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“It’s so sweet!”


An hour later, I was enjoying a peaceful tea time with Cass on the balcony of a tea house in the downtown area.


Every woman passing by glanced at him, but my eyes were on the cake.


As I was eating the sweet strawberry mousse cake, Cass who sat across from me stared intently at me.


“Eat quickly, Marquis. At this rate, I’ll eat all of this.”


As expected, it tastes much better than the cake I ate at the temple, whether it’s the truth or not. I’m saying that the tea also tastes good.


“You must have been hungry.”


“No, I’ve eaten, though…” I said as I poked the corner of the piece of cake with my fork. “Doesn’t everyone have a separate stomach for meals and dessert?”


The sweet cake raised my mood to the highest level of tension.


“It’ll be a sin not to eat this.”


And I glanced at Cass, who was sitting still without eating.


[Instead of 10 percent, I want to have a cup of tea with the Saintess.]


Aren’t you shivering after saying that kind of thing?


“I didn’t expect you to be in such a good mood so soon.”


Seeing him just staring at me while I ate deliciously, I felt like a happy pig alone, so I picked up his fork.


“You said it was a sin. Marquis.”


Then I took a piece of cake and gave it to him.


“Or are you waiting for me to feed you?”


Of course, what I just said was a joke.


A faint smile seemed to pass across his lips.


Unlike his usual artificial laughter, it’s very natural…?


He took my fork and licked his lips.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen other people eat food with such a keen eye.”


His words made my cheeks warm.


Did I eat too much? However, it was enough to be formal in the temple, so I didn’t want to pretend to be a Lady until I came out to play in this free outfit.


Cass looked at my red cheeks and asked.


“Ah, is it rude to say that?”


“Yes. It’s very rude.”


I reached out and pushed the fork in his hand. The cake touched his lips.


“Hurry up.”


He looked at me and smiled again and put the cake in his mouth.


The movement of his lips eating the cake, I looked at it blankly for a moment, then I turned my gaze away.


Cass’ lips were red as if they were painted. Even though it’s a man’s lips, I think it’s prettier than mine.


“…It’s delicious.”


His voice was heard.


“It’s delicious, right?”


“Many times more than what I ate a few days ago.”


Did they even upgrade their toppings inj just a few days? I tilted my head.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, drools.]


[The God of Art, Mond, is looking for a cake recipe.]


Yeah, they can’t stand eating shows.


He ate all the cake I had served, and asked me after a while.


“Isn’t there anything you want to know about me?”


After sipping my tea, I put down my glass and made eye contact with him.


“Whether I have something to say…”


Those dark blue eyes.


What was in those eyes, was it a favor or curiosity, or was it neither?


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, wonders what his bed tastes like.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, moves his gaze to that man’s pants.]


Perhaps the reason I sometimes have strange thoughts is because of these two Gods.


“Well. There isn’t anyt…”


No, it seems like there is?


“Ah, there is!”


In an instant, a word came to mind.


He raised his eyebrows as if he was asking a question, and I opened my mouth.


“I’ll pay this for you.”


That’s what I’ve been thinking since I came here.


“I should buy you this much. With how much money I made.”


Cass looked at me for a while at my words and then turned his head to the side.


There was a smile on his lips.


He looked like he was holding back his laughter, and after a while he looked at me and nodded his head.


“I always expect nothing from you.”


I shrugged at those words that seemed like a joke.


“Ah. So you wanted to hear this.”


Looking into his eyes, I said over and over again.


“Next time, I’ll buy you a more expensive one.”


Then he smirked and covered his mouth.


Was Cass a character who smiled so well since the beginning, or was he a sociopath in the original story?


He looked at me happily, as if I was a smile button.


No matter what happens in the future, it’s not bad maintaining a good relationship with the male leads as it will reduce the risk to me as well.


“I have something to order.”


I turned around and called the clerk to order another cake.


I found my favorite cake for the first time in a while, I can’t go back like this.


“You seem to have eaten a lot now. Will you have another one?”


I answered Cass’ words.


