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“This woman is a scammer.”


Alberto raised his index finger and pointed at me.


At his direct words, the Emperor took a breath in surprise.


“Sir Mikhael! What blasphemy is this!” The Emperor roared.


That voice resounded in the Empress’ room.


A saintess is the leader of the temple, and is second only to the Emperor in the Empire. It is said that although by law she bows her head to the Imperial Family, she’s of a state of dignity equal to that of the Imperial Family.


“Saintess. Please understand my brother-in-law’s faults with kindness…”


“Your Imperial Majesty. Alberto is right.”


And then the Empress’ voice was heard from the bed.


“When I found out, I was devastated.”


The new saintess from Thiago stood beside her without a word, with her head bowed.


“It is said that there was a maid named Annie who had been taking care of the Saintess until last month, and she went to Alberto and confessed her guilt, saying she would tell the truth While Alberto was thinking about whether the country would turn upside down if the truth was revealed, a real saintess appeared in Thiago, and only now I was able to announce it.”


Haa, Annie.


I furrowed my eyebrows at the sudden appearance of Annie’s name.


‘So the person inside the temple that the Empress’s younger brother had communicated secretly with was Annie.’


That girl plucked 650 franc a month from Ariel for her weakness as she was a fake saintess.


“Investigation with the assistance of the High Priest will reveal that Annie received a considerable sum of money from the Saintess each month in exchange for her silence. She’s missing and we can’t investigate her personally, but she also has a handwritten letter.”


Alberto took the letter from the inside and unfolded it. The letter, written in round handwriting, said, “It’s hard to please a fake saintess.”


The Emperor’s eyebrows hardened.


His gaze slowly turned to me.


“What do you think of this story, Saintess?”


I closed my mouth and walked over to Alberto, reaching out my hand.


“Would you give me that letter?”


Alberto snorted his nose and he continued to speak to the emperor.


His voice reading the letter could be heard nearby.


“And if you look at it, ‘She asked how to write a letter of proposal to the Crown Prince and I told her. I write obscene words on purpose and tell her that men like these things, but if she follows them straight away, you can tell that she’s a vulgar and stupid woman.’ This is absolutely absurd for a saintess to do.”


Ah. Maybe that’s why she wrote such an absurd letter?


My head was pounding at the newly revealed truth.


At that, the Emperor looked at Kyle and asked.


“A letter of proposal? What does that mean?”


Kyle answered with his cold red eyes.


“It’s something that I don’t know.”


The person who created the existence of me is Kyle, so you shouldn’t ask him.


I shook my head inwardly.


Alberto said, biting his tongue.


“Your Imperial Majesty. It’s not written in this letter, but Annie once said something like this. The Crown Prince knows that she’s a fake saintess. Wouldn’t that mean that he was clearly an accomplice? Besides, if she’s even proposing, they’re in a normal relationship…”


“Oh. Alberto.”


And Rosé’s tired voice could be heard from the bed like a well-written script.


“When you talked to me, there was no such thing. How could the Crown Prince be involved in this…”


“Her Imperial Majesty, please calm down.”


And the gentle voice of a ‘real saintess’.


The Emperor’s face was as hard as a stone statue, and doubts about me, who had been listening without a word, slowly filled his eyes.


“Why is there no answer? Saintess.”


A thorn-like air was entwining my neck, forcing me to confess something. If it was Ariel, she would have started to tremble with tears and runny nose.


But I’m not Ariel. All the voices are true, but in the end they are nothing.


My head went cold and I thought of the best option I could make at this moment.


“Sir Mikhael.”


I heard Kyle’s cold voice.


“Can you take responsibility for the nonsensical story that came out of your mouth with your life?”


At Kyle’s murderous eyes, Alberto staggered backwards and appealed to the Emperor.


“The Crown Prince is intimidating me.”


Kyle looked at him with contempt and turned his gaze to the Emperor.


“Your Imperial Majesty.”


