opera and inevitably developed my spirit in order to live as I was born as an illegitimate child of a wealthy family.




My question took Ren’s breath away.


Van furrowed her eyebrows.


“Are you saying you’re not going to open the oracle?”


“To be precise…”


I told the two administrators who were only half my height yet had lived a long time.


“I’m asking if you can give me an answer I want in exchange for opening the oracle.”




At my direct words, the two children looked at me in surprise.


There was a little bit of embarrassment, and moreover a greater interest in those black pupils.


Ren, who stared blankly at me, muttered as if it was strange.


“How can the color of the soul be that way when it is neither pure nor good?”


Van stopped Ren’s words and opened her mouth.


“How dare you ask us, the administrators of the system, for a price? You have already received a tremendous blessing from the oracle alone…”


“Whether it is a blessing or a curse depends on the person who accepts it, right? And I think the need to open the oracle is more for you than me.”


As soon as I finished speaking, there was a rumble of thunder, and my vision brightened again.


“What do you think?”


After a moment of silence, Van said with a wary look in her eyes.


“…What do you want to know?”


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  1. Lmao, don’t mess with someone who grew up in a messed up environment, they know the ways of survival well. Just like our Fl😂