“No. I’m going to bring it to Daisy.”


“If it’s Daisy…”


Cass clouded the end of his words, as if he was guessing.


“She likes sweet things. She will like it.”


It felt good to think that Daisy would be happy to see the cake.


I said with a wide smile.


Cass looked at me silently for a long time. And he licked his lips as if he wanted to be heard.


“…As expected, I’m jealous too.”




Concentrating on eating the cake, I didn’t understand well, so I asked the question with a puzzled look, but he didn’t answer again.


‘What is it?’


I didn’t really ask again.






When the glass vase fell to the floor, it shattered and scattered.


Alberto was avoiding his gaze with a firm expression, and Rose’s lips, standing with her back to the window, were trembling.


Rosé’s eyes full of poison were filled with criticism and fixed on Alberto. She licked her red lips and let out a sound mixed with rough breathing.


“How the hell are you doing your job?!”


Alberto turned his eyes and opened his mouth.


“Obviously, a girl named Annie said she was a stupid fake saintess…”


“You think that red fox is stupid?”


Rosé’s eyes were brimming with life.


“What nonsense! She knew for sure that the kid from Thiago was fake!”




Alberto said after a moment, his eyes wide open, as if he had remembered something.


“You’re right! I think she used that maid on purpose to get us into her trap!”


Alberto grinded his teeth, recalling the humiliating memory of being slapped on the cheek by the Saintess.




At Rosé’s question, Alberto nodded his head.


“That’s right. Isn’t she close with Prince Kyle!”


Alberto’s fist slammed the table.


“It was clear from the beginning that the two of them were working together and were trying to deceive me.”


“You fell for it!”


Rosé’s angry voice criticized Alberto.


“Perhaps the Saintess has some kind of relationship with Prince Kyle. Before this, whenI installed explosives on the statue to ruin his birthday banquet, didn’t she cover the Crown Prince with blatant lies? After getting rid of Annie, she showed her true colors.”


She could well have been talking about what the Gods said. Last night, Alberto grinded his teeth more than a hundred times, saying he wouldn’t leave her alone.


“The Emperor was also angry with me. He didn’t even look for me this morning!”


She was furious as she put her hand on her slender belly that hadn’t come out.


Ever since her pregnancy was announced, every morning the Emperor put his hand on her stomach and went out reciting her favorite verses and songs.


But today, even the Emperor’s shadow didn’t enter this room.


“Your Imperial Majesty the Empress.”


Alberto walked over to her, avoiding the broken glass. And he looked into the eyes that resembled his and said with scorching eyes.


“There won’t be two failures.”


“How dare you!”


Rosé stared at him coldly.


“She’s the Saintess, but after all a human’s body is weak.”


At Alberto’s words, Rosé furrowed her eyebrows.


“How about inviting the Saintess to the Imperial Hunting Festival in 10 days?”


“The Imperial Hunting Festival? Will the Saintess come? To cure the monsters that are hunted? Ha.”


Rosé frowned as if it wasn’t worth hearing, but Alberto continued.


“The Imperial Hunting Festival originated from Hetuse, the God of Justice, and it’s a festival that began with the blessing of the Temple of Ellium from generation to generation. It’s nothing the Saintess can’t participate in.”


In front of a powerful sword, her body is nothing.


‘There’s no way the Saintess can use force…’


The plan will have to be made up gradually, but Alberto’s eyes already shone with anticipation.


It’s a saintess hunt, what a wonderful plan.


“I will create public opinion in nobility society. They’re going to complain that she has neglected her duties as a saintess until now. So that Elium has no choice but to be concerned.”


Even so, the man who was sent to kill the Saintess’ right hand couldn’t even do that and returned in a wreck then was secretly disposed of.


“This time, we’ll have to plan for sure.”


“If possible, we’ll make sure that Prince Kyle can also be sent. Conflict over politics, isn’t it a good topic?”


Rosé’s eyes gleamed coldly.


“Alright. The Empress sends her an invitation…”


Alberto’s gaze reached Rosé’s stomach.


“Please pay attention to the prenatal care.”


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