And when Kyle finally spoke his words in a low voice to protect me, I arranged everything I had to do from now on. And I opened my mouth.


“It’s just a maid and what not.”


All eyes were focused on me.


“With a delusional letter or something, are you trying to make me a fake saintess?”


Alberto’s narrowed eyebrows were troubled.


“Even a real saintess has appeared, but she’s still pretending!”


“Any proof that that woman is a real saintess?”


I asked, raising the tip of my lips at an angle.




Alberto’s eyebrows twitched.


“You sure are very shameless.”


Rosé’s edgy voice was heard.


I came to one conclusion about them. There is a high probability that even the saintess named Tina is also fake.


First of all, she wasn’t ‘Camilla’, the real saintess in the original story.


I wondered if it had changed to something from another area, but her appearance was different from the platinum-haired Camilla.


And secondly, if it is revealed that I’m a fake saintess, both the Crown Prince and the High Priest will suffer a devastating blow. Then, on the contrary, this time, even if the Empress sets up a fake saintess, she won’t have anyone in a position to question her.


This is the procedure for verifying the power of the Holy Sphere, as long as the documents are decorated appropriately, just like Reihausd did to Ariel.


This kid from Thiago seems to have the power, so she’ll do a better job of the ‘fake saintess’ role than me.


‘If it’s fake versus fake, there’s no hesitation.’


Alberto’s voice was heard.


“Miss Tina made a deer walk, in which it was unable to walk because of its broken leg, and opened the eyes of a blind man who couldn’t see. A lot of people in Thiago saw it.”




“Yet you’ve never shown your strength under the excuse that you’re weak. It’s clear who the fake saintess is.”


I made a small noise, “Hm,” and asked the Empress.


“Is the Empress’ opinion the same?”




The tip of Rosé’s thin eyebrows wiggled.


No matter what the Empress had prepared, I wasn’t afraid.


Because I have them.


“Are you sure that woman is a real saintess? Your Imperial Majesty the Empress.”


A chat window flashed in front of my eyes.


[The God of Art, Mond, criticizes Mikhael’s face.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, caresses the handle of the lash.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, is growling.]


Alberto hesitated at my unstoppable voice, but I continued speaking without hesitation.


“The expression on her face makes it seem like she’s not confident.”


Then the Emperor said:


“What do you think, Empress?”


“Your Imperial Majesty! I…”


I could feel the Empress’ gaze with her mouth shut.


The Saintess from Thiago, with her anxious eyes shaking next to her, also looked funny now.


Annie must have told Alberto about Ariel’s stupidity. He must have judged that this poor plan alone would be enough to drive Ariel.


‘But what should we do? I’m not Ariel.’


Aside from coming out of the temple, I don’t want to die as a scammer.


“Bring the Imperial pharmacists. It will help us distinguish between fake saintesses.”


“I will do as the Saintess says.”


The Emperor readily accepted my offer.


“But, Your Imperial Majesty, if she had made a move in advance…”


“Are you saying that the Imperial Palace is so weak that she can make a move from outside? Why are you so opposed to it when you haven’t even proposed a way? Sir.”


At the Emperor’s words, Alberto was forced to take a step back.


In my opinion, the Emperor had an ordinary and blunt face, but he wasn’t that blunt on the inside. Fortunately, he didn’t want to lose Kyle to this.


Whether it was the heart of a father who loved his child, or he didn’t want to disturb the balance of power between the Empress and the Crown Prince, he listened to me anyway.


If it were revealed that I was a fake saintess, it was clear that Kyle would suffer as well.


After a while, four Imperial pharmacists entered. Pharmacists have no power, but they will be adept at all kinds of herbs and plants in the world.




Kyle’s low voice sounded like a whisper.


“What are you going to do?”


His red eyes fluttered.


I turned my head slightly to look at him and smiled faintly.


“Look carefully from now on.”


I’ll turn it over for sure.


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