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For a moment, as if he was hearing the cry in my heart, something blue lingered on Kyle’s blade.


And when the troll came almost a mile away and lifted the stone axe, he suddenly disappeared.




I opened my eyes wide and stared straight ahead.


The troll stood still with his axe. And, as if by magic, Kyle was back in the place where he was.


I couldn’t figure out what had happened.


But a few seconds later, the troll fell to the floor.


I covered my mouth in surprise.


It was bizarre to see it fall to the floor as if its whole body had been cut into pieces, rather than fall because his neck was cut off.


Steam was rising from the blade Kyle was holding.


Only his horse was watching this scene casually.




I got goosebumps rather than being disgusted.


[The God of Art, Mond, frowns.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, runs around happily.]


All of a sudden, I was touched by the status quo of him being a Sword Master.


That troll, turned into chunks of minced meat and slimes, probably won’t know what happened until the moment of its death.


His red eyes were still gleaming with terrifying flesh.


“ …Are you afraid of me?”


Suddenly I heard his voice.


I looked into his eyes.


A monotonous sense of fatigue stood in his red eyes as he looked at the place where the troll had died.


A person who thinks it’s trivial to kills something. What kind of life did he lead until this happened?


“The lieutenants advised me. To save my smile while slaughtering. Strange rumors circulate about me among the soldiers.”




“After that, my expression completely hardened. Sometimes I don’t know what kind of face I have.”


With a squeaky sound, Kyle slowly put the sword into the scabbard.


“…I’m not afraid of Your Highness.”


After thinking for a moment, I opened my mouth to him. Then I saw him wriggle his eyebrows.


“You seem to have more courage than I thought.”


His self-helpful voice was calm, but somehow his eyes seemed lonely.


Is there anyone who dares to approach Kyle with his sword drawn?


I couldn’t understand the loneliness and responsibility he had, but I suddenly remembered what I wanted to say.


“If we were enemies, I would never want to meet you, but if you’re an ally, you‘re the most reliable person.”


I mustered up the courage to speak a little more.


He slowly turned his gaze towards me.


“…An ally.”


“You just protected me. With that terrifying sword.”


It was a huge troll. If I had been hit by that ax blade, I would have died immediately.


“…So don’t treat yourself like a monster. If it’s real monsters, then we’re talking about that.”


I pointed to the troll for a moment, then squeaked and looked away again.


‘It’s terrible to see it again.’


Hearing my foolish advice, he stared curiously at the troll for a long time.


“Ah. Of course, I agree with the advice of the lieutenants. If you smile with a sword in your hand, you will come out in dreams.”


His eyebrows seemed to wrinkle a little at my words, and a deep smile appeared on his lips.


“You’re becoming more rude in your words.”


“I believe in your promise to guarantee my life.”


Immediately, he shook his head as if he was dumbfounded. There was a deep smile on his lips that I had never seen before.


After a while.


A challenge was set before us in the order of schedule.


“The horse ran away, and there is only one way.”


[The God of Art, Mond, jeers Kyle, accusing him of being an obvious mastermind.]


[The God of Love, Odyssey, cheers for this typical cliché.]


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, snorts.]


I put away the flickering chat window of the Gods in front of me and thought about it for a while.


Alberto’s horse ran away. And all that’s left is Kyle’s horse, and we have another hour to ride.


Are there any sharp alternatives?


“After waiting for a while then borrowing a horse from a passerby is…”


“So you’re suggesting to extort. That’s not bad either.”




Borrowing someone else’s horse in a place where monsters like trolls roam around would be the same as telling that person to die.


‘I’m not that conscientious either, but I’m tired of having enemies.’


In the end, when I couldn’t think of an alternative, I asked him in a bit of desperation.


“But wouldn’t it be too heavy if two people ride the horse?”


Then he reached out to his horse and touched its neck roughly.


“Liza is a trained warhorse. It won’t be tired of that kind of weight.”


“That’s a relief.”


I was worried that it would be heavy, but it was a relief. Anyway, it was my first time riding a horse with someone.


“Didn’t you say you’d rest more?”


He narrowed his eyebrows and asked me.


“It’s because I don’t feel good enough to keep looking at that.”


I glanced at the troll’s corpse. It’s not a corpse… Anyway, it was even worse.


“It certainly is not a good view.”


I heard his voice mixed with laughter.


In fact, his movements were still unbelievable. I clearly realized the importance of not turning the tip of his sword into an enemy.


“Hold my hand.”


Soon he got on his big horse and reached out his hand.


The saddle was wide, so I seemed to be able to ride in front of him without difficulty.


I reached out my hesitant hand to him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I know that he had broad shoulders and a good body, but he was surprisingly strong.


Without thinking about it, I almost hugged him and grabbed him.




One hand on his waist and the other on his thigh.


When I barely managed to balance and turned my head to look up at him, who was closely attached, I found his stiff eyebrows.






A heavy silence fell between us.


I tried to regain my composure, but my voice trembled.


“I think I need to turn my leg a bit.”


At the moment, I was sitting with both legs in one direction and only my upper body was holding him, so I would have to turn one leg into a riding position to get a stable posture. And soon my lips were tingled.


Somehow, a low and dangerous voice flowed.


“I want you to put your hands away before that.”




“Your left hand.”


Then I lowered my head slightly and looked at my left hand that was holding his thigh. And the moment I knew what I was holding on to, the accident stopped.


…What have I done?


If there was a rewind button, I wanted to rewind time before getting on the horse.


So my left hand was holding the very bad part of him.


“I-I’m sorry.”


I’m not a stutterer, but I was stuttering like crazy in this situation.


I slowly removed my hand from him, stiffened.




His close breath felt particularly irritating.


Kyle’s red eyes, who had just shattered the troll, were staring at me with a stern look.


With eyes so intense that I thought I might be the next victim after the troll.


“I thought it was your thigh.”


My two legs were in one direction and only my upper body was turned unnaturally, so it seems that the position was misunderstood.


“Because it’s too hard.”


I made excuses in this embarrassing situation, but I soon realized that it was a mistake.


His eyebrows twitched.


“No, it’s too thick.”


Ah, this isn’t it either.


[The God of Destruction, Ciel, blushes, appreciating his magnificence.]


[The God of Benevolence, Oman, raises his lash and measures his not-thigh thigh.]


[The God of Art, Mond, sighs and acknowledges Kyle’s victory.]


The chat window in front of me shimmered, and a party was held at the oracle.


[The God of Love, Odyssey, publishes a poem called,  ‘Love Is On His Thigh’.]


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, redefines what thigh is.]


They were excited. Very excited.


[The God of Knowledge, Hessed, is biologically rigid… .]


I desperately ended the oracle that was becoming increasingly stale. Then I turned around and sat down with my back against him.


The gaze on the back of my head and the touch of my hand that still remained was driving me crazy.


“… I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional.”


I realized that in embarrassing situations, it’s better to be quiet.


There was no answer from behind for a while.


As I wiggled my fingertips in the maddening silence, I heard his voice, which seemed a little angry.




And before I could answer those words, I felt his firm upper body pressed against my back.


“If it was intentional… .”


With a harsh voice, the horse immediately sprinted out of the ground.


“Today’s hunting would have ended here.”


He wrapped one arm around my waist to keep me from falling and started running his horse. It was more dynamic and wilder than Alberto’s horse I had ridden earlier.


Every time the horse hit the ground, his hard chest slammed against my back. Kyle didn’t say anything for a long time after that with his stiff eyebrows.


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