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At that time, Reihausd’s low voice was heard.


“The emergency high-ranking priesthood meeting is over.”


I deliberately opened my mouth with my eyes turned away because I didn’t know how to look at the masterpiece that I… no, the Gods had done.


“Looks like a lightning strike.”


“All of the high-ranking priests agreed that it wasn’t a natural phenomenon.”




“There was a lightning strike and a severe earthquake only occurred near the annex, fragments of meteorites fell, the water supply burst into a sea of ​​water, and the rebar corroded in an instant.”


I could guess that the reason the Gods had a serious meeting last night was to share how to smash the annex.


“Besides, it has gone down to the ground, and the Holy Sphere and a number of holy relics are buried. I don’t know how long it will take to take it out and restore it.”


“…How could this be, if not a natural phenomenon?”


I pretended to be a casual face and asked him calmly.


In other words, it was more natural for me to avoid suspicion that the building had been completely destroyed than that of destroying a single Holy Sphere


“The majority of opinions are suspicious of the high-ranking magician’s attack.”


I opened my eyes wide at the unexpected answer from him.


“High-ranking magician… You say?”


I knew that it was a worldview in which magic existed, but I didn’t pay much attention to it because there was no wizard male lead


“Probably a 9th class, to destroy a building of this size in so many different ways.”


He looked at the collapsed building with cold eyes.


“But there are no 9th-class magicians in the Empire, and there are a lot of things that are ambiguous.”


At his words, I tensed up and flinched my fingertips.


“So I’m going to ask Baron Vester to do it.”


His piercing eyes turned to the wreckage.


“I need to know who dared to do this.”


As soon as I heard the word Vester, my head throbbed and I cried.


Diego Vester.


I forgot him for a moment, the most troublesome villain of the original story.


The greatest magician of the Empire who received the title of baron for his achievements, and his real identity was one of the Magic Dukes who ruled the Demon Realm.


Ariel in the original story was crazy about her jealousy of Camilla and made a soul-bending contract with Diego Vester.


According to the contract, Diego did harm to Camilla, but her power protected her and the three male leads rescued her.


That story was about the only ‘Demon tribe’ related that appeared in the original story.


So Diego was… He was the one person I shouldn’t have met in order not to follow the original story.


“I don’t agree with this.”


I said to Reihausd with my eyebrows hardened.


He looked startled at my words, which hadn’t given any opinion on the matters of the temple until now.


“If we entrusted a request to the magicians about what happened in the temple, how funny would they think of the temple?”


99.9% of the people of the Empire believe in the Gods. So, the status of the temple is unquestionably strong.


And of the 0.1% of people who don’t believe in God, probably more than half of them are magicians.


Those who aren’t wizards will most likely be an unusual figure like Cass Lloyd.


“Although the Saintess is right, in a situation where we suspect the magician as the culprit, wouldn’t it be better to ask them to catch the culprit themselves?”


A meager forty remained at the place where the magician used magic. And like fingerprints, it became the basis for arresting a magician who committed a crime.


However, there was no way that forty people would remain in the destruction the Gods had made.


“The magicians are distrustful, but they don’t want to confront the temple.”


The status of the temple in the Empire was almost equal to that of the Imperial Family, and magicians would know how much the honor of a magician in this country would be tarnished if it was revealed that they had done so to the temple.


They will probably be eager to search the forty and find the culprit among them.


Reihausd was to take advantage of this social situation.


“So, what will you do if the criminal is caught?”


In response to my question, he slightly hardened his fine brows with eyes that didn’t understand my intentions.


I continued talking.


“Whatever happens, if the culprit is made public, all the people of the Empire will know that the temple annex has been so devastated by a magician. Then the status of the temple will decline.”


I could see Reihausd’s golden eyes fluttering a little.


“If a magician comes in and destroys an annex, wouldn’t it affect the security of the temple or even the confidence of the people of the Empire?”


My purpose is to cover this up quietly.


And it wasn’t necessary to put a villain like Diego Vester into the temple.


“You’ve changed a lot.”


After a while, Reihausd, who had been silent, opened his mouth. His golden eyes shone darkly.


I shuddered at his words, but I looked at him with a calm expression.


From the few encounters I’ve had so far, I’ve come to know that Reihausd is a pretty dangerous man.


And I had a pretty strong intuition that my ending wouldn’t be good if I was pushed back in that fight.


“I was just worried about the status of the temple. Magicians are luxuries, aren’t they? What’s the point of joining the team only in the temple?”


I just have to push it into a mode that says I’m more mature than before.


The corners of his lips twisted slightly at my words.


After a while he opened his mouth without taking his eyes off me.


“The words of the Saintess are also true. We will shut the mouths of the priests and quietly pursue the criminal through the Paladins.”


I nodded without making eye contact.


“Thank you for reflecting on my opinion, Sir Reihausd.”


Then I turned around and said.


“I’m very tired from seeing the shocking appearance since this morning. I need to rest a little more.”




1,660 franc.


I thought seriously about the money I had.


‘Should I…?’


Everything was going in a direction I hadn’t thought of.


Since the temple annex with the Holy Sphere has collapsed, there’s no need to measure my power for the time being, so even if I can avoid Reihausd’s investigation, Kyle will come to you tonight.


After thinking for a while, I heard a knocking sound.


“Saintess. It’s me.”


Daisy came in through the door and handed me an envelope.


“I have received a letter from the Imperial Palace.”


“A letter?”


Frowning my eyebrows, I removed the seal from the envelope and pulled out the paper.


The luxurious thick paper was decorated with the Imperial Family pattern.


[I don’t think I’ll be able to stop by for a while. I’ll visit you when I can afford it.


 -Kyle Alexis]


I can’t believe he wrote such a welcome message on such a uselessly good piece of paper.


Kyle, you’re a surprisingly sensible man.


I casually put his letter in the drawer.


‘Yeah, let’s think about escaping a day or two more.’


A hasty judgment rarely helps in the long run. The nervousness in my heart has disappeared a bit.


“And today, a person from the Imperial Family met the High Priest.”


“From the Imperial Family?”


We decided to keep the annex’s affairs a secret, so it’s probably not because of that, and I wondered if it had anything to do with the letter I received from Kyle today.


But I didn’t really care what it was .


“Ah, Daisy.”


“Yes. Saintess.”


I said while thinking about what was just around the corner.


“The temple must have sent a carriage to Thiago.”




Daisy was pretty quick with information, and through her I could quickly hear what was going on in the temple.


However, the story about the saintess who had newly appeared in Thiago was kept secret except for the high-ranking officials, so she didn’t know.


“Can you tell me when the carriage is going to arrive at the temple again?”


“Yes. I know some coaches, I’ll ask them.”


After a while, Daisy, who had left to ask a question, came back to the room.


“The carriage left about 10 days ago, and considering the length of stay, it would take about 15 days.”


It was ten days ago.


They had already decided to bring her in about a week before Reihausd told me about the girl in Thiago.


I had a strange feeling.


They’re bringing in a new saintess, so why are they interested in my holy power?


I’m saying that a simple holy power measurement will be easy the moment she arrives.


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